Help With Tracks

How do I upload a track

Everyone can upload a maximum of 50 tracks but there are a few things you need to have done first.

  1. Upload an avatar. Click here to do that
  2. Fill out your profile. Click here to do that

Once that's all done click the Upload Track link in the sub navigation bar in the tracks section.

Tracks must be saved as 16bit 44khz mp3 files, must not exceed 10mb and not contain any copyright material.

At the moment track uploads are limited to one track per 24 hours so make sure you upload a good one.

How do I edit or delete a track

To edit a track click the edit icon which is located in the footer of each track that belongs to you. To delete a track click the edit icon and then see the link to delete at the top of the edit form.

Why are track uploads limited to one per 24 hours

As looperman is not a track hosting site such as soundcloud and to prevent people flooding the site with tracks we decided to limit track uploads to one track every 24 hours. For example if you upload a track at 11am you wont be able to upload another until 11am the next day. The aim here is to encourage people to upload tracks that are worth uploading rather then uploading something they spent 10 minutes on.

Why has my track been suspended

If your track got suspended the chances are that it was found to contain copyright material or was in some way in breach of the terms & conditions. In most cases you should find a note attached to your track explaining what happened.

How does the featured tracks thing work

We set up the option to mark a track as featured as a way to help you get a certain track noticed over and above the rest.

You can only set one track to featured and so to make life easier when you upload or edit a track and set it to featured we will automatically set all your other tracks to not featured.

In order to have your featured track appear in the featured tracks page you must also have left a comment on another users track at some point in the past 72 hours (3 days). The idea here is that you get rewarded for being an active part of the community.

The tracks shown on the featured tracks page is updated once every 10 minutes based on the above and on each page load we order the tracks by the date of your last comment. This was the last person to leave a comment on another users track will have their featured track shown at the top of the list.

We also have a featured track widget shown in the right hand column on most pages. This one chooses a track from the featured tracks list. We also count how many times a featured track has been displayed and ensure that every track gets the same amount of exposure.

Are the tracks copyright free

All media uploaded to the tracks section remains copyright to the original creator of the files.

For the a full explanation on uploading / downloading and use of tracks please refer to our terms & conditions