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Description : Short hook with a a bit of aggression towards the oppressors of society. I could see this being in an action movie with a gunslinging hero. :)
Description : Another Shamoozey original, perfect for funeral homes and with a pitch shift
perfect for a horror movie. 'In The Blink Of An Eye' 123bpm. Key of Am.
Please (Feat. Shamoozey) in your Title remix.,, get in touch
for purchase of this acapella for commercial gain and all Shamoozey vocals.
Tags : 90 bpm | Weird | 856.26 KB | Male | Singing
Description : Rockaby Baby by Shamoozey. Suit a horror vid/movie! Think Amtyville! Be sure to feat. Shamoozey in your new TITLE remix.
Get in touch for commercial use of this classic and all Shamoozey vocals and acapellas.
Description : Reno Jr Creates A song about a character from the movie "Menace to society".
Original Reference-
Email Reno Jr
Description : An old school rapper and poet shares tales of his teen years growing up on the streets on New York and New Jersey in the 1980's hip hop era. Dope beats and rhymes.
From the soundtrack of the movie "Up in the Attic"
See Youtube-Up in the Attic hip hop throwback movie.

Old School Reminisce is the hot hip hop throwback club banger that will bring you back down memory lane to the old school rap pioneer days when hip hop was fun and heads use to wild out but still rocked with a sense of purpose. Kamal Supreme tells of his street adventures in NYC and NJ via spoken word hip hop poetry over a banging beat which is part of the soundtrack of the hip hop independent film "Up in the Attic".

check the tempo
Description : Anyone in a hobbit mood! Anyone? BPM 120. Key of Am
Okay then, time for a horror movie and until we meet again. Bon voyage!
Description : Spoken Word Poem. Wrote three poems after watching 'The Avengers' movie. This is poem no.3. But so busy now to write tunes. Feel free to chop it, rearrange it, use only the lines you need..etc. Just put me in the credits. God bless.
Description : you know that little creature off that one movie. they die if they get wet lol
Description : I rap on excerpts from the movie 'the never ending story'
Description : This was an inspirational acapella i did from the song called the sun goes dim and the sky turns black that i heard on the trailer that i found on youtube called battle la the the person who made the song on the trailer is Jóhann Jóhannsson

so i hope you like it give me review
PS: Make sure you check out the trailer, it is an intense movie that i cannot wait to watch
Description : The life of a movie star. About a girl who in love with the star and believes he may be in love with her but finds to her dismal that he is not and he is doing what he does best. Acting....
Description : A song to lyrics by Narva9 I ended up singing ‘cause she needed a singer/ was part of a collaboration etc on the ccmixter. Really dig the song and its melancholic spoken-word nature. Sort of a trippy/ exotic read... delicious to my voice. Reminds me of Leonardo Di Caprio's reads for the movie "The Beach" that were later turned into trippy acid mixes... If I'm not mistaken that was the airs I was going for... lol Anywho! Enjoy--let me know what's up! Rock & Roll!
Description : Hahaha, oh man, I've done it this time. This is flippin crazy. I just spent like the last 30 minutes or so just comin up with this from scatch. Wasn't prewritten, wasn't preplanned, nada. Everything was just me shootin from the hip. The main chorus (I guess) was inspired by the first Ace Ventura movie. So check this out, leave me some commentation love (bad or good), and do with it whatever you like. Later on yall!
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