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Tags : | Trap | 799.05 KB | Featured | Logic Pro

Description : So this is a song me and my little sister made at the beggining of the year. You guys pls tell her how good she is!! If you look up my collaborated tracks on youtube with Buckroll (Shinobic x Buckroll) she is always the one singing in the samples I make for him!

Tags : | Rock | 7.76 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Good, old fashioned rock with three loops from Nightingale (Memory, The Gift and Fly With Me).

Tags : | Classical | 2.58 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Sorry for the title, but I made this track during the lockdown 2020 and I was in the mood to a classy tune like this...

Description : Made a sad song. Please let me know what u think

Description : ...another slow,pictoral, ambient pop song

Description : a slow,pictoral ,expressive alternative popsong.

Description : A song about illuminating your dreams and making it come true

Description : Another rnb ting. wrote some raps to this, please let me know what u think. I feel like the vocals might be too aggressive in tone so let me know what ur thoughts are on that

Description : soundtrack ,thrilling and scary. Mix of ambience, electro and classical strings

Description : "Crying Times" by æ

Description : Slo Motion On The Track featuring a Prophet Posse sample

Tags : | Rap | 6.80 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Beat made in logic.

soundtracs jade console
and apogee symphony audio interface

Vocals I get From this site

Tags : | RnB | 2.79 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Finally ended up singing on this beat.. please let me know what you think

Description : Blinding Lights samantha Harvey Kizomba

Description : did this on an maudio 88 key in logic

Description : no idea, house/deep house /techno its what i felt

Description : A Three 6 Mafia Sampled Beat

Description : G34R5H1F7 X DIISTORTED

Tags : | RnB | 2.99 MB | Logic Pro

Description : Getting used to auto tune. Please Let me know what u think.

Description : "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by æ

Description : A DJ Squeeky Type Beat. Featuring A DJ Paul Sample

Description : Jesus Come Over (bluejoy Remix) by AAP Featuring Delmar African Wine

Description : "Fear's Redemption" by æ

Description : if you like check out my channel linked in bio, tryna build a fanbase

Description : Would love to hear raps/freestyles over it, leave them in the comments.


Tracks 1 - 25 of 1317
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