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Tags : | Rock | 9.05 MB | Reaper

Description : For you bb ! Wink!!! Enjoy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Description : A U-tube instrumental free for non-profit use by Vino. As usual i wrote some quick lyrics here and shortened it because it's just an idea. I wanted to sing something over this beautiful track. It's s far from perfect rough draft but it's all me and i love to sing :P

Tags : | Funk | 9.92 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : Hi guys let me know what you think of this funk tune. Comments appreciated.

Song written by FunkRick and FDB, recorded in a rehearsal like studio ish set up.
All instruments recorded live by members of FDB.
vox and bass by FunkRick.

Tags : | Funk | 12.21 MB | Has Lyrics | Reaper

Description : Funk-Rock-Pop Genre
What do you think I could do better mix wise? Any advises are welcome and appreciated.
Song written by FunkRick and FDB, recorded in a rehearsal like studio ish set up.
All instruments recorded live by members of FDB.
vox and bass by FunkRick.

Tags : | Rock | 2.49 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : Addictive drums with a groove monkey beat, Boneshaker 2 string cigar box bass, Lone Rider 3 string fretless played with a wine bottle slide. Video available by request.

Description : Funk tune I made. If anybody is willing to mix pm me as I am not good in these things. Any suggestions, critics etc. welcome. Thanks, Rick.

Tags : | Spoken Word | 1.89 MB | Reaper

Description : A free to use for non-profit track which i got from U-tube a while back, i can't exactly remember the name, so if this is your track, sorry couldn't remember the name & huge respect. Love this track. Anyone who knows me knows i write poetry as well as songs and poems sometimes turn into songs as i have sung this same poem as a song before so just having lil fun! with it as a spoken word, I'm also doing a lil singing here also. All just for fun! :P

Description : My first full track in quite some time. Actually did a video for it too on YouTube.
Hope its enjoyable.

Description : Just a draft of a song I did- pop funk kinda groovy. I am not a producer or engineer so please excuse the mix, nor a very good guitar player or keys player- just a bass player who loves music - any suggestions on improvement are welcome and appreciated. Let me know what you think, thanks, Rick.

Description : KI Back At It, "From The Grind"
"Signed To Myself" mixtape will be streaming all platforms
Feb 13th....

Tags : | Glitch | 9.68 MB | Reaper

Description : Vocals by srob1234

Guitar by Dj4Real

Drums by saintkuz

Flute by Mixiz



Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.10 MB | Reaper

Description : Wrote some simple lyrics to this great! track just exercising my vox chords here, rough draft and a work in process. Not much time, kinda busy. I'm just indulging myself.
The beat is by prod. Jammy Beatz respect. the track is allowed to be used for non-profit purposes.

Description : heavy sabbath style

Tags : | Rap | 532.65 KB | Reaper

Description : Sample of a song

Tags : | Reggae | 2.82 MB | Reaper

Description : This one for my hubster, I know you love when i sing reggae. A track from u-tube i decided to write some lyrics for this instrumental and sing a little something, little short, not complete still a work in progress. Rough draft. Prod. By La Boit'a' Zik nice free reggae track. Having a little fun! with it. But yes you gotta believe in yourself. I know I do. Enjoy BB xxX

Tags : | Blues | 2.16 MB | Reaper

Description : I've been recording/playing alot of downtempo clean tone stuff so thought it's about time for something a bit more upbeat. Played on my 3 string fretless Lone Rider homemade guitar with a wine bottle neck slide By J. Ross Guitars, Boneshaker 2 string cigar box bass, addictive drums. Love it or hate it, I'm having way too much fun and that's what counts :D

Tags : | Chill Out | 4.26 MB | Featured | Reaper

Description : Using a piano melody which is repeated has my main back bone and then just add different parts for more variety and dynamics.

Tags : | Electronic | 2.20 MB | Reaper

Description : just a fun instrumental piano melody and simple beat and chords. Hope you like it.
Needs some mixing i think.

Description : I started working on this with a dream. All of it was created with an AKAI Pro MPK mini with a little 1983 strat. I did the vocals with some chops and vocal effects.

Description : looking for vocalist/lyrics

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.66 MB | Reaper

Description : Just some late night night raw slide playing with a drum track. Played on The Lone Rider 3 string fretless electric with an authentic wine bottle neck slide and a hand made wood pick. I spend hours at a time just lost in the beautiful hypnotizing melodies of these primitive instruments.

Description : Meltingpotcrazieness

Tags : | Electronic | 6.21 MB | Reaper

Description : Upbeat instrumental

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.68 MB | Reaper

Description : Vocals by Hemanifezt

Drums by MrTokyoXM

Synth by Fanto8BC

Guitar by flask

Vox Fx by kenzo409



Description : the vocal line is from an acoustic freestyle. when i tried to redue it, the actual performance or recording was better the very first time when i made it up. So i just used the acapella off the initial one put it on one with better backing.

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