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19th Jul 2024 10:27 - 18 hours ago
Description : If you liked acapella, and use it in your work, credit me, like backster ross, and send me the link
7th Jul 2024 14:52 - 1 week ago
Description : Must Purchase license for commercial usage
(Credit. Key Notez )
30th Jun 2024 13:04 - 2 weeks ago
Description : Rnb/Pop Hook, If you make something with it comment the link!!
16th Jun 2024 14:39 - 1 month ago
Description : R&B Type Vocals (Acapella) - Situation
Original Song " Key Notez Ft. SouthSideDee - Situation
Info in Bio
16th Jun 2024 08:33 - 1 month ago
Description : I have a bunch of recorded random hooks I have decided to no longer use, so you guys are more than welcome to use them. I do not need to be given any credit but if you are a good spirit my artist name is Yama.
2nd Jun 2024 18:17 - 1 month ago
Description : Got my very first mic, and felt like testing it out.
The tone of this is very much intended to be more nasal, also a tad autotuned. Excited to hear what you all do with it.

I would appreciate credit so (ft Tea Kiera)
30th May 2024 04:07 - 1 month ago
Description : Melodic RnB Type Vocals - Broken Vows
Vocals by . Key Notez
5th May 2024 09:39 - 2 months ago
To credit without monetizing you can use Your Name. Like I Would feat. @ahyansongs.
To put on streaming stores contact me, please.
If you wanna talk about official featurings contact me.
My voice was modulated with IA.
I used instrumental of Sorry Not Sorry Acoustic by Demi Lovato. Try 72 BPM. Bm.

I love to hear what you guys you send.
28th Apr 2024 16:01 - 2 months ago
Description : one of my tracks comin out on all platforms on 5/10/24 so excited here is the vox id love to hear what you guys make. please only put on soundcloud and other non commercial sites please and thank you
30th Mar 2024 22:22 - 3 months ago
Description : R&B Hip Hop Type Vocals (Acapella) - You Got It

Must Purchase License for commercial use

Vocals by . Key Notez
30th Mar 2024 15:31 - 3 months ago
Description : Vocal section from my original song

" Fly Now "

This Free to Use in experimental songs and clips as long as I am credited somewhere.

Please read my bio, tag me ( Excavationpro ) if used commercially.
22nd Mar 2024 01:59 - 4 months ago
Description : R&B Soul Type Vocals (Acapella) - My Soul Interlude
Must Purchase License for commercial usage !
link and email in bio
25th Feb 2024 12:27 - 4 months ago
Description : RNB Type Vocals Toxic Traits
Vocals by Key Notez
Must Purchase license to use commercially
14th Feb 2024 10:27 - 5 months ago
Description : free commercial and non commercial use, no need 2 ask me. no need 2 credit me, but im always happy to hear what you make!

happy valentines day to the sad music creators
if you need the dry stems feel free to find me on other platforms in my profile
12th Feb 2024 17:09 - 5 months ago
Description : This song was originally written for a contest and now I'm leaving it for everyone to use.
The condition is to credit me as the main artist when uploading it to platforms.
Ashesndreams - cuando despierte Ft. (your artist name)

Spanish jersey club RnB Bad Bunny reggaeton Latin trap pop
2nd Jan 2024 18:25 - 6 months ago
Description : R&B Type Vocals - 2 Sides
link and email in bio
must purchase license for commercial use
23rd Dec 2023 14:49 - 6 months ago
Description : Sad Holiday Vocals
link in bio for license
must purchase a lease for commercial usage
12th Dec 2023 10:18 - 7 months ago
Description : It has never been easier to have access to the industry standard Vocals, get the separate stems for your next hit record link on my profile

You can get a commercial license + stems (vocal doubles, adlibs etc) link on my profile

Perfect for Dance/House & EDM genres

Feel Free to DM me if you have any questions or want me to write & record the rest of the song
28th Nov 2023 16:58 - 7 months ago
Description : Rnb type vocals - Girl Your Mine
tag less acapella link in bio
must purchase lease for commercial use
17th Nov 2023 16:00 - 8 months ago
Description : Rnb type vocals - Noby
Must purchase license to use for commercial usage.
Link in Bio
Credit : Key Notez
8th Nov 2023 13:45 - 8 months ago
Description : Rnb Type Vocals - Your Love Ain't The Same

Original Song : Key Notez - Your Love Ain't The Same

Need a license to use acapella . Check link to purchase a lease
31st Oct 2023 12:08 - 8 months ago
Description : File 1/2. Accompanies Background Harmony track.

Head's up! This vocal switches from F minor in the verses to F#major in the pre-chorus. Click the lyrics tab for details.

Please include my name, Silver Bella, in the song title, thanks!

Let me know if you also want my other vocal takes, scratch track, etc. Have fun with your mix. :)
31st Oct 2023 12:08 - 8 months ago
Description : File 2/2. Accompanies the Main Vocal file.

Head's up! This song changes from the key of F minor in verses, to F# major in pre-chorus. Let me know if you want the chord sheet / guideline.

Please include my name, Silver Bella, in your track. Thanks heaps!
19th Oct 2023 14:20 - 9 months ago
Description : R&B Type Vocals (Acapella) - Love ain't the same
verse by Key Notez
Must purchase lease for commercial release
11th Oct 2023 17:17 - 9 months ago
Description : R&B Type Vocals (Acapella) - Baby I Know
link in bio : Must purchase a license to use for commercial use
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