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Description : @rb7.oficial

Você pode usar esta a capella em qualquer projeto, apenas exijo que utilize o (Feat. RB7) no nome da música. Deixe nos comentários o que você produzir, eu irei ver e compartilhar.

You can use this acapella on anything you want, i just ask you to use (feat. RB7) in the title. Comment what you do i'll support you.

Description : harmony parts for the hook

Description : rnb hook part 4

Description : rnb hook part 3

Description : part 2 of the r&b hook

Description : hook is in the key of d minor

Description : Hey, if you have Questions so write me on insta:


have fun, bye :)

Description : If you have questions write me on insta:


have fun and bye:)

Description : The vocals was done about a year or two ago, and this is one of my upcoming tracks that I didn't finish. It has a full version, though I'll have to save that when I get back to producing this again.

Meanwhile, here's just a hook of it.

(Chords: F#m, C#m, E, Bm)

If you're going to publish your work, do kindly feature me! Also please share your tracks in the comments below.

Description : Can't remember this guitar hook at the start so i just mouthed it ..
Also the recording is not that clean but if you have a good track hit me up i'll rerecord it..
Wet and dry..

Description : Hopefully this acapella is better than my last one but if not then I don't know what to say. If used please put (Feat. Y0UNG_G3M1N1) in the title and link me what you made, I'd love to hear it

Description : free. lofi hook. no autotune.

listen to me on soundcloud, link on my profile, enjoy.

Description : A combination of a verse hook and some nonsensical phrases..
wet and dry

Description : Just an acapella I decided to record that could use some mixing and mastering. If used please put (Feat. Y0UNG_G3M1N1) in the title and link me what you made, I'd love to hear it

(And I know I did this before but I decided to try again so hopefully this isn't "useless")

Description : One harmonized hook I did.
All finished stuff send here in comments bellow

Thanks ;)

Description : One Hip Hop hook I made. It would be dope as sung hook with rapped verses by rapper. It has that old school street swag, curious about your creations.

If you use it, share the link in comments bellow.

Peace! :)

Description : Had a good time with this, was different for me. Heavy on lyrical depth. Written in poetry fashion, hence the repeat. Should easily match, since original beat was simplistic. Re-run of same track at end. First part is more correct.
Start of verse is the hook, the end of first verse is a quasi hook.
Written and recorded by: K-Rich aka K1clean

Description : A lil' electro/house hook I did. Send me link if you're gonna use it.

Thank you :)

Description : This is the hook I have written for unreleased song I have not finished. I am pretty excited to hear what you will make with it if you're interested :)

Description : Hook and verse. Hook repeated and flipped. Verse repeated as well.

One them feel good joints, to show where your sights should be or shouldn't be. Thats up to you.
I will re-record this to your beat, if it fits.

Description : 100% Written. Hook and verse. Both repeated in different ways.

Description : Poetic rap. Intro, verse, bridge and hook at end. Written by K-Rich aka K1clean.
Fit the right beat and I will re-record it to yours. Along with doing voice overs and ad-libs.

Description : 1st verse and hook from my song OUTER SPACE HIGH (looperman doesn't allow selecting a verse+hook combo) enjoy and link me up with what you've created

Please upload your finished track here.
It's short 1 verse and hook.

Description : FREE FOR NON PROFIT.
Must Credit (Lukexi) in the title.
Leave your work in the comments and ill take a listen!
contact me on instagram if you are serious about profitabble usage, and we can sort something out lol

fits - juice wrld, lil tecca, lil mosey.hook, vocal, iann dior, rap, lukexi and maybe edm

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