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Description : Inspired by Yeti09's track called "Sideways In The Night".
For commercial use please contact me.
For non-commercial use please upload here.

Description : All you gotta do, is let Love in

Did you use my vocals? Please share, I love to hear it!

Previously recorded as 3v3sound, but you may call me Ava Suzanne

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Description : Some autotune to sweeten it..

Description : Dunno where I was going with this, but hope you can use it. No idea on the genre, sorry.
For commercial use please contact me.
For non-commercial use please upload here.

Description : Original Song by Atif Aslam
Tried to follow the Right Key

Description : I have an earlier one with the same title this is different. Wet and dry versions both uploaded
Imagining this in a genre similar to Duffy's Mercy Song..

Description : Full of Melody. Ballad

Urdu/English mix vibe.

Description : E Major Key
I have no idea how I can feel sad on a Major scale. But it is what it is.

Description : Cover Vocals. It is NOT MY ORIGINAL SONG
Db Major Scale
Recorded on my phone.

Phir Bhi Tumko Chaahunga Full Song by Arijit Singh On Youtube.

Description : D Minor

Description : 1. We pay 60% of net royalties to every remixer who uses this vocal.
2. Name track as “Waiting For Your Call (XXXX Remix) by AAP Featuring Jungle Leez" with XXXX being your artist name.
3. Post link (Soundcloud, Youtube etc.) to your track here and preferably make track downloadable.
4. Your track will be released in major stores and entered into our monthly remix contest.

If you want to release via your own label, a commercial license is available. Visit profile for more info.

Description : Feel free to use my material, but feel free to send me the link to the result in SoundCloud where you used my material.

Description : B Major Key- Might delete it later

Description : Shamoozey is 'Still A Virgin' oh what a beautiful morning. Women are trouble!!

Description : Bbm or A#m Key- Shiloh Dynasty, Snow

109-110 BPM

This is more Neosoul than soul, but there's no Neosoul option.
There is also some spoken word.
All I ask is PLEASE upload your final track here.
For commercial use please contact me.
For non-commercial use please upload here.

Description : Just don't ask me why..collab beat wity vox is on my trax page

Description : D# Key,
Mixed Vibe, Not sure about the key though

Description : O Re Piya- By Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Pre-Chorus Part) in G Maj Keyat 85 BPM

Description : 115 BPM- Key of G Major.

Harmonics- D maj.

The Beat goes like this on the BLOCK letters.

my MIND is a cage,
and I'M its prisoner,
i'm SCREAMING for help,
but NO ONE's a listener. X2

Description : URDU/HINDI Song.

Verse and Chorus- Left some gap in the middle for BRIDGE.
Contact me on Instagram for commercial purposes.

Description : A min or D min key, NOT sure. Please let me know.


Description : A min- 134 BPM
Sad Vibe

Description : MID-ACAPELLA I changed the Octave. Sang it in the Higher notes. Just to express the most emotional part of the song. It says , "I am seeing all my friends, I am seeing all my guys, I wanna say Good Byes, to all the friends I lied".
In these times of corona virus, try you best to value everyone and everything you have.

Description : This is a MIXED vibe, URDU/Hindi Song. Original Song is on on my Soundcloud Account.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 81
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