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Phone Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : sorry for the bad quality, i have to use my phone :^/ using my ukulele again, but i'll try to stick to regular acapellas. if you want to feature, use indoji, it's up to you (it helps so i can see what you've made) comment your soundcloud links too please and thank you :) *please don't comment your producer creds & links because i'm not searching but ty

Description : I try to make songs that you all can actually use, full complete songs. In saying that, I noticed better quality vocals from recording from my phone :( sad but true. Anyhow, this vocal was recorded from my phone and then I mixed it on my DAW. Here's my version peace.

Description : I recorded it using a cell phone and edited it in Audacity.If you are interested in doing it contact me.

Description : feel free to non commercial use if you want to contact me for exclusive vocals or colabs contack me via e mail or phone 317-909-1561

Description : TEMPO UNKNOWN. This is an Mp3 recorded on my phone just to give you the idea of the song I'm looking to create. I will record studio WAV vocal if you're seriously interested in helping me create it. Looking to turn this chorus into a full song to be sold digitally. If possible I would like to make a 4-5 song EP that's just fun upbeat dance/trap/house/pop/electronic. Any of those genres. If you want to produce and mix/master this song for me, link me to a beat you've created based on this chorus. The profit will be split 50/50 when the song is sold.

Description : A phone conversation between my buddy and I, no set tempo. .

Description : Just felt like singing and recorded this on my phone. The hook is actually someone else's, but the verse is good to go if you want to use it commercially. If you decide to use this, here's what I ask:

1. Include, "feat. Antranita" in the title
2. Let me know that you used it.
3. Send me a copy or make it where I can download it

Well, that's it. Let me know what you think. Hollaaaaaaa

Description : These are the vocal we used at our new song.
free for use , but send me your version ;)
And Subscride
Sub-Inc Ft Bigg M - The Dreaded Phone Call (''Your Name '' Remix)

Tags : 100 bpm | RnB | 1.09 MB | Female | Rapping

Description : this is spoken vocal of a female picking up her man's call and dropping the bad news that she's met someone else. This would perfect for an intro to a hiphop/r&b song about cheating or love..I know there is a little noise in the background (was picking up the instrumental in my headphones) but it's subtle enough that it shouldnt be heard once this is set to music! Enjoy and I hope you never get this call! ;)

1. My name, Stephanie Kay, must be credited in the project title and/or description.
2.For commercial projects, please notify me via email w/ a link and brief description of your project.
3.I ask that I have the ability to post/share your song (once released) on my social media accounts & can credit the vocal work on my website.
**IF there will be any issues w/ the above, please email me or facebook message me.

You can "pay" me w/ a Facebook like ;)

Description : New acapella I recently wrote, hope you enjoy. I recorded it with a mobile phone autotune app called tune me... If you use it in any track please tell me;;;

Description : A verse I wrote for one of my tracks but I never used it; I hope u like it. If anybody uses it in a track please tell me, I'd love to hear...
I made this with an autotune program on my mobile phone called " tune me ".

Description : Just a little bit of a rap verse I wrote. I'd downloaded an autotune like program for my mobile phone called Tune Me, so I wanted to have a go with it. If you use this rap in any song please give me the link. I'll continue to put other verses & continue this if it's successful.

Description : Wrote a 2nd verse to Redx89's "Bring The Sun" track. Added a "phone" effect to it. Hope you like it. If you can use it, go right ahead. I'd like to hear what ya do with it.

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