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Description : Here is my new genre and I call it 'electrocellometallo', or just 'cellometallo' though this is also a dance track. My aim was to make some dirty groove metal without using any guitar. Instead, all of what sounds like heavy guitar is actually distorted, bowed cello (yes, it's my cello playing). There are also no bass instruments (eg bass guitar, synth bass) as that's cello, yet again. I only played one proper cello bassline - the rest of the bass is incorporated within the dirty cello riffage. Other instruments: Fender Rhodes (clean and then distorted) a few synth arps, a synth pad and soaring, sample-based strings. Lots of fat beat drum loops and two programmed hard rock kits. I enjoyed making this but let me know what you think. Interesting and intelligent analysis appreciated. Humour is also permitted...

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  1. Evisma
    Evisma on Mon 13th Jun 2016 - 4 years ago

    Delightful day, dashing doer of daring deeds! I hope all is well, across the Atlantic.

    No need to get up. I'll only be a minute.


    We begin with some warped chugging that almost sounds like there is a wah in action. Getting a pretty good tone from that bad boy. Establishing a nice groove. Extra notes at 0:40 are nice. Plucking there?

    1:17 tone is a cool, grinding, industrial sound. Fits well there. Ends abruptly to make way for more chugs.

    1:46 break has some interesting runs in it. Sounds a bit complex for the cello. Synth afterwards is very nice. Not out of place here at all.

    3:41 break is very nice. Reminds me of Queensryche.

    4:13 synth seems out of place, but sounds good at 4:42. I'd peel that back so it all hits at once on 4:42.

    Active section at the end is slippery, digital and made of glass, with brass tubing running through. Futuristic steampunk.

    Good stuff indeed! You seem adequately confident in your new tool. We'll have to mesh cello and lap-steel some time,... without crossing the streams.

    Sorry it took me an eternity to listen and review. Not fired up the desktop computer in a while till a few days ago. Been icing the shoulder, and it's hard to do that consistently and be playing guitar. I have, however, used Paul-Stretch in my latest endeavor, with surprising results. Only stretched it 300%, but it gave it dark chanting, industrial steam purges and gong-like accents. Diggin it! May be the outro. Track should be around 7 minutes. We'll see.

    Evan, letting the rabbits wear glasses, saving our brothers, feverishly looking for an amen, then thanking Jesus.

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Word up, eternity-taking Iced E.

    Your alliterative greeting is excellent, Dashing Doer Of Daring Deeds a potential track title. Totally sums me up. I'm doing some of those deeds now whilst typing.

    See - you can still come up with a good, new greeting. No idea how I'll come up with new, decent ones if we're still greeting each other in, say, 20 years' time. Just think how many yos and word ups I'll have given out by then. Squillions.

    I did not get up, get on up, like a sex machine for you. That's what I didn't do.


    No wah in intro but a filter that is similar. Automated a little at certain points and then turned off as it all goes BAM! when the fat drums smash their way in.

    Cello plucking (pizzicato) around 0:40. Like a lead, clean bass but low, not high.

    1:17 tone is cool - plugin distortion added to clean cello parts. All the low end riffage in this through hardware FX unit.

    1:46 break has riffage I love. Perhaps complex cos I've chopped up different bits of jammed riffing to make it. Sounds just like heavy guitar.

    "Synth afterwards is very nice"

    I think you mean the Fender Rhodes at 2:14. 'Tis a surprise that fits fine. Not much Rhodes on top of heavy guitar riffage in general.

    2:33 a short cello solo from me. Sounds just like guitar.

    Still never really heard any of Queensryche's music though I know the name well, partly cos it's distinctive.

    4:13 synth is that same Rhodes instrument from before, now with distortion. Not sure why it's out of place. I like how the clean, swooping cello bowing sits underneath it. If I "peel all that back" I don't know how I'll successfully manage to build up to the return of the badass riffage on 4:42.

    "Futuristic steampunk" is a label I'm glad to hear as I hadn't thought of it. I love the third and final heavy section. Loads of distortion on synths and some crunchy drum loops.

    I like the glass and brass tubing ideas too.

    "adequately confident in your new tool"

    Not at all when bowing. Not even close to being decent enough to jam with other musicians, which I can do easily on other stringed instruments. My careful editing skills, as always, make me sound so much better.

    Let us indeed mesh cello and lap-steel some time. Let us make some cellsteelstep.

    Streams will only be crossed if parts are panned. We will probably both be sucked into some vortex if that happens so keep those parts panned far apart.

    Great to hear you have been stretching your shit* and I'm looking forward to hearing that make a difference to your music. That's the idea. Of course you got some surprising results. Try 800% on some simple lap steel lines for awesome ambience beauty.

    Ooooh 7 mins. A Bass Bro epic. You must be stretching all your parts!

    Static Bowmad, chugging the shit out of that cello, getting an amen, getting a hallelujah, thanking Jesus.

    *Ten Mile Turd

  2. Neomorpheus
    Neomorpheus on Wed 8th Jun 2016 - 4 years ago

    Hey I forgot to mention I just saw a news headline that terrorist's have hijacked a plane full of cellists in Amsterdam. They called down to ground control with their list of demands and added that if their demands weren't met, they are prepared to release one cellist every hour!
    These guys are despicable !!!!

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Hey I forgot to mention that's not too bad a joke.

    I get it but also don't get it.

    It seems it would make more sense if it were banjo players or accordionists as those are maligned instruments. But I'm not at all aware of the cello having any such status.

    Here's my favourite banjo joke, from one of my absolute favourite musicans in the world, Harry Manx, who I've met twice at his gigs. He tells it on stage before playing banjo. Something like:

    "I did a gig the other night and left one of my banjos in my car. I came back to the car to find it had been broken into. My banjo hadn't been taken and there were six others alongside it."

    You've really gotta check this guy out as he's excellent on guitar, banjo, mohan veena (a very special slide instrument), harmonica and vocals.

    Nice guy as well.

    Harry Manx plays "Can't Be Satisfied"

    Harry Manx - Spoonful

  3. Neomorpheus
    Neomorpheus on Wed 8th Jun 2016 - 4 years ago

    Cello Mr. Static, Cello !

    Nice groovin' track bro. I'm just as impressed as the rest that this is all Cello. Especially how your able to exude those chugs and riffs with the bow. You do know that the next step for you now is to take that bow to your guitar ala Jimmy Page. I have to ask though, what in the world prompted you to want to learn to play the cello? Just curious. Anyhow back to the track...another mentionable note is how you maintained the structure and didn't go off on a 3 or 4 minute jam which keeps it relatively short compared to most of your tracks. Even though the cello is definitely the star in this, there is also quite a bit of tasty synth sprinkled in there as well. I'm not so sure about categorizing this as Metal. Maybe "Hard Cello" or "Progello" would be more realistic. Irrespective, you certainly are blazing a new trail here which is what we really dig here at Looperman and what we all aspire to be able to do. You continue to raise the bar for all of us in terms of that. Loads of props on what you have been able to accomplish in a relatively short time in regard to the Cello.

    Keep em coming man !!!

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Yo yo yo.

    I too am damn surprised that this all this riffage comes from a cello. What I have learnt over the years is that if you put pretty much anything through some fat (guitar) distortion, you'll mostly be hearing the distortion. Sure, you get the pitch changes (ie the notes) but the timbre of the instrument is very much overpowered by the distortion. But you can still take advantage of some of the weird tones you can get from bowing. The kind that I hit unintentionally because I don't yet know what I'm doing and have poor control.

    "take that bow to your guitar ala Jimmy Page."

    I don't think so. You can't bow individual strings because of the flat neck and you'll get the rosin that you put on the bow on the guitar strings. I've not really seen Page do it but I'll bet he only does pretty simple stuff.

    "what in the world prompted you to want to learn to play the cello?"

    I have meant for a good few years now to start playing another instrument. Actually, I got a banjo for Christmas in 2011 and, as you know, have put that in quite a few tracks. But it is kind of a limited instrument/sound. I need to keep expanding my musical repertoire and the main way I do that is with new synth sounds. But playing an actual new physical instrument seems like an even better idea, though much more challenging (and expensive).

    I've probably wanted to play cello since about 16 and I am very much a stringed instruments musician so I thought I should get on with it. I'd like to play (or at least get the sound of) various Indian instruments but I'm not sure which would suit me. I've had a sitar since 1998 but it's a bastard on the hands and I don't know anything about the tuning. I never play it (partly because I don't want to lacerate my fingers).

    I quite like your Progello term and will see what my cello teacher thinks of it. It also sounds like it might be some sort of medical product (a gel). But don't you like 'cellometallo'? Makes me think of Nutella.

    "you maintained the structure and didn't go off on a 3 or 4 minute jam"

    Yes. I'm really happy with the structure and length. The track is actually quite minimal (especially for me), with instruments only introduced when they need to be and not much layering going on. As always, there are loads of little details and fills (the nuances) to look out for but there aren't as many things to listen to at once as in most of my stuff.

    Yes, I really like the synth work. I perhaps could have got some high lead cello work in there but I find it hard. However, in the few weeks since I made this, I've improved a bit so there's shitloads of lead high cello in my latest track (Everything Where it Should Be), which is nearly ready to upload.

    "you certainly are blazing a new trail here"

    Yes. Do not hold your breath waiting for anyone else to upload a cellometallo track to Looperman.

    Thanks for the interesting thoughts.

  4. Metabolic
    Metabolic on Tue 7th Jun 2016 - 4 years ago

    Oh my, the intro... Oh dude... When them drums kick in :D ... That vocal sample is on point.

    My headphones are screwed so I cannot comment on the mix..

    The break is fantastic and complements the return very well..

    @4:14 a great switch, evolving, then back to that southern/nola feeling riffage.. Well done dude, I'm very impressed.

    The concept & execution is fantastic..

    You must excuse my absence, work has been killing me.. But
    I have a new musical venture set for October so you'll hear many tunes coming out soon.

    Reply by StaticNomad


    Good to hear from you.

    Yes, it's pretty good fun when those fat drums kick in.

    "That vocal sample is on point."

    It totally isn't as there are no vocal samples in the track. If there were, I probably would have mentioned it in my description. Give me a time reference and I'll tell you exactly what you're hearing. Probably a cello sound. I hope you've read that all this riffage is distorted cello. I still think most of it sounds exactly like guitar.

    "My headphones are screwed so I cannot comment on the mix.."

    That is a shame but it seems you've at least heard something worthwhile.

    "@4:14 a great switch, evolving, then back to that southern/nola feeling riffage.. "

    Yes, I get funky, with the distorted Rhodes part (plus some clean cello bowing underneath) and then it's back to the badass riffage. But, for the third and final heavy movement, I introduce some different synth arps and melodies.

    Great to hear you'll have some new music soon. I still haven't got round to hearing all your current Looperman tracks. Must start changing that.

    Thanks again.

  5. Dennel
    Dennel on Mon 6th Jun 2016 - 4 years ago

    Yeah, yeah, yeaaaaaaaah! (slams face into a table of white powder while throwing up the rock symbol...not really lol!) An Instant Fav! Could you be the world's first Rock & Roll Cellist? This track was a very creative effort and major kick ass! I was laughing my ass off that you were pulling off those "Metal Riffs" on cello. I could just picture you doing the "Head Banger" routine while playing cello lol!

    At about 2:14 the "keys" come in, but the way you played it I almost mistaked it for "A Bass Harmonic", very nice. And those drum kits you chose...umm, umm, Super Kick Ass!! It gave the tune that constant, relentless, pounding-groove-forging-on! Man this track works on so many levels, innovatively and sonically. In other words "This Track Be Tha Shiz-nit!"

    Big D Outtro! (Drops mic on stage, gets into Elvis pose, points hands to the left, exits stage left.)


    Reply by StaticNomad

    Yo, Dennel.

    Great to hear you really liked this one. I've become more of a fan of it since finishing it and find quite a few sections and melodies quite memorable and catchy.

    "Could you be the world's first Rock & Roll Cellist?"

    No, definitely not. I don't know much about the world of the cello (ie outside classical music) but there are definitely people who can really play (unlike me) who are rocking it up a lot. The metal group Apocalyptica have been around for years and they play cellos hard and heavy. I've even seen them live. There's also a female cellist called Wendy Guo who specialises in live metal cello and a whole bunch of rocking cellists I guess I don't yet know about.

    From my experiments in cello playing in the three months that I've been playing, I have concluded that you could pretty much entirely replace a guitarist in a rock/metal band with a cello player. I'm interested to see if anyone has done just that. Yes, there are certain guitar techniques that I guess you can't do on cello (tapping, tremolo arm, strumming, slide etc) but bowing really adds an extra dimension to the sound. Basically, just whack that cello through some fat distortion (as in this track) and you can seriously rock it up.

    Look out for a new track from me in the next few days with a whole load of interesting rocking cello in it. It's not metal but it's not supposed to be. Instead there's hip hop, saxophone and big piano basslines plus loads of cello, which is meant to do everything the guitar would normally do.

    Anyway, yes there are keys in this track - Fender Rhodes. I don't think there are any cello harmonics but there is a load of pizzicato playing (ie cello played with fingers, like a double bass) entering at different points in the first half.

    If you want to hear some cello harmonics, check out this cellout track from a few weeks ago. Drums are mostly hip hop:

    "constant, relentless, pounding-groove"

    Yes, that relentless groove is for one simple reason: every heavy section has the same dance drum loop sitting underneath the other hard metal/rock kits. it provides some real low end and makes this also a dance track. There are various other drum loops as well but I think that particular one is there pretty much all the time during the heavy sections.

    "this track works on so many levels, innovatively and sonically"

    Thanks. That's what I go for with every track I make. It has to be very interesting otherwise I'm not interested in making it. I have to merge genres and try out new sounds in every new piece.

    Thanks again.

  6. mildperil
    mildperil on Mon 6th Jun 2016 - 4 years ago

    A fantastic tune! It felt liked it dipped a bit in the middle, but then it came back even stronger towards the end.

    It also sounds ripe for some lyrics over the top, but even without anything added it's still a high quality track.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Reply by StaticNomad


    It sure did dip a bit in the middle, but hopefully not in quality.

    I needed to join these different sections together and legato, ambient chill was what I decided seemed to work. I guess you preferred the hard and heavy stuff but I had to find a way to transition smoothly and chillout is easy to go into and come out of.

    Yes, it came back very strong for the final heavy movement. I like the addition of the synth arps to set that heavy section apart from the earlier ones.

    No, don't really need any lyrics here but, as always, the right sort of vocalist could certainly make some work.

    Thanks for listening.

  7. silverman
    silverman on Mon 30th May 2016 - 4 years ago

    I've been thinking of getting a violin or cello for some time to experiment with electronically.
    You might have just convinced me to go for it.
    Brilliant heavy heavy sound there.

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Sure - go get one. Or both.

    I warn you now that bowing is extremely complicated and fraught with error and bad sounds. At least it is for me. And I've been playing stringed instruments for well over 20 years (2 months on the cello).

    Yes, I like the heavy sound here and I think it's unusual. It's still a surprise to me that all that heavy riffage comes from a cello.

  8. TeeGee1965
    TeeGee1965 on Mon 30th May 2016 - 4 years ago

    Hey :)

    Regarding the points you mentioned below, I guess I did not express myself correctly. I was aware that this is a real Cello played by you, and that you manipulated the sound electronically or with effects (as we do with guitars etc). What I MEANT was that it would have been nice to have a clean acoustic cello sound in there - but that was just a suggestion, and does not mean the song is incomplete with out it. So my bad.

    "Maybe would have been nice to have some sort of real Cello in there somewhere"

    All the cello is real!

    It really is all real, electric cello really played by me. For real.

    I go to some trouble to include as much useful info as I can in my track descriptions so people have some understanding of what they're hearing and how it was made. It annoys me how many people on this site put up almost no info so you have to ask things like "Hey, is this all samples?", "Are you playing the guitar here?", "Whose vocals are these?" and so on.

    Yes, I only briefly referred to me playing the cello in my track description but if you go down and read some of my replies, I talk about it quite a bit.

    Perhaps I've confused you because I accept that the cello does sound unusual here. I would never guess that all that heavy, distorted riffage is cello. Perhaps you're just asking for some more obvious, traditional bowed cello sounds. You can hear some of those sitting underneath the distorted Rhodes as things get funky just before it goes heavy again for the third and final movement. The bowed cello there just has reverb on it so there's no processing to fool you.

    Reply by StaticNomad

    You seem to be basically saying the same thing again. And I think I understood it the first time.

    So I'll have to say the same thing again: there is pretty much a clean acoustic cello sound in there. Well, technically it's an electric cello as that's all I have. And it does have some reverb and chorus on it but that's just to fit my far out vibe. Listen at 4:23 and you'll hear it come in underneath the distorted Rhodes.

    Sorry if that's not what you wanted. I'm doing my best though I still real struggle with the bowing.

  9. TeeGee1965
    TeeGee1965 on Sun 29th May 2016 - 4 years ago

    "Humour and/or interesting and intelligent analysis appreciated..." So I am not going to tell a musical joke this time :D (and yes I knew even then it was not what you meant by it - but that is humour, isn't it? )

    Regarding the song, I find it fantastic what you did with the cello. Really interesting. I like the transformation from a heavy metal style first part, to the second part that is some sort of progrock, and it gets more and more chill and electronic as it goes along. Smooth transition between the styles, does not seemed forced. Really nice. Did you plan this to begin with or did it happen naturally?

    Maybe would have been nice to have some sort of real Cello in there somewhere - but but but there are always so many options and ifs and buts for any music piece...

    So, well done, I like it - a really interesting song!

    Reply by StaticNomad


    Congratulations on not telling me a musical joke.

    "I find it fantastic what you did with the cello"

    That is excellent to hear, however this is much more of a problem:

    "Maybe would have been nice to have some sort of real Cello in there somewhere"

    All the cello is real!

    It really is all real, electric cello really played by me. For real.

    I go to some trouble to include as much useful info as I can in my track descriptions so people have some understanding of what they're hearing and how it was made. It annoys me how many people on this site put up almost no info so you have to ask things like "Hey, is this all samples?", "Are you playing the guitar here?", "Whose vocals are these?" and so on.

    Yes, I only briefly referred to me playing the cello in my track description but if you go down and read some of my replies, I talk about it quite a bit.

    Perhaps I've confused you because I accept that the cello does sound unusual here. I would never guess that all that heavy, distorted riffage is cello. Perhaps you're just asking for some more obvious, traditional bowed cello sounds. You can hear some of those sitting underneath the distorted Rhodes as things get funky just before it goes heavy again for the third and final movement. The bowed cello there just has reverb on it so there's no processing to fool you.

    "the second part that is some sort of progrock"

    Yes - I hadn't really considered that but I agree. The introduction of Fender Rhodes and strings (sample-based violins) merges nicely with the distorted riffage and is quite progressive.

    "Did you plan this to begin with or did it happen naturally?"

    I do not plan any of my tracks out, which is one of my great musical weaknesses though I also turn it into a strength. I have no real idea where something is going and am not able to really work out what the structure is going to be before starting. I just keep jamming and editing those jams and adding synths and moving whole sections around as I try to make something unusual and interesting (at least to me). When I'm successful, I get things that are quite different from other people's music as well as strange relationships between instruments and odd mergers of genres.

    "Smooth transition between the styles"

    That's great to hear as I have to work really hard at that. The track structure is often dictated by how smooth I can get the transitions. If I can't get a smooth transition, I have to go for a different structure.

    If you'd like to hear a recent track with much more obvious real cello sounds, try this one. No distorted riffage but loads of layers of cello, employing various playing techniques:

    The Warm Glow of Yesterday

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  10. Darknives
    Darknives on Fri 27th May 2016 - 4 years ago

    Yeah man, with violin, Im refering to all strings in the song.
    The kick can act as the true subbass, as the bass can, in the mix one always takes the sub space. Also, the strings muddle the line between guitar and bass, no need to add more bass.
    The digital, I like it, didn't mean it in a bad way.

    You ever release some of this songs to the public? Like youtube, bandcamp?

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Hi again.

    "the strings muddle the line between guitar and bass"

    Yes they do. I'm still surprised that one cello riff through guitar distortion can sound big and fat like a guitar and bass playing the same riff together.

    "The digital, I like it, didn't mean it in a bad way."

    That's OK. All my stuff is very processed and "digital". But I use real, recorded, played instruments (played by me) as well as sample-based instruments that sound quite real to my ears.

    "You ever release some of this songs to the public?"

    No, not yet. Most of my online tracks are on Looperman, some others on Soundcloud and some older ones on a website I never use called Mixposure (kind of like Looperman but so much worse).

    Nothing on Youtube but my albums will most probably be released through Bandcamp.

    Thanks for the extra thoughts.

  11. Darknives
    Darknives on Wed 25th May 2016 - 4 years ago

    Man, apart from an awesome song, those violins just sound awesome, it's weird, it sounds really digital and sounds awesome at the same time. It's like a litte mix of industrial chill out stoner with distorted violins.
    Works perfectly, don't need no "bass".

    Awesome work man

    Reply by StaticNomad


    "those violins just sound awesome"

    The only violin parts in the track last for about 20 seconds, from about 3:20 onwards. They're my filtered, soaring string sounds (one that I have used in so, so many tracks).

    "a litte mix of industrial chill out stoner with distorted violins."

    So, when you say violins I think you must mean cello as that's the main instrument in the track. All the heavy riffage is distorted cello parts though there are also quite a few undistorted cello parts - you just have to listen out for them.

    "it sounds really digital"

    Yes, I think that might be because every time you hear the heavy acoustic drum kits, there's always the same dance drum loop underneath. As there are no bass instruments in the track (something which still surprises me) I think that fat kick helps add bass to the track. I know a kick drum is not the same as a bassline but it seems to work here.

    And then towards the end you get some proper digital electronic stuff with the synth arps I use.

    "industrial chill out stoner"

    is a pretty good description.

    It seems I cannot make a track that doesn't contain at least some chillout elements. All my heaviest tracks still have not only chillout elements but also chillout sections.

    Great to hear you really enjoyed it.


  12. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Wed 25th May 2016 - 4 years ago

    Is this the new track you were referring to in your comment on my song? Dude, this track sounds AWESOME. Has your style written all over it, written with bullet holes and just plain ol' boss-ery (is that a word?). It's like, psychedelic metal meets acid lol. Idk what to compare it to really, it's just..Reminds me a bit of Metallica at some parts, if they were all your sons. Beautiful work here. Your cello additions really add a whole new element to the track itself and make it really stand out. I think my favorite part was the keys (?) that you played at 3:12. Ahhh, and that jazzy transition at 3:50, almost consumed by those wide pads (or stretched guitars?), was actually extremely clever. I really wish I could see your process of recording this stuff, it's really awesome to hear how you manipulate so many different sounds to make a track like this. I could definitely learn a thing or two. Ever thought about making a tutorial video? A "Sit In with Nomad" type of video haha. Just an idea, I'd love to watch it, really.

    This song has no need of being louder. I think it's awesome as it stands. This is your style in a nutshell - taking something heavy and awesome and making it Nomadic and even more epic. Hats off to you!


    Reply by StaticNomad

    Nuanced greetings.

    Yes, this is the track I was referring to. Sometimes I listen to other people's tracks and they sound so much louder and clearer than mine and I feel just a little inadequate. I'm always not sure if my overall sound is loud, powerful and clear enough.

    "plain ol' boss-ery"

    No, not really a word. One I do like, though, is 'badassery'. The collective noun from 'badass'. Not a real word but makes great sense to me. I think there's quite a bit of it on display in this track.

    "Reminds me a bit of Metallica at some parts"

    Yes, maybe with the chugging riffage but you won't find Rhodes or synth arps in their music. I'd say they haven't done anything good in 20 years though their 80s and 90s stuff is still very good.

    " the keys (?) that you played at 3:12"

    Yes - Fender Rhodes, a very rarely used instrument in any heavy music. And with good reason, as it's much more of a jazz/funk/chillout type of sound. I add it for odd and unexpected flavour, something you know I love to do.

    "that jazzy transition at 3:50"

    Yes, those swing drums there are entirely just a transition. I really didn't want the track to start becoming jazz as I thought it would spoil the asskicking vibe but I did need a way to bridge between sections. That little drum groove seems to work nicely.

    No, no timestretched guitars there, just a synth pad plus some cello underneath. No guitar anywhere in the track.

    "Ever thought about making a tutorial video?"

    I have not but it's an interesting suggestion as I may well have some unusual little techniques and/or music making philosophies. As I work alone and never see how others work, I wonder if I have developed some odd, little ways of doing things that might be of interest to others. I'm not really planning to do it but I'd probably call my tutorial video series something like Production Tipz n Shit with Tha Mothafuckin' Nomad.

    Great to hear you'd be up for watching it. Maybe one day, if I can be bothered. I'm not the type of guy who's much into promoting himself.

    A new cellout dance track coming next week.

    Take care,

    Nuanced Nomad

  13. crucethus
    crucethus on Tue 24th May 2016 - 4 years ago

    Like an old timey carbureted engine starting, is the intro. there is a weird sound at the end of each measure that sounds like Japanese words that someone is saying in stereo. Or I am just losing it finally!. Cool tune so far. I think you are advancing this sound well beyond apocalyptica ever did. Strings at 3.25 are exquisite. and then you hang them out to dry in the neversphere. hmmm sounds like a familiar plan. Then we get funky until 4:44. Then the clodding drums come back. I christen this genre Cellosludge. That Bubble an Squeak synth was cool until the ending pad says..enough!.

    Good work.

    lovely song, perfect length.

    Reply by StaticNomad


    Dirty old engine intro with a morphing filter applied to it is a kind of chugging, chilled way to start things off. I really still think all this dirty cello riffage sounds just like guitar and I'm certain no one would be able to guess they're hearing a cello if I hadn't disclosed that. There are some other, undistorted cello parts in this but it overall really doesn't sound like cello music.

    "a weird sound at the end of each measure that sounds like Japanese words that someone is saying in stereo"

    That is a surprising comment and I will have to go back and listen hard for that. It would be fun if that was somehow in there. More likely is that you have indeed lost it. But did you ever really have it?

    "you are advancing this sound well beyond apocalyptica ever did"

    The difference between me and them is that they can really play the cello and I can't. Not yet. Well, I'm good at plucking (pizzicato) but the bowing is so hard and I can't really play consistently fluent riffs. I hit the wrong string(s), hit crap tones, get lots of shitty, whingey, scrapey sounds and so on. I have to do loads of editing of my playing to end up with something decent. Adding the heavy distortion really helps mask my fuckups. No distortion and they are very exposed.

    I once saw Apocalyptica at a music festival in Czech Republic. Worst festival I have ever been to! Quite a story as to why it was so awful. I'll leave that for another time.

    Did you like the addition of delayed Rhodes in the second heavy movement? I think that's an unusual instrument for a heavy track. Later on, going into the third heavy movement, the Rhodes gets funky and distorted.

    "Strings at 3.25 are exquisite. and then you hang them out to dry in the neversphere. hmmm sounds like a familiar plan. "

    The "neversphere" is a nice term I may find some use for. Is this being too familiar a criticism? Sure, I've done stuff like that before but sometimes you just do whatever you have to to bridge sections together. The stringy pad chill helps break things up and I'm really quite pleased with the arrangement of this and the variety between the sections and the length. Seems just about right, without me trying to do too much.

    " I christen this genre Cellosludge."

    I think cellometallo is a more amusing term. Reminds me of Nutella. But you're welcome to cellosludge though I think it might have to be dirty, heavier and less of a dance track to really be sludge. I'd say I make stoner, grunge and some metal but not really sludge.

    "That Bubble an Squeak synth was cool"

    Yes, those synth arp melodies have really stuck in my head.

    Nice upload will be cellout dance music. Not as good as this track, even though they were until recently joined together in a confusing, overly long mess of a track. More track splitting success for me.

    Later, Mr Cru

    The Bow Mad Bromad, celling shit up.

  14. danke
    danke on Tue 24th May 2016 - 4 years ago

    great talkshaw under...:-)


    donno how much real musician moves here in between the 1.370.000 members but there aren't much groovy kings as you...incredible rock, metal, chill, fusion, electro mix from you...the main riff is like a dump...tones of bricks...'beautiful' moment from the history of the loopey...
    Like this track very much and I will take too many listenings still...

    Handshake and thanx for the upload, Danke

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Hi Danke.

    Good to hear you liked this one as I think it has an unusual sound.

    "there aren't much groovy kings as you"

    Yes - you know I love a great groove. I'm also quite a slave to the groove as I'm not really able to play anything good on my instruments if I don't have a good groove to play along to.

    "the main riff is like a dump...tones of bricks"

    Yes - that's me putting the cello through the main heavy setting I use for guitar and then using the bow in a grooving, bouncing sort of way. That cello playing technique is called 'spiccato'.

    "rock, metal, chill, fusion, electro"

    Yes - lots of genres here. I can't help having a bit of chill, even when it's a heavy track. I use the chill sections as a break from the heavy stuff.

    Thanks again.

  15. TinyFinger
    TinyFinger on Tue 24th May 2016 - 4 years ago


    Reply by StaticNomad

    In word.

  16. TinyFinger
    TinyFinger on Tue 24th May 2016 - 4 years ago

    Hi. Nice. This doing real man.

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Thanks. I am a doing real kind of man.

    And sometimes unreal, just for balance.

  17. TinyFinger
    TinyFinger on Tue 24th May 2016 - 4 years ago

    Hi. Nice. This doing right man.

    Reply by StaticNomad

    Thanks. I am a doing right kind of man.

    And sometimes wrong, just for balance.

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Update: 2017.jun.19: fixed some minor bug in drums.
Applied loops (fully or partially):
POKERFACE06: 1468951-0083117 (Ryan Deshawn - And We Have Lift Off),
THECOSMICEFFECT: 1772500-0095842(808 Mafia Siren FX),
WCKD: 1718863-0091433 (Experimental Neuro Trap Drop Buildup),
BEYODPEACE: 0848088-0064971 (Progressive Space FX),
DJERC7: 0251397-0017658 (rat attack),
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AGP: 0783771-0053724 (Dance of the Angels),
YAPPY: 1172494-0084402 (Cracking the code drum 95bpm),
DRMISTERSIR: 0208341-0082686 (4 those of us x2),
SOVEREIGNKONCEPTZ: 0213464-0061626 (Flavored Drums - SK),
FLOWCAPN: 0691889-0053353 (Heavy Rave Drums and Bass),
JEFFBOCK: 0744903-0065519 (oldschool acid break-135bpm),
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UPDATE - 20th Apr 2017...Not anymore..-:)

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Description : happy new year to all the looperman community!

here my last track! i wrote several tracks since my last passage in this place, i all published them on my soundcloud

Can follow me in this place here:

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Description : A fat groove journey incorporating hip hop, jazz, rock and more. Chilled out and rocking, with some big riffs and basslines. The main instruments are saxophone, piano and cello plus some resonator guitar and banjo. Sax is the only instrument not played by me as the parts here were contributed a few years ago by a guy I know. Anything that sounds like distorted guitar is actually distorted cello. Loads of that, including solos, in the second half. No electric guitar or bass guitar. Not much synth work but there are two synth basses and an organ. Otherwise, it's quite an acoustic "played instruments" kind of sound. Lots of drums, including loops, multiple programmed acoustic kits and drum hits. I know Radiohead have an excellent song called Everything In Its Right Place but I still like my title and there's a story behind it (nothing to do with music). Interesting feedback appreciated. Do you have any favourite or least favourite sections? Details are appreciated...

Description : A while ago Danke posted this track, I can't link you to it
because he took it down, he likes keeping his page clean
and simple...Cool by me...
Anyway I added a Bass, in the Bridge and 2 Guitars to the
track, keeping it as simple as possible. with a little Guitar Rock Space with the Bass and Funk with the Guitar jump...
Now if someone has something to say, with a voice
big enough to ride this Monster...Do your Thing...
Send us a link to hear it...

Having fun...Hope you all like it...


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Description : Real guitars and basses played by me. A short, yet tasty bit of MIDI piano and cello with about 7 programmed drum kits and a few drum loops. It's really a metric shit-ton of layered guitars and different textures. This track, sadly, is also a "Goodbye" to my little Acoustic 3/4 Fender Squier. I've been serving as a pawn-shop for my sister-in-law for about 4 years. Not a guitar you'd seek out, but it's been a friend and has been in most of my tracks. The bright side is, I will be replacing it with something better, and full sized. Acoustic guitar suggestions are as welcome as track comments!

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