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Description : Сочинял по настроению

Description : Hiphop beats on maschine and samples on serato

Description : Sunny funny?

Description : by Ignabui: Avalible in YouTube, Spotify and stores.

Description : Johnny 808 is all i can say

Description : cymatic diamond

Description : made with other collab members i hope u enjoy!! made on nchs softwares

Description : thrill type hyeta

Description : cocky type beat

Description : An lonely beat. Ethereal pad type sounds (original creations) with a harsh but heavy electo digital drum beat. A friend said the track made him imagine an astronaut crash landed on an unforgiving alien planet with no escape. Seemed kind of fitting to, y life lately.

Tempo: 180 bpm
Key: G# melodic minor

#Scifi #lofi #digitaldrumbeat #glitch #trip-hop #glitch-hop #SORSEfield #sorsefieldproductions

Description : Happy Hardcore track, avalible in Youtube & Spotify.

Description : Busy, very busy

Description : Hey, I'm back! this is my fresh track after hiatus, enjoy.

Description : It's one of m'y first beat (Mars 2021)

Description : Colossal

Description : 3 looperman loops

Description : hello people, recently I put this song on youtube, now I leave it here, in case anyone likes

Description : A spacious melodic hip-hop instrumental of sorts.
Acoustic Spanish guitar, vocal like sfx counters in the key of C minor. A story of dark to light lost now in a twilight like state.
Created within FL Studio Mobile some unique sfx created using Caustic for Android

#SORSEfield #sorsefieldproductions #instrumental #hiphop #Spanishguitar #Cminor #melodic #emobeat

Description : Bueno el reggaeton no es lo mio por eso es tan corta la pista, pero la quería subir

Description : Hey Guys! I was just working on this little thing! Used the vocals from Jack Macrath. Hope you guys enjoy, however I feel this might not be everyone's style.

prod: 321 Mafia (me)
mix engineer: 321 Mafia (me)
Master Engineer: 321 Mafia (me)

Description : Parte dos, espero les guste y si tienen sugerencias adelante, hace poco me sugirieron que le agregara voces pero no se me ocurrió como hacerlo la verdad

Description : Esta no tiene mucha elaboración pero la solté igual, lo mas probable es que le haga unos cambios y la vuelva a subir

Description : Please hit me up if you would like to write together

Description : Este es mi remix de Gta sa, empezó siendo una instrumental normal de rap hasta que se me ocurrió modificarla a último momento y quedó así jeje, espero que le escribas tu letra

Description : Remix of Ronnie Milsap song but with an R&B feel.

Tracks 1 - 25 of 273
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