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Description : hey, glad you are here!

this is a polyphonic acapella. if you need track stems you can find it on my beatstars (link in bio on my inst)

if you want to monetize your song with my polyphonic acapella on Spotify, Apple Music etc please purvhase a lease first(only 10$). thanks u!

Just credit me (ft. Odarka)

have a lovely day!

Description : Chord is Ddim.
If you use it, mention 'feat. Sigmaman'

Description : Chord is Ddim.
If you use it, mention 'feat. Sigmaman'

Description : Chord is Ddim.
If you use it, mention 'feat. Sigmaman'

Description : Hey everyone! hope all is well.
Life has me distracted but I have a new project for you all to use.
short in length but packs a heavy punch!
Key-D Major
Please share your work with this file in the comments and tag me on social media.
Thank you and ENJOY!

Contact me to purchase the commercial license
(email on my profile)

New Vocal

If you do a non-commercial song with my vocal,
don't forget to share it below in the comments.
Feat me like (You feat. Junior Paes)

Description : It has never been easier to have access to the industry standard Vocals, get the separate stems for your next hit record link on my profile

Include me as a featured artist, "Amvis" in your title, etc.

Perfect TRAP/EDM genres

Description : I found a cleaner copy of the singing vocals
original on Soundcloud
Please credit ft Frank on soundcloud for commercial use 50/50 split

Description : Please comment your remixes, thanks
Original on Soundcloud
Put Frank Zozky - So Fine ft Strategy Dowie (Your Name Remix)
Contact me on Soundcoud if you wanna use commercially we do 50/50

Description : This is a hook/chorus for a song called "Emotions" recorded during the recording session for the album "Jazzy Nights & Funky Mornings".

Let me hear your creations :)
For further collaboration - IG: itslubosh

Description : Mirror in the sky is crystal clear. It's the Zodiac I believe in.

Remix for Personal Use Only: Please include feat. Alicatt in the title and credit the original song, Zodiac. Send me a link, so I can hear your spin!

Commercial license and high-quality vocal stems are available NOW for instant download on my website (link in profile). 30+ spectacular .wav files used to create this song. Brain candy from my mouth to your ears!

Description : Half the lyrics are from Chat GPT this time around. Go crazy! And show me what you make with it! :)

Description : all genre allowed

Description : all genre are allowed

Description : A trip through the galaxy and back! Fasten your harness, because this is a strange arrangement. I hope you adventurous musical astronauts will appreciate the journey.

Feel free to slice, dice, rearrange, extend, or otherwise modify the .mp3 file. If you would be interested in working with my original .wav vocal stems, they are available as a bundle on my website (see profile for info). There are a lot of good quality clips here to play with.

Description : New Dream Pop single - Listen to the original for ideas :)


If you use these vocals "Michael Mayo - Stars (Yourname Remix)."

You *CAN* to post on SoundCloud & YouTube.

You *CANNOT* distribute to monetizable platforms like Spotify & Apple Music without permission.

Visit for licensing info. (c)2023 Michael Mayo, all rights reserved.

Description : this acapella is coming from one of my newest tracks im working on.

if you like to use the vocal, you can upload your track on soundcloud or yt as a remix including "Pelican Beats, Scally".

this Acapella is for Non Commercial use only, but you can contact me via email on my profile.

Description : Watch the original on YouTube: "How To Loot Brazil - Happy 2 Be Angry".

If you want to use this acapella for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes all you have to do is mention "How To Loot Brazil" in the track title and follow us on Insta and You Tube. That's it!

NO COMMERCIAL RELEASE WITHOUT PERMISSION! For a commercial release/license, click the "contact me" link on my profile!

Thanks! Have fun!

Description : EDM / DANCE / HOUSE HOOK.

Description : Lofi Type Vocals F what they talkin bout
Link for license in bio :

Description : Reverb and Delay

Description : FREE NON-COMMERCIAL ONLY. A LICENSE IS REQUIRED for this one but , I sell them cheaper in sample packs. Links in profile

Description : all genre are allowed

Description : YOU CAN USE IT COMMERCIALLY WITHOUT PAYING! but!! there's a catch. the beat has to be good and it has to be titled as a remix. that's all I ask, you can send me the beat or track on instagram @Jayrui and ill approve for release.

the track Fight! is set to release officially in April

Description : Read my bio if you like song contact me for 50/50 splits

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 166
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