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Acapellas, Vocals & Rapping

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Description : This is a song i wrote. I never released the original so feel free to use it on any Streaming Site

If u want to upload it, Credit me with (Feat. Jaboy87)

Idk if the Key is correct but u could try it

Description : I remade the Vocals from my Song "RUN" (See Yoututbe). This song was made in 2020. If you wanna use it on non Profit Sites, pls Credit me like that

Jaboy87 - Run (Yourname Remix)

Dont upload it on paid streaming sites!!

Description : Actually im a EDM producer but today, i made some vocals for LOFI artists.

Im not used to make lofi vocals so its not the best. I made a part with the guitar sample and one without

You can use the Vocal on any non Profit sites like Soundcloud, Youtube but not Spotify and other Paid Streaming Sites. Make sure to give Credits

Description : I made the Vocals for a contest. If u want to use it on commerical sites like Spotify or Amazon, DM me on Insta: Jaboy87_Official

You can use the vocals on any free non profit plattform like Soundcloud

Send me the link to your song cause i want to hear it haha :D

Description : This is a Acapella i created for fun. You can use it on any non-Profit site like Soundcloud etc.

For commerical use, contact me first

If you use this Vocal, pls put (feat. Jaboy87) in.

Have Fun with my Vocal

Description : This is a Vocal from my Song "I Need You". You can use it on any non-Profit sites like (Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook etc.) If you use the Vocals, let me know it in the comments and please put (Feat. Jaboy87) in.

Description : This is my first Acapella i uploaded. I hope you like the vocals. You can use this anywhere but please put (feat. Jaboy87) in.

Acapellas 1 - 7 of 7
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