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Description : Song i did with the amazing Valentina Fida on vocals.
The original tune is an acoustic piece.
Had some fun with Ableton and this came out.
Hope you enjoy !

My production IG is @NoodleBoonn

Tags : | Pop | 7.15 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Hope You Like It. KEI-JIN.
Click my pic for contact info.

Description : NFSLBM (Not For Sensitive Little Beta Males)

If you use it please put "Prod. by 1Flamez" on your track.

Description : Thanks to Jenna Evans for sharing this beautiful song. Mine is a work that I started and never finished, I want to share it for inspiration. This is the backbone of the song, there are no accents and variations on the drums and various modulations and variations that I wanted to insert but that I don't have time to do

Description : yes, i'm back

Description : Loop from Acoustic678 and vocals from Jenna Evans. Enjoy :)

Description : We are but a spark in time. Lets make the best of it.

To collab on this track, hit me up at JUAN.NDV GMAIL.COM

My music production IG is "NOODLE BOONN".

Description : "Le pluriel ne vaut rien à l'homme et sitôt qu'on
Est plus de quatre on est une bande de cons." G.B

prod : DurbanPoison Beatmaker
Cuts/Scratch : Sharky
Rec/Mix/Master : Arobaz Studio

de l’album Défaites de fins damnés, ce titre est sorti le 27 décembre 2020 et disponible sur Bandcamp

Description : my gratest beat

Description : A brand new trap instrumental called Saved by Bells, I'm curious what you think so please let me know in the comments. Much appreciated!

Description : just a little track made on Maschine mk3

Description : Just some chill vibes.
Hi :)

Description : (old track) Made with my ex rock band.

Tags : | Trap | 8.18 MB | Ableton Live

Description : Hope You Like It. KEI-JIN.
Click my pic for contact info.

Description : Super beautiful sampled hip hop, mac miller, kanye, j cole, mobb deep, chill and summer vibes, dj premier chops

Description : Enjoy my new track in Cm at 87 BPM.

Description : Very messy riddim bass in the drop.

Description : where are my headbangers at

made with serum

sample used from looperman by Ruc - I Dont Wanna Do This Anymore 2

Description : hi,i tried to do slava marlow's style

Description : Tempo is 160,48, dont ask why. If anyone wants to collab on this (producer, rapper, singer etc.) just let me know.

Description : Looking for singer and rapper.

Contact me for Collabs.

Description : Beat BoomBap 92bpm

Description : Enjoy!

Cm, 110 BPM.

Description : Description : Blee - We Deserve

Lyrics and Vocals : Blee

Producer : Dj Fred.O

Contact me for collabs.

Enjoy !!!

Description : Guys, let us hope we have a better year.
I hope you enjoy it if you do then please leave me a comment.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 1156
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