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Description : I hope you can enjoy it.The dance-symphonic style of the orchestra.

Description : A Scent of googliness..

Tags : | Electronic | 5.26 MB | Mixcraft

Description : I am looking for feedback. What areas should I focus on? Is the rythem good?

Tags : | Cinematic | 2.20 MB | Mixcraft

Description : played with some samples

Tags : | Acoustic | 1.86 MB | Mixcraft

Description : experimenting

Tags : | Trap | 2.37 MB | Mixcraft

Description : KazMillDavis feat. NTJ Talk - Like Me

Description : Features a bass heavy electronic VST.

This is a complete re-creation of Tempo. New Melodies, New VST.

Made primarily with Nightlife VST.
Also used Kontakt.

The original is still up if you wish to compare.

Man, I wish I had some lyrics, but I can't sing.

Tags : | Dubstep | 2.59 MB | Mixcraft

Description : For the producers that brought us skull island
Alt the way
From queens boro and A Walk to Remember
Welcome Mosura

Tags : | Lo-Fi | 8.57 MB | Featured | Mixcraft

Description : Voice by JesseMurias
guitar by RamsusOskar
inspired yesterday produced today

Description : I have a few goals with this one.
First, I made it for a friend. It's a surprised. Hope you like it Rash~!
Second, to practice.

Not sure how many of you will like this one. I'm aware of the static, I can't remove it now, the file won't open on my old PC.

Tags : | Cinematic | 3.52 MB | Mixcraft

Description : 1rst Person
Real world
Randomly accessed

Tags : | Chill Out | 1.63 MB | Mixcraft

Description : playing around

Description : short but i liked what i came up with

Tags : | Weird | 1.34 MB | Mixcraft

Description : besides the guitar played around with the midi wanted to be creative.

Tags : | RnB | 5.93 MB | Mixcraft

Description : my first single. hope yall like

should i keep making songs?

Comment please

Description : Well, I thought to myself, why don't you buy a microphone? And then try it out a bit. There are so many people singing in the world that it doesn't really matter whether you sing more or less.

Yes, you know, you're unlikely to go above an octave, but you don't want to apply for the boys' choir here.

Colab interested? You are welcome!

If so, please share with me what you have made!

Tags : | Pop | 4.39 MB | Has Lyrics | Mixcraft


Tags : | Religious | 7.89 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Praise

Description : Just an unfinished song form 2014 (needs vocals)

Tags : | Religious | 3.33 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Gods Army

Tags : | Religious | 6.89 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Prayer

Tags : | Trance | 11.33 MB | Mixcraft

Description : Final. All comments welcome
Acapella from Odarka

Description : Prod By Me

Description : ***UPDATED***
What you think is gonna happen when we tell our high horse our age is tree-fifty
And a thousand percent ?
If assuming age is frowned upon
side quests ever mean "hennythin" for a kodak moment
we can understand that chasing the money is as rewarding as when we go Paul Revere with that monkey from nickelodeon through the court yard and on a leash thru the gymnasium

Tags : | Religious | 2.21 MB | Mixcraft

Description : FAITH

Tracks 1 - 25 of 775