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Funk Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Tags : 102 bpm | Funk | 4.36 MB | Male | Singing

Description : A slightly different funky spin from my original acapella.

First part wet After that Dry section.

Description : A different style to my original acapella. With a good backing track I should probably sing this with more energy and throw. Dry part after 1st wet section.

Tags : 90 bpm | Funk | 2.69 MB | Male | Rapping

Description : If you got duck feet, won't you take your shoes off. . .

Tags : 104 bpm | Funk | 1.34 MB | Male | Singing

Description : A funky jive

Tags : 103 bpm | Funk | 438.03 KB | Male | Singing

Description : Gimme a funk instrumental..i need to extend feet are tappin!

Tags : 100 bpm | Funk | 272.72 KB | Male | Rapping

Description : from my track where da funk at

Description : From my track Where da funk at?

Description : Added more vocals to my track I m 2nick8

Tags : 100 bpm | Funk | 2.16 MB | Male | Singing

Description : I sang two different styles of the same verses..
From my ditty shallow woman

Description : F Rant..from one of my tracks

Description : The song about sex me time and nosey paparazzi. The song captures early Vanessa Williams-era and early 90s freestyle and disco/funk/hip hop. The song has a new jack swing twist and the song also recaptures the style and essence of Running Back To You by Williams herself.

Tags : 110 bpm | Funk | 546.60 KB | Male | Singing

Description : Dry vox for the track

Tags : 108 bpm | Funk | 4.50 MB | Male | Singing | Key : D

Description : "Get Up" by Solomons Disco 44. Key of D. James Brown styled retro-soul/funk. Two chords of song are D7 and a bridge in A7...thats it. This track Vocal accapella, basic drumloop, Guitar, Bass and Brass in D7(main) and A7(bridge...Liscencing: The band is Solomons Disco 44 so credit either as "Solomons Disco 44 ( mix) or " featuring Solomons Disco 44". Lisencing: Please Read - Thank You for wanting to remix us. We are OK if you release your mix -- We want you to be successful so we arent going to chase you around if you sell handfulls of copies. However, if you surpass the $1000 dollar mark, we would like to be compensated in some fashion. I do periodic checks on all remix statuses. If you release on CD or vinyl, please send us a copy. Send links to your mix either here or at . I eventually get to them so dont be alarmed if I dont respond back. You can hear the original here:
Thank You again and best of luck

Tags : 104 bpm | Funk | 3.00 MB | Male | Rapping

Description : Here's Shamoozey with a funky metal version of Rudolf the red-nose Reindeer....
BPM 104. Any key. Please share if you work it. Work it baby!

Tags : 90 bpm | Funk | 1.54 MB | Male | Singing

Description : 'Follow You'. 90 BPM, a funky little acapella original by Shamoozey.
Get in touch with the great Shamoozey for commercial release of this 'knock em dead' acapella.
Meanwhile please remember to (ft. Shamoozey) in your title remix. :) Get your funk onn!

Tags : 120 bpm | Funk | 1.30 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Here is another Shamoozey original funky kinda jiver acapella called 'Rollin Down The River'. 120bpm..
If you chose to use acapella please be sure to credit Shamoozey in your title remix and send me a copy.
Thanks and have a great day!

Description : ORIGINAL Hook and Chorus 'thirsty for your' love by Shamoozey. BPM 120. Key of G. For 'commercial use' please get in touch for chin-wag. Otherwise have FUN and 'feat' Shamoozey in your title. CHEERS.

Tags : 80 bpm | Funk | 1.36 MB | Male | Rapping

Description : Time for some Frap with "Fat Belly Buddha" from the wonderful Shamoozey. "Frap" is a new genre i just invented. Its a cross between funk and rap. BPM is 80. I guess any key will do. This one is sure to be a hit with the right backing! Cheers!

Description : Urban Shokker's first 'pella :) This is from our song "Raise the Funk" (link below).... at the end of the pella, there are three short stems which can be broken into loops (1) Distorted Wah Bass Guitar (2) Distorted Wah Slap Bass guitar (3) funk guitar - all from the original 96 BPM . E7 jam, I believe, although Em pentatonic works. If you use, please credit us somewhere, either as Urban Shokker - Raise The Funk (YourName Mix) or as Yourself, Title featuring Urban Shokker....Happy Looping :)


Description : Here's a new deep song i just wrote. Its called "Devil Train" The BPM is 200. Key of A-minor. Chords Am,G,D,C,F,Em.
Let me know if you use. Cheers!

Description : Shamoozey goes deep south.
The BPM is 150. Key of "G"
Come dance with me, come fly, lets fly away!


Description : Here's an old traditional Irish Acapella about having sex in the kitchen! lol. The BPM is 120 and its in the Key of F. See lyrics below.
Have fun!

Description : feel the music

Tags : 85 bpm | Funk | 1.08 MB | Male | Singing

Description : With a recent break-up, i was just wondering. The bpm is 85, not sure of key

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