7th Oct 2017 13:34 - 6 years ago
Tags :
Description : 85 BPM deep groove track made up of lots of acoustic sounds, especially leftover resonator guitar parts from older tracks. Very busy layering of mostly piano, guitar and cello. Also one trippy, reversed synth sound. Electric guitar, resonator guitar, three pianos, cello, timestretched guitar parts, bass guitar, synth bass, drum loops and a few programmed acoustic kits. One detuned slide guitar part sounds more like dirty bass. Far out, dark and mystical, with a hip hop drum vibe and lots of textural ambience. Maybe this is trip hop - I'm not sure as I think it's pretty hard to categorise. A lot of work went into it so let me know what you think. Interesting feedback appreciated...

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If you have time take a listen and give StaticNomad some feedback.

Evisma 29th Oct 2017 23:11 - 6 years ago
A rather epic intro, with piano and what sounds like bowing. Nice smacling drums enter and add some attitude. Old guitar playing? I'm guessing because you've mentioned not playing for a bit.

You are becoming more fluent-sounding with the cello. Huge improvements in sound quality.

Lots of little extras here. Editing flourishes I never tried to get good at.

Pretty laid-back and again, good fishing music. Good hammock music.

Good stuff. No rockin, but that's alright. It all sounded good.

Evan, chasing trails of smoke and reason.
StaticNomad replied 5th Nov 2017 - 6 years ago

I wish the intro was a bit more epic. I tried adding more reverb to make things bigger and more powerful after 0:23, when bowed cello and second, heavily delayed piano enter. But it didn't work.

"smacling drums"

I love a bit of smacling. Very tasty as a dessert.

"drums enter and add some attitude."

Yes but surely they're not really your type of drums? More like hip hop.

"Huge improvements in sound quality."

Are you saying that my older cello recordings don't sound (as) good? I'm pretty sure I'm using exactly the same setup. I've been, to some extent, a bit unadventurous with my cello recorded sound in the last 18 months and generally just use the same multi effects patch for recording it.

"Lots of little extras here."

Find me a Nomad track without any!

"Editing flourishes I never tried to get good at."

But you still could though one big difference between my music and yours is that I'm all about micro sculpting of the track as that's partly my composition technique. You're more trying to write live band music. I sculpt and shape and obsessively edit and that's partly how new ideas are formed.

"Old guitar playing?"

Yes - everything except the electric guitar part starting 1:09. It really pleases me to reuse old, leftover parts. There's quite a skill to doing it.

"No rockin, but that's alright."

I disagree. How about 1:42-2:04? The track goes up and powerful there, with three cello layers and rockier drums.

"Good hammock music."

Yes, especially if you're lying back smoking weed.

"It all sounded good."

Thanks. I put a lot of careful, patient work into making this. So many interesting sounds to trim and arrange.

Unlimited Nomad, blue as our new second sun.
theHumps 21st Oct 2017 13:13 - 6 years ago
Donovan would call you "Mello Cello".

Neat track. Mix sounds pretty clear, sounded good. Kept stopping during playback, not sure why, my internet connection, site updates, i dunno. Good trippy stoner he Like others mentioned I liked the piano intro too, nice buildup. Familiar style and instrument choices that separates your music from others.

Good music to listen to when I do a painting to or a chore, rhythmic and abstract and interesting to let the mind wander. World music sorta, kinda, a bit...


StaticNomad replied 25th Oct 2017 - 6 years ago

Donovan? You mean the 60s acoustic guitar pop music guy? I've barely heard any music he's made but have a feeling I wouldn't like it.

Mix took ages on this, as usual. So much stuff to trim and work into place.

Interrupted playback is rather unfortunate for you. Try listening again with a fully working connection.

"Good trippy stoner music"

I agree. Kind of dark and far out. Maybe a little like world music. It's got some edge and mystical elements that are hard to place. A slightly unsettling vibe but all held together by tight, fat grooves.

"instrument choices that separates your music from others."

That's always the idea - to do something that no one else is doing. That's always my aim but it doesn't always work out.

Thanks again.
mrwolf14 17th Oct 2017 15:00 - 6 years ago
Hi MrNomad,
Long time no see (if I may say so...) but that's on me.

The track... this is probably my favorite Nomad's track ever.
Why? First of all I really enjoy the slow pace: 85bpm seem perfect to let you put several layers one on top of each other, still letting the single parts breathe. I am not missing any "acceleration" in the song: it is steady and constant and I like it so. Perfect I dare to say.

I can also enjoy what very closely resemble a "bass solo" towards the end of the song. I know that it's no bass, but it sounds like one. So thumbs up.

Very limited use of synthesized textures. I also enjoyed this a lot.
In these days of electronic music, I find always interesting to hear something that appears to be "real" (even if we know that is not, our ears still believe it is).

And ... last but not least: the title.
I find it very catchy and it fits the song well: this is about "exploration" and only who explores the world around can discover his own limits. Or at least that's what I like to think ;-)

Take care, Domenico

PS: I did not mention the superb production, all sounds at the right place. But somebody else did it for me, so I can put this comment in a post-scriptum. Not really relevant.
StaticNomad replied 17th Oct 2017 - 6 years ago
Hola, senor lobo.

Yes, long time no see. Where have you been? Probably making music with your band. I've mostly been making cello-based music for the last 18 months. Much less guitar playing so I'm actually pretty shit at it now and rarely pick the instrument up. Cello is my main instrument now.

Great to hear you loved this one so much though I think I have many better tracks.

Yes, 85BPM is a great slow-mid tempo for me to groove over and let the track have space and feeling.

"a "bass solo" towards the end"

There is bass guitar in the track. Towards the end it gets busier eg from 5:40. My detuned slide guitar starting 3:23 also sounds a bit like bass, I think.

Yes, not much synth here but there is a cool, lead reversed synth 3:01-3:23. It's a very acoustic-sounding track because of the use of so many leftover resonator guitar parts. And newly played piano and cello.

The title is whatever you want it to mean but it's kind of a joke and kind of about me and my many limits (as a musician, as a human being etc).

"only who explores the world around can discover his own limits."

I like that interpretation but it could also be a jokey insult to someone. So, saying someone has many limits could be seen as a way of saying they're not very good at anything. But we all have lots of limits. Perhaps a limit in every area of our lives. How much good music can I make? I don't know but I'm sure there's a limit. Can I go beyond it. Who knows...

"I find it very catchy"

Yes, probably because of the alliteration - the 'm's in 'man' and 'many'.

Yes, I like the production here. It took a long time and lots of careful listening and correcting and trimming of audio parts. It's a really sample-heavy track but the samples are all my own playing.

Thanks very much again!
toastedavalanche 13th Oct 2017 17:57 - 6 years ago
If David Lynch made a dark, Hyper-stylised Western movie, this is the soundtrack it would have. Not only is there a highly sophisticated arrangement to all the different instruments, there is also a ruff yet enticing texture to the sounds you've used. It is at once dreamy and unnerving. I could listen to this all day.

StaticNomad replied 14th Oct 2017 - 6 years ago
Greetings, my man of many toasts.

I'm not a fan of Lynch films but I think you're right that this track might suit some sort of film made by him. There's a weird and beautiful vibe to it, with the second half getting darker and weirder. The drumless intro has more beauty and no weirdness, I think.

"a highly sophisticated arrangement to all the different instruments"

Thanks. There needs to be so that nothing is interfering too much with anything else. It's quite a mad soup of sounds so careful mixing was required to stop things getting too messy. A bit messy is OK - it can add vibe and grit.

I agree with "dreamy and unnerving".

You know I tend to go for the far out and beautiful but I would like to do more very acoustic sounding stuff. Combining that earthiness with more far out sounds is a deep, powerful mix. A bit like a didgeridoo - both very earthy and far out at the same time. Slide guitar can be a lot like that too - lower notes are earthy and higher notes are ethereal.

"I could listen to this all day."

Excellent. Feel free to do so. Every day.

Thanks again.

Static ToastMad
Neomorpheus 11th Oct 2017 02:43 - 6 years ago
Man I feel like I just popped a handful of tranks after listening to this one bro! That candy crusher groove is like pure barbituates, without the harmful side effects. I dig the slow guitar there at 3:33, is that the time stretched part? Super tight production wise as are all of your tracks. Nice blend of various strings that together forms a pretty heavy psychedelic cacophony. Very groovy tune. Perfect head shop music!
StaticNomad replied 16th Oct 2017 - 6 years ago
So sorry for my slow reply.

But you probably needed a while to get over the trippiness of this track. Have you come back down from your tranquiliser trip yet?

I have a vague idea what a candy crusher groove might be but I can't find any info on where the term is from. If I google it, I just get links to that Candy Crush game.

"3:33, is that the time stretched part?"

No, that's just detuned slide guitar. I think I took it down one octave in the computer to make it more like a bass.

Timestretched guitar is very ethereal and shimmering here and can be heard at 5:51 to the end. Strange textures that sound nothing like a guitar.

"Super tight production wise as are all of your tracks."

Thanks. I'm pretty good at it these days though it still takes a while to get everything nice and tight. Lots of mixing work and trimming of so many bits. Especially audio here - all those guitar snippets.

This is indeed a pretty heavy psychedelic cacophony. Hopefully with some clarity and not too much cacophony.

"Perfect head shop music!"

I haven't been inside one in years but, yes, they should all put this on their soundtrack.On repeat.

Thanks again.

Unlimited Static
Indieground 10th Oct 2017 18:47 - 6 years ago
Really nicely done mate
I really like when all those sounds came and goes like that
I bet it it took you some hours to finished this track
Really cool ambiance
StaticNomad replied 12th Oct 2017 - 6 years ago
Thanks very much.

"I really like when all those sounds came and goes like that"

Yes, there are loads of sounds constantly entering and leaving. There's always something new to pay attention to. And often there are multiple new things at the same time. So hopefully lots of things to look out for when you listen again.

"I bet it it took you some hours to finished this track"

It certainly did though that's the same with all my tracks. I find I can keep improving things by making constant small improvements. That way I make highly detailed work that hopefully flows in a pleasing way. I'm mixing and drawing automation lines all the time. I don't record stuff and then mix at the end. I don't really understand that way of doing things.

"Really cool ambiance"

I think it has quite a dark, acoustic vibe to it. No pad sounds used and not much synth. I'd like to do more acoustic-sounding stuff.

Thanks again.
Nodog 10th Oct 2017 09:49 - 6 years ago
Love the intro and the acoustic vibe also that slide guitar is amazing dirty and very effective thats a first for me never thought of that before slide being a hard instrument to pin down accurately but you have that well handled my friend. The arrangement works very well nice steady drum line too slightly ominous vibe to it which i really dig. You have created a super track here to be proud of faved . Best regards Robbie.
StaticNomad replied 12th Oct 2017 - 6 years ago

As simple as that initial piano intro sounds, I fiddled about with it for ages, trying to get the velocity and timing of the notes right and so on. Then that lone piano gets joined by another, heavily delayed piano and a cello part. Then the drums arrive and we're into the proper track.

"that slide guitar is amazing dirty and very effective"

I've used slide resonator guitar in so many different types of track. I still have quite a few on here. Try this one out:

Right Place Wrong Century

or this one:

Honey Mango Heaven

But I rarely play slide anymore. Or even just regular guitar, which I'm a bit ashamed to say. Nearly all the guitar parts in this are recycled parts from leftover bits from other tracks recorded in the last few years. I'm good at making good use of old, leftover material when I'm not sure what the hell to do or where a current track should go.

"slightly ominous vibe to it which i really dig."

I agree. It gets darker in the second half. Kind of dark trippy. A bit druggy, perhaps.

Thanks for the feedback.

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