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Description : Original Vocal written and performed by Rycon. Tag me in what you make I'd love to hear.

Description : dry vocals for full song i wrote, not quite sure what the exact bpm is, i'm sorry :( please, if you use my acapella pls pls pls put "ft. Yahali" and also link below!!!

ps. also some pauses, too lazy to fix them sorry :((

Description : fixed the audio took off delay. Original hook written and performed by Rycon. Have fun tag me in your work, I'd love to hear it.

Description : original hook written and performed by Rycon. Have fun tag me in your work i'd love to hear it.

Description : original hook written and performed by Rycon. Show me what you make, have fun!

Description : original hook written and performed by Rycon. have fun, free to use.

Description : half song i did, not the best but yk.
wet vocals.

Description : Original Vocal, Lyric by Rycon

Description : Please only tag " Ft French Summer Breeze"
share and enjoy :)

Description : Put up recently one of my own but I deleted so here it is again

jennaevansmusic on instagram
facebook jenna evans

Description : The hook to my song "Change Always Hurts"

Description : The hook I wrote to a song called toxic!

Description : Just something I got on phone. Hope it serves you well. It's a pleasure hearing what you guys made, send me here or DM.
I don't allow to sell my voice around on Internet! Just use on your songs and monetize them.

Credit: You're not an angel ft. AHYAN.

Description : Do whatever you want. Just don't sell my voice to other producers. You can credit me: Derrubar ft. AHYAN.

I will glady hear what you make. Just for you to know the lyrics are in Portuguese and there's a explicit part like "I wanted to say go fuck yourself". The chorus means: You tried to bring me down, but you forgot it's hard to make me fall.

Description : Studio acapella of my last single "shutdown". Hook only. vocal layers

Description : Full studio acapella of my last single "shutdown". vocal layers

Description : My new single, find the refference track on my profile
Listen on streaming services
This track is registered with copyright so you can't use it commercially

Sex moaning cheating bisexual vocal female latino spanish mexico lgbt ntr trap reggaeton latin latino female asmr rap singing lyrics espanol boyfriend girlfriend whisper sad

Description : Verse about long term relationships/breakups. Wet.
My lyrics but sung by a friend so if you use, please
credit/Feature: CrAzEd

Description : DM Instagram @guizano_ or Tiktok @guizano
Feel free to share with me your tracks and beats!
Envoyez moi vos crations !

Chill vox - Drake x RnB Type

Description : **this acapella is in 3/4 time**

if you use this acapella, please feature me (ft. indoji) & put your final project links below - i love seeing the end results! also, if you upload on soundcloud or youtube, drop them here as well or via email

semi-important: as of right now, i'm not looking to be affiliated in commercial endeavors / being affiliated with a label! this is for a number of reasons, but please send me messages if you have any further questions regarding this. thank you!

Description : stuff

Description : Credit: Like I Would feat. AHYAN

Have fun, show me the results. Love to hear! look for the instrumental of Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato and you'll get the key and BPM haha
You can gain royalties with your track, just don't sell my voice on voice banks, please.

My voice is raw today, sorry for the breath and sound bleeding, don't expect much quality. If you wanna a perfected take I can try. Contact me. Also if you like to release original feat as singer or producer.

Description : Masego/Tyler/Jack Harlow shit
Made this to a Janet Jackson sample

individual stems for sale

Description : ig: @riksbeatz

Description : Make it fire an if you need info for license click on my picture it'll take you to my profile

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