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Description : Its a rainy Wednesday and time for a Shamoozey Mid East Love acapella. sorry, BPM not known. Get in touch for commercial release. Show the love with Shamoozey 'featured' in your new title. Thanks! Tog go bug ay!
Description : C'mon all you Vlads, its a Russian Monday! Another Shamoozey original 'The Lonely Russian'. There is no such thing as a lonely Russian, other just cant keep up!
Description : acapella a homy one
Description : that's the acapella I've used in my track "Titan" you can use it in your tracks if you want ;)
Description : Shakespeare Quotes by the great Shamoozey
Description : made with love
Description : kiss from a rose
Description : Hunter's Kiss acapella
Description : When somebody looses a person he loved - thus he sings... One more thing - the first stressed note falls on the syllable "sun" in the word "Sunshine" o-o-o-sUnshine o-o-o-mOOnlight - hear my cAlling you sEE- (etc.)but in the refrain: lEt the grIeve bE- plEase, forgIve mE The rhythm is 4/4. The furst treole is out of stress
Description : A vocal in russian about the first rain in spring
Description : I think i have improve :)
Description : Made with love :)
Description : This song is About every one battling with cancer or who lost some one close to the battle of cancer
Description : UPDATE 8.17.11 - This a cappella is no longer available for download.
Description : I recorded this to go along with a compliation video I made for my cat. She died this year and I had her in mind when I sang this song. (I took out the reverb so i recomend adding some for my voice to sound descent)
Description : Sargam Paltey.
Description : Just a line i improvised i mainly sing classical music.. So if you want anything classical just ask hope you like
Description : It's the opening line to a song called Jubilate deo i loved it so i harmonized with myself
Description : First round is just melody. Second round is with harmony. Third round sounds like a voodoo chant (woohoo! lol). Final round is a softer, almost whispered version of the melody. Sung in C minor. One of my favourite Nursery rhymes ever. This was what made me fall in love with the Middle Ages, back when I was just 6 years old!
Acapellas 1 - 19 of 19
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