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Description : In a similar vein to 'In the Face of Silence' in that its about love going sour. I recorded it this evening (8 August 2016). I've used a different microphone so hopefully the quality is better.
Description : A short spoken piece about a love gone sour. I'm not sure when I wrote this piece, but I recorded it this evening (August 4 2016).
Description : A collaboration of thoughts that I had in the early hours of the morning a month or so ago.
Description : I wrote this the other day...the words just came to me.
The quality of the recording isn't great but it's certainly usable.
Description : Last year I heard a track by Butcha and Ciko. After reading the description and listening to the track I was inspired to write these words.
Obviously this piece is suitable for an end of the world/Apocalypse type scenario.
Here's the link to Butcha's track:
Description : Something written by me over the last couple of days...mainly because the promised British heatwave lasted for one
Description : I made an instrumental track a couple of years ago with this title, and was subsequently inspired to write this short piece of prose.
Description : I originally wrote the lyrics for a tune that Wayne "TheHumps" had uploaded. A friend of his was going to record them.
Description : A piece I wrote a couple of years ago...uploaded previously.
Description : A motivational piece...believe in yourself.
Description : When you've been hurt by someone you care about it's hard to forgive...basically that's the idea behind this re-worked poem of mine.
Description : This was uploaded previously.
Description : The words just came to me one day when I was walking home...
This is just a part of the whole piece.
Description : Uploaded previously...about obsessive love.
Description : Written by me a long time ago. Uploaded to this site previously and featured in some great tracks.
I've re-recorded it as sound quality on the original was pretty dire.
Description : Uploaded previously...
Description : n0mad23 asked me to write something for one of his tracks he had uploaded and this was what I came up with.
Description : Just a short piece, remembering a loved one.
Description : Another religious piece I discovered among my collection of writing.
Description : Most of the time we know when a relationship has run its course...
Description : Written a long time ago...but originally recorded and uploaded to this site last year.
Description : I wrote this piece for a remix competition that I entered on this site a couple of years ago.
Description : I was inspired to write this piece after listening to a track by another Looper and exchanging a couple of emails with him.
I don't think he's been on site for a while, but here is his profile if you want to check him out:

The collab with RoCkY never happened, but I did ask another former member of the site Blunted to record the lyrics I had written...Anyway I've only uploaded a short extract.
Description : I don't actually remember when I wrote this...quite a while ago I should imagine. It is spoken word but I thought I would put it under religious as clearly it is.
Description : Originally written with the intention of it becoming a collaboration.
Would work well in an RnB type tune I should imagine or something similar.
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