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Grime Acapellas Vocals Sounds & Samples

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Description : Original Song for reference can be found on Spotify.
1. Please name your remix "Jimmery Caine - Anglerfish (Your Name Remix)"
2. Please note if you are interested in a commercial release of your remix version contact me.
(You may NOT upload to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. without my full legal permission)
3. If you like the acapella give me a follow me on Spotify, Twitter & Facebook (@JimmeryCaine). Enjoy!

Description : Leroy and Ryan - Dead

Tags : 140 bpm | Grime | 2.66 MB | Male | Rapping

Description : 140 bpm London Mc Style Vocals, good for Trap, Grime, dubstep,

1.Do not sell your songs using my vocals!!!!!!!!!

2.Put GadManDubs - in the Title of your song.

3.add me on soundcloud-

4. If you want original vocals from me for your track? i have a fee, contact me to speak about this!!

5.please check out my other acapellas,

Description : Acapella of my newest song Originality.

Description : Great intro for your project. I hate commercials, but some are funny!

Tags : 140 bpm | Rap | 3.83 MB | Male | Rapping

Description : acapella-GadManDubs-Low Da Meat. 140 bpm
use this for grime or dubstep mixes,

use this in title: of your mix:

GadManDubs-Low Da Meat. (prod by-your name)

for Fl studio users:

make sure u zoom into the wave and
make sure the first hight hat,, starts on the beat.... send to gadmandubs at geemale dot comm

Description : This track is a track about crap mc's who think their great!!! its a grime
track, or a dirty south style.
even uptempo dubstep.
make a banga for this!!
send final wave mix to:gadmandubz at yahoo dot co .uk

Description : this is for them hustlas out there who be hustlin 24/7 hit me back up with your finished product and let me check it out send it to

Acapellas 1 - 9 of 9
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