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Description : A little hook I put together. If you want a more personalized version that will fit in your mix, DM me and we can work on that.

This Hook is free to use as long as you give credit in the title (Example: FEAT. Young Kid Jake-O)

Description : Melodic track I made. Key is F#M
Theres a quick loop of the piano melody at the beginning for reference. Let me know what you make with it! Dry vox available if you make something fire with it

Description : Funny freestyle I recorded with a buddy back in Houston a while back. If you can't use his verses I'm sure you can use the hook. I think some fire could be made with this! Hit me up if you create something with it. Song should be called Top Fair (Remix)




Description : bridge - PREPOD - GREEN STREET

Description : If you want to upload this to apple music and spotify and make money, hit me up on Instagram for approval.

instagram name on looperman profile.

Look at my other accapellas for the Full song (without any vocal effects)

it goes over this beat (type this into youtube)
"Frank Ocean Type Beat Tired Ocean beats"

I can write and sing custom hooks for cheap, any style you need,
hit me up on instgram if you want me on your song.

Description : припев 1 и 2 с трека PREPOD - GREEN STREET

Description : куплет 1 и 2 с трека PREPOD - GREEN STREET

Description : HMU if you make something fire with this! Also include "Trap Stretch - Danny Tanner Manners (Remix)" in title. Dry vox stems available upon request

Description : If used credit me in title (Feat. PROP). [All original vocals and mixed by me]

Description : If used please credit me as (Feat. PROP) in the title. This is a Polo G inspired hook. All vocals and mixing done by myself.

Description : Eeny Miny Moe. Released, but i want to see what everybody else can do with it.
If Used Put Remix In The Title "Your Song Name (Remix)"

Description : Accapella for my song named Bandz coming out on october 14th. Use "Your Song Name (Remix) If uploaded.

Non Commercial Use, contact me for a deal.

Description : Acapella of my song Hot that's coming out october 14th. Use "Your Song Name (Remix)" as the name if uploaded

For Non Commercial Use. Contact me for a deal.

Description : For inquiries & custom verses email me. Email on profile page. BPM is 86.50

Original track - youtube/MCNorad

Description : All genre allowed

Description : All Genre Allowed

Description : all genre allowed

Description : WARNINGS:
1. BPM IS 84.4022 - looperman doesn't allow decimal points.
2. Please do not use this commercially or monetize it in any way/ads/etc.

Please put 'FEAT. NORBZ x O.G. LAVA' in your titles, and link to the original, THANK YOU!!

Link to: youtube.com/watch?v=2hcpEqcGfRA

Description : all genre allowed

Description : all genre allowed

Description : all genre are allowed

Description : all genre are welcome follow me on all websites

Description : from my song "boomjiggy"
put (ft.mYTKN) if you use it.
Comment what you made !

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 1792
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