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Tags : | Hardcore | 3.38 MB | Featured | Renoise

Description : Do you know what it's like to permanently punch someone in the face because of their stupidity?

This track was created exactly for that reason :)

Is a shortie and I can not exactly assign the genre ... hmm

Edit: Reupload normalized Version

Description : 24/05/2020 - I've made this track using the acapella vocal of MC Norad downloaded from the looperman.

You can find more of this guy on instagram @emceenorad.

If you like my music please leave a comment. Enjoy!


Description : Bass House, Deep House style

Description : Cinematic Test Track using Novation Xio and Korg ARP Odssey VST (Hence Xio/Korg = Xiorg).

Intro using an atmosphere from Zero-G tweak and tuned.


Additional sources from DSK Music (I think).

Tags : | Deep House | 10.46 MB | Renoise

Description : Kol das Feat. OG7even JID

Description : Hey Instrumental house track ,128 BPM
You can use it...
with the name: Kol das
have fun

Tags : | House | 10.05 MB | Renoise

Description : old House style

Description : 87 BPM
You can use this Track
Write however:
music by Kol das

Description : 108 BPM,
Sing as you wish...

Description : Sing as you wish

Tags : | Rap | 2.03 MB | Featured | Renoise

Description : 6 songs of different rap and mixing styles

Description : In the style of Delerium / Enigma / Enya.

Uses Vocaloid 5 with the Avanna Voice Pack.

Description : The third song to come out of my new setup.

I went back to "Simple" and reworked it into a more Ambient track.

The key differences are:

New intro/outro - The storm! (Composed using three noise based VSTis)
Rewrote the lyrics
Replaced the vocals with Vocaloid Amy

I hope you enjoy.

Description : First attempt in Vocaloid 5 using one of Amy's preset phrases.

Draft D.

This is the last song from my old setup.

From now on all songs will be processed through a new recording chain.

Description : New studio. New music.

01 Happy Sun
02 Bliss Storm
03 Next Track

A huge number of VSTs and samples going into this.

I will be picking expanding on this - but my PC ran out of memory. Oops.

Description : I made this track in 2001. It doesn't sound perfect however I think was worth to be uploaded here because has a good composition and harmony. Maybe I should make a modern version. Hope you gonna enjoy! :)

Description : A bit sad melody made with retro electronic sounds.

Description : Mixed and mastered by Theo Howarth Studio.

Description : First track in a while: Ambient track which uses a singing synth - namely Alter Ego's Bones

This is Draft F - trying to decide if I need to add any extra sections to generate more interest...

If you're interested in a collaboration, I can provide the audio as separate tracks if needed.

If you like this one - check out Simple Lullaby featuring Vocaloid Amy - it's a reworked version of this song.

Tracks 1 - 19 of 19