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Description : Cant remember name of the female vocals if any one knows but any ways real dark eeirie but catchy ATMOSPHERE. ENjoy

Description : With what's going in the world lately, it does feel like a bad dream. Catchy female vocals. ENjoy

Description : One of the smoothest sounds to come out in a long time and so addictive to listen too (non Mastered Version)


INRI STAR - Female Vocals
TERRENCE MACLEAN - Background Vocals
DAVE NZ - Keys
SIMON CHAPPELL - Bass/Concert Grand Piano/Horns

Original Composition
SIMON CHAPPELL - This Composition Only


Description : just got done with another new music im lookin for a female vocals to feat:

contact me at Facebook @ jon begay
Instagram @Jonbegay

Description : Looking for vocalist (female) with a soft/high voice

Contact me via email or instagram (FreshPrismBreak_music) if you're interested (+ demo of your work would be great!)

! This track is still work in progress !

Description : Extended mix of my earlier track "By My Side" - all feedback very welcome!
VSTs used:
- Spitfire Audio OPW Glacier Terminus
- Spitfire Audio OPW Peace of Mind
- TyrellN6
- Micro Prism Molecules
- Strings: BBC SO from Spitfire
- Cymatics Female vocal sample + Oracle 808s
- Film Crux Singularity Bass drop + Piano Hits
- birdsong from Freesound
- Chia's Vinyl Crackle

Description : I made this instrumental pop track and I need that someone write a lyric and sing it.
Can be male or female singer, I don't care.
I still need to work a little more on the track, but if I find a singer and a lyric will be easier.

Description : Sample female vocals with catchy drum works

Tags : | Indie | 6.54 MB | Cubase

Description : with female vocals
Post-rock, shoegaze, dream-pop, alternative rock

Tags : | RnB | 5.28 MB | Reason

Description : The Hot and Sensational vocals of Ms. Jenna Evans

The Acapella: looperman.com/acapellas/detail/14421/immersing-female-vocals-110bpm-rnb-acapella

Pretty popular acapella! On my version, I played all the parts no loops. Mix and Master by Mr. Funktastic!

Description : Looking for a female vocalist to sing on this track. DM me on Instagram @preston_v_bambi for details.

Description : I was trying to brings an interesting perspective to a break up story.

This is a demo except for the rap verse. So if you are a female singer and you're interested hit me up.

Description : Catchy female vox/vocals. Some spoken word intro lol Enjoy

Tags : | Rock | 8.29 MB | Colab Request

Description : There are a lot of version of this track. I already uploaded it since 2016 and there are a lot of changes. This version is almmost finished, it just need to mixing and mastering a little bit better. Early there was couple versions with each voices of three female voices and mine haha. One female wasnt good, so i decided to unite each two voices because i think it really complete each one. I hope you enjoy it. Maybe someone could help with writing english lyrics on it-it gonna be cool

Description : Description : ISRC:BXCK61800031
Sing, record and use: Criminal (your_name feat LK7)
I need vocal female for other projects this style music - eletronic.

Tags : | Rock | 6.87 MB | Pro Tools

Description : Rus vocals
I wish male vocals in the verses but i couldnt found it, so i put female.

Description : ISRC:BXCK61800030
Remix 2018. Terminal Single.
I need vocal female for other projects this style music - eletronic.

Description : Sample female vocals. Catchy beat a synth works. Enjoy

Description : I'm searching for this beauty Track a female or male voice.
I'm a open minded person, so you can contact me, if you have any ideas or some pretty vocals. If i have a nice vocal from you about the toppic "ID" you get into my Song and namend on the Track.

Tags : | Trance | 13.64 MB | Cubase

Description : Club Trance song with Female vocals.

Description : What to do in locked-up times ? Yeah ! create some music en have fun.
Looking for female acapellas to give this track a little extra :-)

Description : Looking for a female vocalist to help me finish this. Currently there is a goofy sounding synth to represent where the vocals will go.

Tags : | Trap | 5.37 MB

Description : I love looperman. Without you, I couldn't make music. With you, I can do wonderful things. Because other people do most of the work and I just bring the pieces together. And what pieces! I am focusing of late on setting some of the amazing female acapellas on this site to music (mashed-up, as is this, entirely from looperman loops). This vocal is astonishing and beautiful. I just tried to put its full brilliance on display. Made with Audacity.

Tags : | Dance | 9.90 MB | Reason

Description : Got a real good UK female vocal so I built a new cover song around this vocal acapella performance from a UK female vocalist.

Description : just made some dnb with a few familiar sound effects ;) hope ya´ll like it! I used two loops this time:

amen break classic
glitched female vox 3

hope ya´ll enjoy :D
175 BPM, f# min

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