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10th Feb 2024 19:23 - 4 months ago
Description : This song was originally written for a contest and now I'm leaving the acapella (when approved) for everyone to use.
The condition is to credit me as the main artist when uploading it to platforms.
Ashesndreams - cuando despierte Ft. (your artist name)

146 bpm Gm

Spanish jersey club RnB Bad Bunny reggaeton Latin trap pop tainy future
7th Aug 2023 16:42 - 10 months ago
Description : Find the acapella on my profile When approved
Excited to share my new single "L0cos" with Aradmusic. Available on all streaming platforms as "L0cos (Ft. Aradmusic)." Thankful to my listeners for the support.
Tags: Reggaeton, Spanish, Female Vocals, Love, Latin.
12th Jul 2023 20:49 - 11 months ago
Description : Find the acapella on your profile once it is approved.
The acapella is free to use as it is. The only way to obtain it clean without effects is by Writing here a coment or sending me a direct message on my IG or Facebook, where you show me the remix you've made. If I like it, I will provide you with the raw stems.
If you want to release your song, please credit and tag me as "ashesndreams". I don't respond messages via Looperman.
TAGS: Latino spanish reggaeton pop female sexy
6th May 2023 19:20 - 1 year ago
Description : Description : This song is part of my new album "Hipersomnia". The title of the song is "De tu lado", and it is written in Spanish. Please note that this song is only available for non-commercial use and no exclusive licenses are offered for sale.

If you wish to use my acapella, please credit me as "ASHESNDREAMS".
Find the acapella on my profile When approved

TAGS: Reggaeton Mexico Latin Spanish sensuality female 2023 harmony sad passion perreo.
6th Mar 2023 00:13 - 1 year ago
Description : Perderme is a song from my new album "Hipersomnia" written in Spanish, Exclusive licenses are NOT for sale.
If you wish to use my acapella, please credit me as "ASHESNDREAMS"
Find the acapella on my profile
Trap RnB harmony spanish latino reggaeton mexico pop sad guitar
18th Feb 2023 01:04 - 1 year ago
Description : No te opongas (Don't resist) is a song from my new album "Hipersomnia" written in Spanish. Exclusive licenses are not for sale. If you wish to use my acapella, please credit me as "ASHESNDREAMS". Find the acapella on my profile.
TAGS: Reggaeton, Trap, Mexico, Spanish, Latino, female, 2023, harmony, sexy, perreo, synth space tainy feid karol g
19th Dec 2022 03:52 - 1 year ago
Description : From my new album "Hipersomnia".
Listen my new album, links on my profile.

Reggaeton female vocals Spanish mexico latin sex love guitar sexy latino hot dancehall
28th Aug 2022 23:03 - 1 year ago
Description : Just wrote a song about violence and codependency, I hope you like it a lot. you can buy mp3 or wav on my bandcamp profile for 1 dollar:

this song is registered under copyright

Tags: español future bass pop edm trap psycho crazy violence love couple latin reggaeton trap dubstep hardstyle drop
13th Mar 2022 04:27 - 2 years ago
I wrote this song about my coming out process with my mother, as she was homophobic, there were many fights and difficulties before she could accept me as I am, it's been 15 years from then to today, many things have changed, but now I'm free and proud of my sexual orientation

gay lesbian lgbt anger rage rock pop acoustic guitar female vocals
24th Jan 2022 02:39 - 2 years ago
Description : Find the acapella on my profile
Beat by MrBlindz
Lyrics by ashesndreams

Tags: Español spanish afrobeat latino mexico tired love female vocals sad r&b acapella collab free beat
6th Dec 2021 04:55 - 2 years ago
Description : Ijust wrote this
Find the acapella on my profile

pop latino reggaeton trap edm ashesndreams female acapella free collab
22nd Sep 2021 19:15 - 2 years ago
Description : Another song with my dear friend AradMusic
Find the acapella on my profile

Latino reggaeton party split no love breakup mexico guatemala urban pop trapeton spanish lyrics male female vocal
4th Jul 2021 17:25 - 2 years ago
Description : Fom my new song search on spotiyfy
find the acapella on my profile
88 BPM

20th May 2021 03:21 - 3 years ago
Description : My new song ft Arad music
Find the acapella on my profile
my friend and i wrote this for fun

mexico guatemala reggaeton pop urbano romantic love sex latino dembow dancehall spanish latin
19th Apr 2020 02:39 - 4 years ago
Description : Tema de autoría propia, totalmente en español
Acapella disponible para remixes y colaboraciones
www. looperman. com/ acapellas/detail/14701/el-sonido-de-las-olas-130bpm-pop-acapella
23rd Mar 2020 04:40 - 4 years ago
Description : the twilight zone
just messing around with my guitar
29th Feb 2020 15:48 - 4 years ago
Description : spanish
pop urbano
pop dancehall

you can downlod acapella here:

www. looperman .com/ acapellas/detail/14454/x-mi-ashesndreams-and-french-summer-breeze-90bpm-reggaeton-acapella
Tracks (17)