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Description : Description : Use this for whatever the heck you want, I don't care. You really don't need to tag me or credit me, just have fun with it.

Feel free to link to it in comments. Love peace and bacon grease.

Description : If you use it mention 'featuring Nabil Khazzaka'
Mixolydian chords: G F

Description : If you use it mention 'featuring Nabil Khazzaka'

Description : If you use it, mention 'featuring Nabil Khazzaka'
G Mixolydian

Description : If you use it, mention 'featuring Nabil Khazzaka'

Description : For luv

Description : C minor Scale with Delay

Description : Ambient Type Vocal - I Can't Sleep
Credit : Key Notez
Contact info in bio for license

Description : A simple oooh with added effects from fog convolver.

Description : I will be happy if you mention me. I will be glad to hear your works. Just credit me if u use (ft. imOdarka)

please CONSIDER the TEMPO and KEY of the acapella when creating your music,
note, this is important! KEY: E min, BPM: 93

please use it for non commercial using!
If you'd like to use it for commercial use please contact me to purchase licence!

Description : Warning: Suggestively Seductive
Check out my sample track on my tracks page

Description : Sang this to an ambient lo-fi instrumental on Utube by Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats
Check out the sample track on my tracks page

Description : Mixed Vibe

Description : credit me on any platform show me your work when you done thanks my rap name is 2scarze and my social is @kapogear

Description : free to use XD all i ask for is for you to credit me and show me your work if you want to reach out to me my Instagram is @kapogear and my YouTube is 2scarze ;) thanks and have a good day

Description : Checkout "Mula - Free / Lucid Dreaming" on Spotify. The original song consists of 2 parts.
All links on my profile.

IG: mulaoff

Description : This is the verse and chorus extension for my original acapella chorus.
all dry
This acapella is slower thsn the original chorus(132bpm)


Looking for a full commercial license?

25$ - 1 Million stream use

Apple Music
Youtube Monetized
TV & Movies

Email Me today to get your license!

AddisonZegan (AT)

Description : Working on the chorus for a new song of mine...
3 segments of the same vocals
Combined/Backing efx/Dry vox
Check out the extended vocals on a separate upload

Description : Wet vox only if you need it dry email me dsnick73 gmail

Description : make sure you credit me ,

Description : An extended vocal of my original acapella with more of an ambient feel. Only wet\Check out the sample track on my tracks page.

Description : No copyright - use as you like. Send me links to finished tracks

Description : Female Spanish vocal. The words are random. There is no copyright on this - use it as you please

Description : a song I wrote that holds dear to my heart

please leave a comment if you do something with this, I think it could be cool in a number of different genres

I may be off on the key, sorry guys

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 220
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