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Description : Just a hard hitting warehouse rave techno track..

Description : One those track that hits you with a lot of bass. Has west coast sound to the beat

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.62 MB | Studio One

Description : some representing

Description : "Mark T"(the funkiest drummer I've ever met.)BTW sent me this track with him on Drums and Bass,it was a blast putting this track together. I've still got a few issues with levels and EQ and a bunch of other stuff using this DAW S1v4. I'm sure you can get the jist of what the track is about. I picked Salsa for the genre because it's in the name, I don't know if this actually classifies as Salsa. Personally I was thinking Santana-ish.

Description : Minimal Techno analog synth Arturia Micro Brute ... 303 Roland TB3 ... percussion Roland TR8 ... soft synth Serum...I have a video on my Facebook page its public and is under Jonathan Ulery my real name lol..

Description : Technology is great, I haven't had a chance to play with this drummer since the 1970s. He's in Texas and I'm in South Carolina. He sent me a link to this track with him on drums and Electric Piano. I added the rest. I can't wait to put together some more tracks with him. This track has 4 min. of jazz then 2 min 50 sec. of fusion.

Tags : | Ambient | 9.66 MB | Studio One

Description : Electronic Chillout

Mix and mastered in Presonus Studio

Description : The tag says major but it's me folks.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.35 MB | Studio One

Description : Something new that I made.

Description : Single From Upcoming Project. Tell me what you think like, comment!!!

Description : Banga From my upcoming Mixtape!!!Please Leave FeedBack. Streaming On All major Platforms!!

Description : 8th track from my album "The Lake Effect" featuring Brotha Luke. Beat by MikeD. The Lake Effect available on soundcloud and youtube (Mish - The Lake Effect)

Description : This is my 1st production using Serum and iZotope Ozone8 all synth is Serum on this track Percussion Roland TR8 and Korg Volca Sample

Description : Thank u looperman :)

Description : This track has Funk,Fusion,Rock,Chillout and some Hip and or Hop VOX one shots. I'm still struggling with S1v4, but I feel like I'm making progress with it.I think Audacity is in my rear-view mirror now. LOL

Description : Cinematic/Classical,Jazz,Funk,Fusion,Electronic,Rock,Weird...
I strongly suggest you not be wearing headphones @2min6sec of this track!

Description : aint been threw in a min. but im back in the lab...looperman member Gotybeats-sound of silence,big shout out to him on this beat ,its so dope,dropped some of my vocals to it ..this is a ruff mix...let me no what yall think! thanks family!!Striking Daggers all MF day!!!oh yeah..just uploaded my pella aswell so if anyone wants to use it ..enjoy...

Description : This is my 2nd track Funk/Fusion/Dance/Rock/Weird using S1v4. I'm beginning to feel a little more comfortable with it.I'm open for any help anyone can give me with the track and or the DAW,

Description : 1:35 #ShoutoutNipsey

Description : (loop from KiestyleProduction) reached out to HenryPascal nd got an amzing email of stuff to work on,worked on it,here it is,,lemme know

Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.91 MB | Studio One

Description : Beat by MikeD
7th track from my album "The Lake Effect" - you can download the album at

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.01 MB | Studio One

Description : from track 22_hugerforHands,,used a loop from KiestyleProductions,, uploading it here before sC/yT because HenryPascal gave some great advice on my last one ndm hoping for more,,,!peace

Description : 6th track on my new album "The Lake Effect" ft. Sam WoW of A.M. CR3W. Us 2 have a 5 piece hip-hop/rock band when we play live, but we always get down on original hip hop too.
Beat by Rich Mish (myself)
Find this album at:
Find A.M. CR3W at:

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.95 MB | Studio One

Description : my first rap,,lemme know whutcha think,if you're down,, used a free app for the lyrics

Description : 5th track from my album "The Lake Effect"
Beat by: NxxxxxS // Speech by Alan Watts
Download The Lake Effect @
// Also available on youtube and bandcamp

Tracks 1 - 25 of 110
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