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Description : Free for use in non-commercial tracks.
Please check out my FB profile and Soundcloud for messaging and sending your remixes.

Description : No reverb, got a couple messages wanting my acapellas without so here it is :)

Leave me a comment of your creation!

Tags : 118 bpm | Techno | 1.13 MB | Male | Singing

Description : 5 Layers of together. Split all after the first part

Description : Updated with verse and Chorus

Description : From one of my tracks I'm only Human

Description : The song is about sexual tension. The song is a mix of Paula Abdul's Vibeology and Kylie Minogue's What Do I Have To Do and the song is a 1990s eurodance, new jack swing, house, techno, and dance-pop song.

Description : The song is about a breakup I had with an ex of mine and cared less of me. The song is a mix of Tina Arena's Sympathy Of Life and a 1990s ambient techno track with trip hop, R&B, and trance influences.

Description : The song is an acoustic ballad with electronic production, with slow techno drum patterns, that is a bit late 90s-early 00s bubblegum pop, woozy synths, and acoustic guitar, that is almost country and more jazzy rhythm.

Description : Spoken techno acapella.
Contact me directly for 24bit dry one-shots.

Description : Please send me links to finished tracks. No copyright - use as you please

Description : Hot Techno-House Dance Song with tight metaphorical lyrics comparing heaven to a beautiful woman that the rapper wants to visit!
By Kamal Supreme

Check the tempo

contact me on facebook kamalsupreme

rezawrectaz music ascap

Description : Additional parts to a previous acapella. In Em. Please credit me: ft Steelyvibe. For non-commercial use. For commercial use please contact me.

Description : Oh, I've reformulated this low it's good for progressive techno Let me know what you did. My email is

Description : Dundee 120 BPM
Another Shamoozey original acapella.
Get in touch for commercial use of this
piece of music art.

Description : Inspired by Trump spokesperson Sean Spicer, 'Puppet on a String'
is another raw original acapella by Shamoozey. BPM 125.
Chords played on Uke Am, F, G,. Would suit
House/Techno/Dance/Electronic genres but the field is wide open.
A combo of rap and singing, its one of them catchy hooks and verse and
gets to the root of all evil... Get in touch
for 'commercial' use of this acapella and please
(ft. Shamoozey) in your title. Cheers, Gracias, Danke, etc!

Description : Funky Techno Powerful Inspirational Soul and Spoken Word! You'll have a blast with this song because "You Got Da Power".

Tags : 85 bpm | Techno | 1.16 MB | Male | Singing

Description : Here's a Shamoozey 'hook' with 'Some Day'. 85bpm?.
Sounds a little operatic so not sure of genre but
the hook sentiment says a lot. As always, credit
Shamoozey in your 'title' remix and get in touch
for all Shamoozey vocal sales.

Description : 'The Happiest Day'. Any BPM and various genres.
Please (feat. Shamoozey) in your TITLE remix. For 'official release' please contact Shamoozey.

Description : ''Down On Me' is one of those sayings that can be interpreted in many ways
and in some hippie genres.. Another unique acapella by Shamoozey...
BPM 111. No key! Please (Feat. Shamoozey) in Title.
Get in touch for commercial sales on all Shamoozey acapellas.

Description : "I'm Gonna Be The One". Is a fun, optimistic dance track made for celebrations! Enjoy Techno House and inspirational rap while you celebrate life's events!

facebook kamal.imani
Free for promotion
contact Kamal for publishing/selling

Description : "I love music" ish in Japanese
Add feat. Dinn please

Description : Add "Feat. Dinn" Please

Description : Please add "Feat. Dinn" Thanks!

Description : Hey Sexshe is what you get when you mix crazy comedy with techno dance music. It's just a fun song! So enjoy "Hey Sexshe "You So Silly"..

This child like character is trying to crack jokes and talk to this old man who is hard of hearing. Then the old man starts to tell the kid his old silly story LOL. The beat is remarkable at 145 Beats Per Minute and KSu is the alter ego of a very well known poet and producer can you guess who?

Description : At 145 Beats Per Minute, this Techno House Track will get the

party started! In the main hook the female vocalist ask the

question "So You Think You Could Set My Body Free ha?" and the

rapper responds with his high powered hands off game. A very fun

song! by Kamal Supreme Bless the Mic LLC NJ

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 106
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