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Description : 10 likes for free download option ;)
For collaborations hit me up on ig @_27heartbeatz_

Description : :- convert beats

Description : Hope u like this "remix" of his rapping and my Beat...
YouTube: NeroNexo
Insta: nero.nexo

Description : hippy hoppity

Description : Sorry for being inactive coz I've been working on this alot. Let me guys know what you think, have fun listening Im out.

Description : I uploaded this one beat I made to my youtube channel if yall wanna check it out there too. My channel is Militia Stars. Let me know what yall think.

Description : Beat:BABEL
Produção: KMF Beat 86BPM

Description : First time making Lo-Fi I guess its Lo-Fi but let me know what you think.

Description : Please follow my Youtube and Insta to stay updatet...Hope you guys enjoy my music
Youtube: NeroNexo
Instagram: nero.nexo
Facebook: Nero Nexo

Description : All of the samples involve in this track are from Looperman. I just made a few tweaks here and there. I dedicate this track to this awesome community. I cant post links here cause of the exceeding characters length sorry about that. Anyways have fun listening,Im out.

Description : As promised, here's my first ever future bass track! I liked the challenge and must say, I enjoyed every second I spent making this. Y'know it's good to have breather once in a while from the wild beats of dubstep. HOPE YOU BUDS ENJOY! I'm effin out!

Description : I made it up in a few Hours to see what i could do...hope you like it as much as i do
If you want to rap over it feel free but please Link my YouTube Channel if you use it...Thanks
Name on YouTube: NeroNexo

Description : I saw Vocal Chop Loops and Edit it into a track and made some cut to it, Im working in doing Future Bass so wait till my next upload, Anyways have fun listening. Im out

Description : hip hop

Description : IDEK at all bruh seriously

Description : I am back, Back with a new track, yea yea those vocals are from Flm Misc lol, Anyways have fun listening.

Description : This is my first ever track, it's a Dubstep where I have place the banger acapella by iGDTrap. Hope you guys have fun listening!

Update has been made base on your Critics.
Have fun listening, Im out.

Description : I made this on my phone and was pretty please with how it came out, however I think there was more I can do with it but my phone was freezing up. So let me know what you guys think of it.
Also go check out Sergio Yaro's stuff, he is a phenomenal singer with potential.
Thanks again.

Description : A wobble bass driven track and heavy vocal chops to comprise most of it. Kind of dubsteppish kind of hip hop, i still don't know. But its heavy. Was made all using FL Studio Mobile believe it or not

Description : Guys show me your work from this beat
In the comments plz.....

Description : it sounds weird...

Description : Listen to the music and tell me about my mistakes which I have been done in this song
Mix and mastered by kartikey
Lyrics by ankit sharda

Description : Hello..
I'm kartikey
Please listen this song and please tell me about my mistakes which I have been done in this song
Actually It is only the first drop
The full song will come soon

Description : Listen my first trap and tell me about my mistakes which I have been done in this trap so don't mind but you will enjoy during this muisic

Description : Music= kartikey
Lyrics = unknown
Mix and mastered by kartikey
Note= anyone can help to tell me my mistakes in this song because I am new on this website okay! Listen it and tell me about my mistakes

Have a nice day

Handshake... Kartike

Tracks 1 - 25 of 38
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