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Description : Looking for a female vocalist to help me finish this. Currently there is a goofy sounding synth to represent where the vocals will go.

Description : Female sample VOCALS sorry if to explicit. Beat knocker mix. Enjoy

Tags : | Trap | 5.37 MB | Featured

Description : I love looperman. Without you, I couldn't make music. With you, I can do wonderful things. Because other people do most of the work and I just bring the pieces together. And what pieces! I am focusing of late on setting some of the amazing female acapellas on this site to music (mashed-up, as is this, entirely from looperman loops). This vocal is astonishing and beautiful. I just tried to put its full brilliance on display. Made with Audacity.

Description : Nipsey Hussle sample vocals and female sample vocals. Enjoy.

Tags : | Dance | 9.90 MB | Reason

Description : Got a real good UK female vocal so I built a new cover song around this vocal acapella performance from a UK female vocalist.

Description : just made some dnb with a few familiar sound effects ;) hope ya´ll like it! I used two loops this time:

amen break classic
glitched female vox 3

hope ya´ll enjoy :D
175 BPM, f# min

Tags : | Pop | 3.53 MB | Colab Request | Cubase

Description : this is a new style for me. looking for a female vocalist to work on creating and finishing this track. have a listen and let me know if you'd like to have a go!

Description : Female sample vocals. Enjoy

Description : An oldschool boom bap free for profit use instrumental prod. Bankrupt Beats, such a nice track. I had an idea, a bit of a gender bender kind of idea, well, they say it's usually guys who make the booty calls, well this is about a lady who calls the guy but not for what he thinks it is, so I'm singing from a female point of view. Rough draft idea, far from perfect but fun!! to sing. Simply written nothing special, just wanted to sing on this track. All vocals by me.

Description : Sample Emma Hewitt vocals. I found it easier for me remixing female vocals. Real bass boomin beat i created for this. Enjoy

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.12 MB

Description : Strong Orchestral big beat track with piercing Female Vocals.
To watch the video on utube how I made this track search for NUraver Maschine sampling

I have no idea which musical category this song should go in so put it in here.

Tags : | Electronic | 7.93 MB

Description : Chill trippy vibe Mostly joefunktastics loops from here. His loops are always banggin! Heres a few i used.



Description : Female vocals on a Funk, Hip Hop Electronic Massive Attack Eminem influenced fusion song. Thanks to Daragma an accomplished jazz standards singer for the collaboration and vocal melody composition. In two minutes hear the story of someone who was told they couldn't be but they just did it anyway. You can hear the original vocal melodies intro the outro that inspired the song. The song and its arrangement is from a single bass line repeated in all song sections. Comment, Share Enjoy

Tags : | Trap | 3.66 MB | FL Studio

Description : like that vulgar loop from sounds of female orgasm))00
Hope u like it too,guys

Description : steady rock track... but I am after some male or female vocals so if you like my sound and have some vocals to make a track just let me know.

Description : Guitar beat at 170 bpm with female singing hook
Let me know what you think! I'm not the best at this. The beat without the hook is on souncloud.

Description : I'm looking for a male or female singer. if you are interested contact me

Description : I'm searching for this beauty Track a female or male voice.
I'm a open minded person, so you can contact me, if you have any ideas or some pretty vocals. If i have a nice vocal from you about the toppic "Save Me" you get into my Song and namend on the Track.

Tags : | Electro | 5.55 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : A small declaration of affection for electronic pop. The female voice in Italian is the result of synthesis. All the sounds are original, no loops (as always).

Tags : | Funk | 6.58 MB | Featured | Logic Pro

Description : Disco funk 70's vibe with trap and EDM elements. Epic uplifting arrangement for very short dance arrangements. Female collab with vocals to come. Please enjoy and comment. Hoping you're funking out. This song is a locking classic, hey tried it... it's fun!

Description : Hey y'all !


I'm looking for a vocalist that can really do this sad/spooky/adventurous tune some justice!!

Male or female is not a factor. Simply looking for the best person for the job! Check the forums for more information!

Description : hi nice to meet you
if you wanna collab with me, send me an e-mail
male/female singer

Description : Looking for vocalist (preferably female)

Description : Real deep lovers liquid flowing smooth and atmospheric beautiful soulful female vocals thanks Beth.Chilled beats and rolling subs enjoy.

Tags : | Electronic | 7.03 MB | Acid Pro

Description : 15,207 people are currently missing in the US, approximately 60% are male and 40% are female. The average age of people when they go missing is around 34. As of January 2019, there are 106 children currently missing who were younger than a year old when they went missing.

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