27th Jun 2017 18:38 - 7 years ago
Description : Chillout and uptempo cello-based track. A mixture of 160BPM ambient drum 'n' bass (drum 'n' cell) and 80 BPM deep groove sections. The main lead instrument is electric cello, supported by a load of far out synths. VSTs include: a lyre, a glissando harp, a plucked harp, a choir synth, two synth basses and a few synth pads. Drums are a merger of drum loops and programmed acoustic kits. Quite a few cello techniques used: bowing, pizzicato, spiccato and harmonics (both plucked and bowed). This took many hours to make, over a couple of months, hence the title. It's not a great track but it has a positive, uplifting, summery vibe so should be fairly enjoyable. Or at least some inoffensive background music. Have a listen and let me know what you think. Interesting and/or intelligent feedback is always appreciated...

Comments (12)

If you have time take a listen and give StaticNomad some feedback.

themixtapedemon 30th Dec 2020 18:42 - 3 years ago
At first it was very mellow, then went someplace fast tempoed and erratic
BradoSanz 17th Aug 2017 05:48 - 6 years ago
Gregarious and Grateful Greetings Groovy Nomad,

Now THIS is what I love. That bassline is so fat and subby in my headphones!! The groove is solid. And that CELLO! This, THIS is what I missed from Looperman!

I have such an utter soft spot for cello as you may have noticed. I cant' get over the sound of it in this song. So dreamy, and the delay really adds to the overall element. Any way I can download this somewhere? I'd love to listen to this at work. 3:08 was like entering a large expansion, I can't get over that feeling of the widening!

4:05 - I can't get over those dreamy ambient synths. What are you using to get such silky, warm tones? I want that for my own music. Is it time-stretched cello or something? Lol, speaking of which, I haven't done any personal work as of late so I haven't had a chance to timestretch anything out. But I do want to, eventually.

8:53 - once again, such downright gorgeous pad work. Teach me thy ways, senpai!

StaticNomad replied 22nd Aug 2017 - 6 years ago

Thanks for having a listen and I'm glad I could provide you with what you were yearning for.

"I cant' get over the sound of it in this song."

Yeah, it's nice though I have been, to some extent, a bit unadventurous and lazy with my cello sound while I've been playing and recording it for the last 15 months. I use mostly the same setting in each track though I have also come up with a few creative, unusual sounds.

"Any way I can download this somewhere?"

Sorry, not yet but eventually.

"3:08 was like entering a large expansion, I can't get over that feeling of the widening!"

I'm not sure the track got wider but that is where the glissando harp enters and is quite effective and strange.

"those dreamy ambient synths" are just synth pads. Actually, one is a piano out through a big, dreamy effect.

"I want that for my own music"

Just play around more with all sorts of ambient synth patches. I assume you must have some in whatever software you have. I use synths in almost every track I make and spend a fair amount of (boring) time auditioning patches from my fairly large library.

No, no time-stretched cello here. I still haven't really got round to doing that but should.

8:53 the main synth you hear is a lyre - a sample-based acoustic instrument that is a bit like a harp.

Thanks again for the feedback on this cello epic that has grown a lot on me since uploading it. It was a lot of work!
Neomorpheus 10th Jul 2017 02:55 - 7 years ago
I am late on reviewing this one bro, sorry.
Really like the deep bass on this and man the cello is just so smooth in the first section. Really love the transition into the Dnb, that's sweet man. Lots of chilled out elements throughout, great fills and effects, superb production value here. How are you managing the sound swells starting around 4:10, expression pedal? You are so masterful with variation in your tracks. This is a truly wonderful piece to listen to. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
StaticNomad replied 12th Jul 2017 - 7 years ago
Yo, NeoCellingBro.

No problem about being late reviewing this.

Yeah, the cello is fairly smooth in the intro section. I think it has some beauty and playfulness. The track was supposed to be begin with d'n'b but that half tempo chilled groovy intro worked too well so I kept it. You can't really guess the d'n'b is coming, I don't think.

"How are you managing the sound swells starting around 4:10, expression pedal?"

Spivkurl also mentioned a swell effect but gave no time reference. Maybe he was thinking of the same sort of section as you. I don't know what to say as I'm not really hearing any particular swell there. It's just bowed cello, no expression pedal. Perhaps the swell comes from how I'm drawing the bow plus the delay added to the cello part.

"You are so masterful with variation in your tracks."

Thanks. The variation comes from not knowing where the hell the track is going so then I have to experiment with very different elements. Then I get different sections going and have to work out how to stitch them all together. Sometimes I do it very smoothly, sometimes I don't.

Great to hear you thought it was so wonderful. I've got more into since finishing making it. I spent ages on it, tweaking so many elements. I guess I was going for a smooth, clean sound.

Thanks for the thoughts.

Take care,

Hours And Hours Of Static
crucethus 9th Jul 2017 05:27 - 7 years ago
Re-Greetings Stand Your Ground Bromad!

So some clarifications. My Domo Arigato comment was to comment how that section had a Japanese modal structure and questioned was it out of place. Domo Arigato of course is a very formal ¨Thank you very much¨ in Japanese. In no way was I referencing the 1983 Styx tune Mr. Roboto, but I can see where the disconnect might have come from. Moisture level -3. Yes 6:06 does have a nice cello bass pluck. reminds me a little bit of the remix of love you down by INOJ back in the nineties. yes the cello in the section leading up to 8:06 and the ambient change-up is complex in its build and layering and very cool.
about :49 in we get the drum & bass lite sound that this version took on. I could hear you do an excellent cello mix of this one though.
and of course the original ready for the world version.
Anyhow I have to go back to what I was doing. as this seriously cuts into my sitting around and doing nothing time!!! #S
Cru, qui vous rend ridiculement humide.
StaticNomad replied 10th Jul 2017 - 7 years ago
Regreetings, Cromo Arigato.

I may be a total Bromad but am I really standing my ground?

Yes - the sort of Japanese section is quite cool and unusual but I don't know why it has a Japanese modal structure. I just went for whichever notes seemed to work (not many id so this is the end result). That's a plucked harp instrument used there, with synth bass playing something very similar. I think it's an odd, additional flavour.

"Moisture level -3."

You mean you're negatively moist? You're drying up? It's summer (even in Canada) so get yourself some water otherwise you may shrivel to a crusp.

"cello in the section leading up to 8:06 and the ambient change-up is complex in its build and layering and very cool."

Probably my favourite cello sections.

Wow, Let Me Love You Down is a really cheesy, wimpy song! The remix is only a little better but mostly because of the drums.

"this seriously cuts into my sitting around and doing nothing time!!"

I agree. Why waste time commenting on my tracks? And then I have to waste my time replying. We really need to remove the comment facility on this site. It'll leave us more time for making music and more important things such as having arguments and posting stupid picture memes on Facebook.

Static HoursMad, qui vous trouve ridicule.
Spivkurl 8th Jul 2017 20:42 - 7 years ago
The first thing which spoke to me in this piece was the interesting "swell" sort of effect on an unidentified instrument. I have personally become enticed by manipulating the attack of instruments, in an effort to slow time down. You have done just this in an excellent fashion!

The breakbeats are a very nice touch, and not all that out of place in a style like this. Gives me thoughts of times passed, when things were not so frustrating and destructive to simple freedom and creativity. I thank you for that!

Your cello performances are, as usual, a spotlight in this tune. Since, as you know, cello is one of my early musical endeavors and influences... I can't help but feel something special when I hear, most especially when it is used in a not-so-classical way.

The progression (not meaning chordal, but progression of time) is quite interesting and non-linear. I appreciate this aspect as well. Music is one of those rare ways that humans can actually control the impression of the passage of time for other individuals, and it adds much to the power of the medium.

I am not listening to this as background music, but trying to actually pay attention, and it is working great for me. Interesting at every level, sonically deep, and well performed. It has kept my interest, and does not disappoint in any way.

I actually find it hard to believe that nearly ten minutes have passed since pressing play, and I take this as another piece of evidence that you have made an amazing piece of art here. I love a good time warp, and you've done just that, for me personally.

Thank you for sharing this! Big fave!
StaticNomad replied 10th Jul 2017 - 7 years ago
Hi Spiv.

Thanks for the excellent review.

Damn, I wish you had given me a time reference for the "interesting "swell" sort of effect on an unidentified instrument". Then I could identify it for you. it might be the lyre, which is quite prominent in the track, in various sections.

"in an effort to slow time down. You have done just this in an excellent fashion!"

That may be completely accidental. Perhaps more to do with the synth patch used than any skill on my part.

"The breakbeats are a very nice touch"

Yes - I like them and the track was supposed to start with them as I made this track out of some leftover parts from another drum 'n' cell track a few months ago called Opposites Subtract.

"Your cello performances are, as usual, a spotlight in this tune."

They need to be as it's the only played instrument and there's a lot of it. I still haven't used my cello to make any classical music. Maybe I never will though I would like to.

"The progression... is quite interesting and non-linear."

It is and I only repeat/reintroduce sections in a track if there's a real purpose. Otherwise, I tend to keep it progressing and moving into new areas and moods. I could have made this one quite a big longer, especially if I done something like returned to the very first riff.

"Interesting at every level, sonically deep, and well performed."

That's exactly what I always go for. This works fine as background music (due to the chilled vibe) but I think it's better than that and worth paying attention to.

"hard to believe that nearly ten minutes have passed since pressing play"

Yes - the aim is for the track to be addictive in the sense that when a section is ending, you wonder what's coming next. It probably wouldn't be that way if I spent too long on any one section. I think having the drumless breakdown in the middle helps break things up and give the listener time to reflect on what's been and what is to come.

"you have made an amazing piece of art here."

Thanks. It's grown on me as I've been listening back since uploading it. I feel I have many better tracks but still enjoyed making it, even if did take ages (hours and hours).

Thanks again for the fine review.
neuromancer56 8th Jul 2017 15:37 - 7 years ago
Wow, I'm trying to capture the vibe this gave, but there is so much going on, it's more like a journey through all kinds of experiences and emotions, kind of like reading a good sci-fi novel.
StaticNomad replied 10th Jul 2017 - 7 years ago
Thanks for for your appreciation of this.

Yes, there is a lot happening though that's the case in probably all of my tracks. I like activity and detail and always keeping things interesting.

Good point about the experience being like a good sci-fi novel. I hadn't thought about that until you said it but I think the sci fi vibe probably comes from the far out synths. And the cello adds some real organic flavour.

Thanks again.
crucethus 5th Jul 2017 18:52 - 7 years ago
Greetings Stat-O-Matic Cronut!

Nice ambient opening, spry like bass that sounds content and happy emotionally. Bass is strong. You are playing cello in a riff like style, which is cool, it adds a new expression for this instrument. 1:40 is that amen break for d&B we have all been waiting for. 2:27 is a subtle pad that I would like to hear brought up in the mix and then lead into maybe a guitar like passage. nice faux harp BTW. 3:30 we go into a moody hip hop beat with minor and minor 7th chords and a darker outlook. Nice chord structure 4:15 on to the break, which is perfectly needed. I like doing those with just some airy pads. I would have kept it going for 2 more measures to make a statement. But amen is back and so is your pluck. Domo Arigato for 5:43 but slightly out of place ehh?! 8:06 nice drums and ambient pads over that bass line. That works real nice for me there, almost like your putting the song to bed soon. and a glistening ending with a soft fade of ambience . very nice ending. it´s a good song and very uplifting you should be proud of the hard work you have put in to this one, You can hear your cello skills are improving and the cohesion is starting to remind me of your guitar based tunes. As you have delved into your cello, i have delved into my DAW learning how to mix and engineer better, to tighten my tunes. (remove reverse cymbals (lol)) And you can hear the hard work of your study and practice coming together. So I am most impressed, maybe even a little moist.
Always a pleasure.
StaticNomad replied 8th Jul 2017 - 7 years ago
Word up, Ted Cruzer, you utter loser.

A good, hefty review from you - probably the only one I'll get on this track.

I had some problems with that ambient opening but it sounds OK. And then we're into the riff that started the whole track off. I really like it and have made it quite funky before it heads into d'n'b breakbeat territory. It returns there in three different forms (pizzicato, spiccato and regular bowing).

" that amen break for d&B we have all been waiting for."

I had planned to start with just d'n'b drums and then subtly bring the main riff in but the half tempo first section worked too well so I went with that.

"2:27 is a subtle pad that I would like to hear brought up in the mix"

Just a subtle choir voice pad that is heard more clearly at 8:06.

"nice faux harp"

Yeah - tricky to get that glissando harp right but it adds and unexpected additional flavour.

"3:30 we go into a moody hip hop beat"

I love that drum loop and failed to recreate it in programmed drums form, which I really wanted to do.

"Nice chord structure"

Yes - very satisfying to play!

"4:15 on to the break"

Gotta have a drumless break in a lengthy track like this. And then come back strong with some fast ambient chilling.

"amen is back and so is your pluck. Domo Arigato"

Yes - some layered, plucked harmonics. And bowed ones.

"Domo Arigato for 5:43 but slightly out of place ehh?!"

I had to look Domo Arigato up again. Not sure how it sounds like that 80s hit song. Is it out of place? Maybe but hopefully a fun surprise.

And then you miss out on passing comment on my favourite cello sections. Nice, layered harmonics leading into a cool bowed part.

"almost like your putting the song to bed soon"

That's just what I'm doing. 8:06 section feels like it should go on for quite a while as there's a new energy. But I didn't want the track to go over 10 mins.

"very nice ending"

Thanks. Good to end on some gentle, winding down chill.

"the cohesion is starting to remind me of your guitar based tunes."

Just as well as my guitar playing is pretty rubbish and seriously uninspired these days. I hardly even pick it up! My skills have deserted me.

"i have delved into my DAW learning how to mix and engineer better"

You have and it all sounds better than before. No lead reverse cymbal!

You may Cruvaccinate but do you Cruvaginate?

Il me plait de te faire un peu mouille.

A bientot...
Jkingz 5th Jul 2017 09:09 - 7 years ago
Wow, this is a fantastic track ! Love the fretless bass and the smooth feel. Great chilled out groove, top work
StaticNomad replied 5th Jul 2017 - 7 years ago

This track has grown on me as I've been listening back to it. It's odd to think that, until you said it, I hadn't realised just how smooth the track is. I guess it needs to be when it's chilled out.

No, no fretless bass here. That's all cello though when plucking it, I am playing it as if it were a bass eg at 0:15. That was the first riff I came up with and then I built the track from there.

I do like a nice chilled groove. It's very inspirational.

Thanks for the thoughts.
fedev48 4th Jul 2017 20:35 - 7 years ago
Wooo great I really liked it
StaticNomad replied 5th Jul 2017 - 7 years ago
Wooo great glad to hear you liked it
onlyhits 3rd Jul 2017 14:12 - 7 years ago
Wow, this is really cool! I love the chill feel, and the melodies are really nice. The changeups are interesting, and kept me intrigued throughout the whole song. Very well done
StaticNomad replied 4th Jul 2017 - 7 years ago
Thanks very much. I also very much enjoy the chilled out vibe and the melodies. There are loads coming from the layered cello parts.

Good to hear that the changes kept you interested. There are quite a few and it's a fairly long track so it needs to maintain the listener's interest.

I could have made it much longer but have a general policy these days of trying not to go over 10 mins. I used to make tracks as long as 17 mins! Only a couple that length but quite a few between 11 and 15 mins.

Thanks again.
BenG 30th Jun 2017 11:18 - 7 years ago
This Cello grabs me the most! Love the whole track, good job.
StaticNomad replied 30th Jun 2017 - 7 years ago

The cello needs to grab people as there's lots of it. Some people will probably prefer the d'n'b drums or overall chilled/ambient vibe.

I've tried, as always, to give the track some real depth and provide lots of little things to listen to and interesting changes and so on.

Thanks for the comment.
theHumps 29th Jun 2017 15:50 - 7 years ago
I did like the upbeat change at around 1:40, unexpected and appreciated. Gave the song a cool lift, Some big boomy sub bass, my rokit 8's were sounding big!

Cool transition at 3:30 with the "glass bells", if I could call them that. The cello is cool in places, I'm not a nut for it generally speaking but can appreciate all the work you are putting into learning to play it. My friend Jim plays the stand up bass and he is taking orchestra classes this summer to learn to bow and also learning to read music. He is excited to learn but says it's tough.

Cool chillout track, I'd listen to this while painting, good music to let the mind wander and explore new creative ideas. Mix sounds good, nice job!

StaticNomad replied 30th Jun 2017 - 7 years ago
Thanks for the review - I'm not expecting to get too many for this one and it's pretty slow going so far.

Yeah, the drop of the d'n'b breaks around 1:40 is nice. I wanted to start the track with d'n'b drums but then the half tempo chill groove took over and seemed like a pleasant way to ease the listener in.

"Cool transition at 3:30 with the "glass bells"

Yeah - that's just one instrument - a lyre. It does have a bit of a glassy sound.

"The cello is cool in place"

It better be as there's a lot of it!

"I'd listen to this while painting"

Yeah - I thought it might work best like that for someone like you. I like listening to it more closely as there are some cool melodies and changes but I can see why some people would only consider it decent background music.

"Mix sounds good"

Yes - hours and hours put into getting it as right as I could manage.

Thanks again for the thoughts.

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