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Robot Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : AI love...uhuh ..Part song vocal idea

Description : Please credit me ft:steelyvibe and send me links to finished tracks. For non-commercial use. Please contact me for commercial use.

Tags : 120 bpm | Weird | 1.54 MB | Male | Rapping

Description : Has sort dark tone about a lost soul. Recorded in a sort robot vocal style.

Description : bet you've heard this song before. so here's something not so usefull to a prosject but it was cool to make.

Description : Robot Voice! only for non-commercial uses. Original song: Please put in your track "feat. Kevin L.E.D."

Description : Was playing around with lines from '2001 A Space Odyssey' :) - Just one line spoken twice, the second version has some sliding time/pitch added. No tempo used. Cut and paste it any way you like. 320kbs stereo.

Description : Short vocal one-shot, 320kbs stereo. Dry, no reverb or delay. Feedback/comments and credited remixes (non-comercial) are welcome. Also looking for lyric suggestions and preferred bpm for this style of voice.

Description : Another short autotuned piece sung by myself through my custom robotizer. Dry: no reverb or delay added. 320kbs Stereo. Feedback/comments and credited remixes (non-comercial) are welcome.

Description : Short autotuned phrase (5 secs only) sung by myself through some custom programmed hardware. Dry: no reverb or delay added. - All feedback/comments are welcome, both good and bad. Also, I'm interested in lyric suggestions for this type of voice.

Description : Vocoded verse, AutoTune verse and short part before the drop.

Description : acapella I recorded with a robot tone to it. it is all about a new dance I created called the "shake it". use it how every you like just be nice hear back to see what you done with it.

Description : For NON-COMMERCIAL, NON-PROFIT use. No credit necessary though appreciated to JJWeekz. With effects.

Description : For NON-COMMERCIAL, NON-PROFIT use. No credit necessary though appreciated to JJWeekz. No effects for your convenience.

Description : vocals i put together with some auto tune added. Has a odd robot sound to them.

Description : a few lines with kinda robot voice and a few with my normal voice

Description : Just something to tag your non-commercial material. Go crazy!

Description : Welcome To D FryBag Productions
Tell me what you think, or if you want anything specific made

Description : Loosely based on JP's robot voice from Grandma's Boy.

Description : robot sound FX vocals, short clip. made with R3 Korg keyboard

Description : A robot effect I did for a song Im working on. Epic beginning for a story. dual layered it in audacity.

Description : robot voice saying Welcome To The Rave

Acapellas 1 - 21 of 21
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