17th Oct 2014 11:46 - 9 years ago
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Description : Yet another lengthy psychedelic epic by me, though I'd say they're all quite different. This one has more of a focus on electronic dance music and funk but is based around programmed acoustic drums, bass guitar and electric guitar. Also Rebirth 303 loops I made over ten years ago plus various synth leads, pads, basses, arps and glitch effects. Most of the bass is bass guitar and there's even some slap bass! Fairly uptempo but also chilled out though it builds and goes pretty heavy towards the end, featuring crazy lead distorted synth soloing backed up by some pumping guitar riffs and crashing metal drum kits. I do like this but it's not as good as its sister track Lord Of Misrule Let me know what you think, what you'd change etc. I hope you have a fun journey through this constantly shifting sonic landscape...

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mrwolf14 28th Nov 2014 16:08 - 9 years ago
Hi MrNomad,
After a long break I come back to Looperman and I don't find any new MrNomad's song in the featured tracklist. Toobad!
So I had to dig into the track section of your account...and I found something.
Here my humble comment...

wonderful intro; liked the guitar sound a lot
nice bass line in the section starting from ~40", I don't like too much the bass sound but the line is catchy and "sexy". Funky?
The "cure-ish" guitar at 2:00 is a little gem: this is the characteristic that I like the most in your music: you throw in a gozzillion of these little brilliant phrases in your tracks and you never indulge "too much" in repeating them.
...some bass slap notes ~3:00, cute :-)
Around 3:20 we get psychedelic once more.
"Alien sounds" at 3:30: I don't know what this is but sounds good (and strange).
Unexpected change at 5:00 ... maybe a bit disappointing for me. Not your best section, but still good enough for me to listen through it.
And then ...synth arpeggios, lots of them: not my cup of tea but I liked it.
Approaching 7:00 we have "epic strings" bringing the mood more into known ground.
Some ol'good dist guitars at 7:30 ... liked it.
The track raises up ... are we approaching the end?
Lasers...dist, these nasty guitars have kicked away the poor bass...
Very good "riffing" in the last section (from 9:00) ... and finally the end.

Overall: I enjoyed this song.
I expect I will come back to looperman to listen it again later.
You are an excellent musician MrNomad.
Ciao, Domenico
StaticNomad replied 3rd Dec 2014 - 9 years ago
Hello. Thanks for searching for new tracks from me (like a proper fan). It's true that I haven't uploaded a new one in ages (about 6 weeks) but I have a new one now (Bright Side Of The Sun) and here are two others you may have missed that I suspect you'll like:


3,000 Miles Of Funk

Anyway, Opioid:

Yes, clean funky autowah guitar sound that I should use more.

0:40 some sort of synth bass part made many years ago with my Korg Z1 that I've used in a few tracks (the exact same part!). I love that sound.

""cure-ish" guitar at 2:00"

I had no idea that sounded like The Cure. I'm not a fan but I have heard a fair bit of their music over the years. I respect more than like them (not keen on Robert Smith's vocal style).

Yes, one of the major highlights of my music in general is just how many short little interesting bits pop here and there. I really do try hard to reuse these parts and make the most of them but sometimes it's best to hear them only briefly. Sometimes it's more memorable.

I very rarely do any slap bass but used to a lot more in my teenage years (I started out as a bass player). The slap here was probably played in about 2002 though there is also some in my new funk track Bright Side Of The Sun.

""Alien sounds" at 3:30"

Lead Korg Z1 synth part that is indeed quite alien (see Evisma's description). I should use that sound more often.

Sorry you didn't like the change at 5:00. I do. That'd where the track changes direction and becomes more acid synth. I guess you're not so into 303 stuff. That's more for people like Crucethus and other dance music lovers. Me too but it has to be done right (most of it I find quite boring and unimaginative).

You also don't like the synth arps eg 6:31. Probably because it's over more of the synth dance stuff. I know you prefer the rock/funk/guitar stuff. That's OK.

Yes, 7:00 epic strings - very powerful and bassy Korg Z1 sound.

7:29 not distorted guitar but an earlier funk bass guitar part (eg 2:15) put through one software amp. Classic example of me reusing parts. This time it's hard to recognise it from before.


No lasers here! Must be some of the crazy distorted, delayed lead synth parts arriving on 7:47.

8:07 I love that weird melody.

Finally some heavy guitar comes in on 8:26. Before it was just bass g, drums and synth.

9:43 I'm really pleased with the beauty of that guitar part (and drums). Like a whole new track but also a calm ending.

Thanks again for all the praise...
Tumbleweed 11th Nov 2014 21:55 - 9 years ago
you know I love guitar Static...but the bass work in this one really grabbed my attention..I picked up bass in the 60s (influenced mainly by Chas of The Animals) & played a few years with my Brothers band when I wasn`t making a noise with my own group...always loved that walking around melodic bass style & you have loads of it going on here...the length does indeed make it a bit epic but you seem to use good glue to make it flow through the changes well..that little drop that starts around 5:10 is a fav is the whole funky vibe of the track...must say I enjoyed the music big time..and that is of course always a metter of taste....I wont comment on the mix detail as I try to do so when I might be able to offer a suggestion on how someone could do what they are trying better/more effectively...not sure when I could do that here...its your music Static...and even though I seldom listen to real lengthy do it well.......Ed
StaticNomad replied 17th Nov 2014 - 9 years ago
Hi. Sorry for slow reply.

Lots of audio and synth parts in this were made way back around 2002. One of many projects sitting on successive hard drives waiting to be completed as I go through software updates, new gear and techniques and the eventual return to the desire to begin working on them again.

The best bass playing that you're talking about is all from all those years ago. Some fun funk there, for sure.

I actually started out as a bass player in my teenage years but became much more of a guitarist after about 5 years and that's my main skill these days. I don't play bass often though I also often go a week or two without recording (perhaps even picking up) any of my guitars.

5:10 I thought that section might be one of the weaker ones here. It's definitely quite a change from what's preceded it.

Here's a much more recent funk track containing quite a bit of bass guitar.

And I'm trying to complete a new epic that is probably my greatest ever funk track. Lots of bass guitar in that one too. It's called Bright Side Of The Sun and is coming soonish to The Loop.

P.S. Anyone's free to make suggestions about my stuff. So much going on that I totally appreciate all the other ways that it could have been done. Or could still be done! I do occasionally go back and change things based on/inspired by people's suggestions or criticism.
Spivkurl 8th Nov 2014 15:51 - 9 years ago
Hey, this is a pretty sweet one, and probably one of my favorites from you. I was enjoying the guitar and bass grooves very much. Also I like the title. Some interesting drum styles in this one as well, and I got into the high hat work in parts. I guess I expected more potent or prominent 303 lines in this, maybe they were just heavily processed. I have quite a few rebirth loops that I made around this time as well, and sometimes it's fun to dig them out... it had a signature sound, though mostly of late I enjoy making acid sort of sounds with other synths or samples for a bit of a challenge. I think I like the first half of this track the most, as towards the later sections it seemed like all of the tracks got louder and fought for space in the mix... it seemed a bit tiring on the ears in the last couple of minutes. One thing I like about your tracks is reading other peoples' comments, as I think your songs tend to expose a listeners deepest preferences when it comes to music. Reading through that sort of thing whilst listening to one of your epics is quite fun. You did great work on this one! Fav'd!
StaticNomad replied 12th Nov 2014 - 9 years ago
Word up, Spiv.

I recommended it to you cos I suspected you’d like it. It’s also a particular favourite of a friend who listens to a lot of extreme metal but he liked the end heavier section much more than you did. He thought that was one of my finest ever live band-sounding sections. I think I have many others just as good but I can’t say if he’s heard all of them (probably not).

I’ve listened back hard and still think you can hear each instrument pretty well in those heavy bits. It is supposed to loud and a bit dirty. I will check back but maybe the problem is the string pad in there that is very bassy (but also doing a good supporting role).

“Some interesting drum styles in this one”

I was slightly surprised at how good the heavy rock kits I used a lot of the time didn’t sound that heavy as the first half is pretty chilled out but driven by those kits. There’s a certain amount of extra drums and percussion eg a timbale sound as well as the pitch swept hi hat part you get right as the drums first enter.

“I expected more potent or prominent 303 lines in this”

Sorry I couldn’t manage that. What’s there is all I decided to go with, especially as I had a load of other synth, guitar and bass parts to work with. Hard to say if it needs more 303. If you’re well into acid, no doubt that’s just what it needs. Metallers will probably want more heavy stuff introduced earlier.

“I was enjoying the guitar and bass grooves very much”

Most of those parts were played a long time ago, quite a few back in 2002. I only resurrected the project this year.

“I think your songs tend to expose a listeners deepest preferences when it comes to music”

Yes – there’s so much going on in my tracks that people will pick out what appeals most to them, which is something I get slightly familiar with after a while. I’m always happy to hear what really stood out to people. It’s sort of my job to make everything and nothing stand out ie all parts to be equally as good as each other, hard as that is to achieve.

Glad you enjoy reading the comments. I write far more than most people but it is my music so not surprising I have more to say about it than most people.

Thanks again.

A big fat funk epic called Bright Side of The Sun is coming soon.
theHumps 29th Oct 2014 14:35 - 9 years ago
Well, another epic trip to the back of my mind, lol. I dig it, some great changes, cool electronic stuff to mix things up a bit and a really great clean mix.

I can't think of what the intro sounds like but it reminds me of something I've heard before. I thought it is a cool way to start it off. The bass was particularly fun to listen to, lots to make the rhythm interesting. Jaco Pastorius always taught to learn the melodies to songs on the bass. To me it makes for more interesting bass lines.

At 4:50 the drums seem to expand and get noticeably louder, was that on purpose? i liked the guitar change about 5:50 where it gets like a disco guitar, lol, it's a nice change.

Lot's of good feedback on this one, well done, you did a great job on this piece!

StaticNomad replied 30th Oct 2014 - 9 years ago
Greetings and welcome back after a while.

Yes, I'm not quite sure what that intro guitar sounds like. Probably many things! It's simple notes but I think it's all about the groove and the autowah tone. I like that and don't use it enough.

I don't actually have that many guitar intros in my stuff, especially considering how uch guitar there is in my tracks. There are certain lazy reasons for that that I won't go into now.

I'm not qute sure if you're saying that Jaco Pastorius WAS "always taught to learn the melodies to songs on the bass" ie he learned the main melodies of the song on bass so he could play them back? I only sort of do that. Maybe you're saying here that I seem to be playing other melodies in the track on the bass. Maybe though I'm terrible at learning parts and copying other melodies.

Yes, 4:50 new fat beat is supposed to be louder to give the track a lift as it kicks into that fat new kind of hip hop beat. Maybe you think it's too loud. Maybe it is. I will consider that when I go back and make finishing touches.

"guitar change about 5:50 where it gets like a disco guitar"

I never before thought of it as a disco guitar but I think you might be right. I thought of it as reggae and kind of backed it up that way with the drum groove. Even though the drum kit is partly a hard rock/metal one.

Thanks for the feedback. Some deep funk coming in the next couple of weeks.

Oh, and if you want some more funk basslines; while you were away I did a track that I actually stuck in the Funk category. I'd say it's pretty damn funky. And rocking when I switch things up halfway through. And it's only about 8 mins. Like a neat little pop song! Enjoy...

3,000 Miles Of Funk
kdlucas 27th Oct 2014 22:42 - 9 years ago
This track had some pretty cool concepts in it. I liked the beat and the guitar parts. You might enhance it by shortening the song, and maybe less synths and more analog instruments in their place. In general you have a very sweet idea for the basis of this song.
StaticNomad replied 29th Oct 2014 - 9 years ago
Thanks for checking it out and the thoughts.

“You might enhance it by shortening the song”

This is a complicated subject for me. I tend to make very long, epic tracks that are progressive journeys through sound and a mix of genres. Average length is probably about 10 mins and I even go up to about 17.

In the last year I have had some success in making some shorter tracks ( 4-7 mins) but I just can’t help doing the lengthier stuff. Sometimes I enjoy chopping the end off and turning it into a new track when I can see that the track is likely to be 15+ mins. But if it’s only 10-12 mins, I tend not to split it in two.

“less synths and more analog instruments in their place”

Hard to know what to say about that. There’s quite a bit of guitar and bass in the track and I have many tracks with a hell of a lot more guitar. I also have tracks with no guitar (pure electro). I like the range of synths in this one and I think the 303 stuff is a fun surprise. Maybe you don’t really like synth sounds?

If you want to hear much shorter chillout shuffle blues with more guitar try this:

or heavier and with loads of guitar and much less synth try these:


I also have many tracks containing banjo though never in a country/bluegrass style. Check this one out:

Those should keep you going for a while.

Thanks for listening.
promenade2239 27th Oct 2014 22:08 - 9 years ago
hey, I listened many times again but couldn't write so fast as the track goes on of course and put accurately my thoughts into the en lish words. Anyway perfect intro - lower guitar and bass sampled from your playing and looped so nicely. Fine a little bit of a reggae-style drums used there (?) Lower (?) guitar combined with some synth at the end of the intro. After the intro and the first part starting from about 0:30 (3 x 4bars) comes my favourite section(!): excellent guitar playing (0:59 - 1:36 - 4x4 bars section this time). But still you manipulate so many elements of your musical language that I find it just great but really hard to comment at the same time! I agree with Phyruis comment on finding some some different (more realistic?) drums. I mean maybe getting some basic and natural (acoustic?) 'richness' instead of keeping them so 'compressed' throughout. But it is only my projection on what he actually said cause I preffer acoustic drums.
Still the beautiful background pad from about 4:00 is keeping my attention. Reminds me of 'Seascape' by Robert Rich:

I really enjoyed listening again. Alex
StaticNomad replied 29th Oct 2014 - 9 years ago
Hello again.

Yes, my tracks contain so many elements that it’s difficult to mention even half of them in a review. But that’s OK – you don’t have to. There are probably at least 5 or 6 different things going on in most sections though I do, of course, sometimes strip things back and make them simpler and more powerful. Hey, I like layers! I’d actually like to incorporate many more layers though it’s always important not to crowd the mix too much.

I like to think I make music containing so many elements that you can listen again and again and find new small layers and parts and understand in new ways how all the layers interact with each other.

“a little bit of a reggae-style drums”

Yes, I think you mean the timbale sound. That’s just a single hit sampled from my old Boss drum machine. I would like to use more of that kind of sound but I need more than just a single sample to work with.

I can understand why you have chosen 0:59 - 1:36 as your favourite section. I’m not sure I have a favourite section in this track but then I’m not really supposed to have one. As the composer/player/producer, I feel I have to try to make every section as good as every other. That’s the aim but it’s always very hard to do. I guess some sections can’t be quite as good as others.

“finding some some different (more realistic?) drums”

Well, I use EZ and Superior kits in most of my tracks as well various drum loops. There are no drum loops in this track though there are some sampled single shot hits eg the pitchshifted hat in the intro. I’m not sure my drums are very compressed in this track. But then I don’t really understand compression and use it as little as possible. Maybe they are compressed, I’m not sure.

I do like acoustic drums but also many other types of electronic sound. I only care about things sounding right in the track so don’t mind mixing different types of acoustic kits with processed electronic drum sounds.

“the beautiful background pad from about 4:00 is keeping my attention”

Yes, I have two pads around that section playing the same thing. Lovely, evolving sounds. I know of Robert Rich, who mostly (I think) does big ambient music.

Glad you enjoyed listening again.
DanceDemagogue 25th Oct 2014 19:03 - 9 years ago
Great track. Love the mayhem ;)
StaticNomad replied 25th Oct 2014 - 9 years ago

Love The Mayhem is now a possible album title.

Probably for a collection of some of my heavier rather than chillout/jazz/funk tracks.
Evisma 25th Oct 2014 04:38 - 9 years ago
Quacky intro with very cool hi-hat/cicada sounds. Slidey bass is very nice, though I, (of course) would like to hear it louder.

Guitar tone at 0:59 is shiny, crystalline and delicate sounding. Followed by your brand of riffery, with some slappy-ish poppy bass in there. Very nice.

Whatever you start doing at 3:25 is too friggin neat. Sounds like an exclamation from the coolest frog at the bonfire.

Not too big on the spots where it sounds like a record being manipulated. Personal preference.

6:23 brings on a new beast here. Atmospheric as fuck! Caught in a very slow tornado.

I do like the revisited, resaturated bass line. Sounds new and like more of a progression than a recycled riff.

8:40 - 8:43 is the most awesome sound I've ever heard from you. Eargasmic.

10:20 and it seems to have fit on this site without marring. Intentional or no?

I do like it,(hard to dislike your more active stuff), but like I said, the record sounding stops and starts was the only thing I was not a fan of, but it's like the piano in my last track, only the composer needs to be happy.
StaticNomad replied 25th Oct 2014 - 9 years ago
Yo. You did as you said and have indeed checked out my Opioid. Next you'll have to check out my haemorrhoid. Just a joke (horrible word to have to spell, had to look it up to be sure).

Good point abut the cicada sounds. That synth part does indeed sound like that. I have actual cicada recordings from my garden in Kazakhstan from about 2001 that were stuck in a track I never finished. If I could open up the old project files, I'd finish it ( a whole load of old ones are in that same "frozen" state).

Yeah, I used to be well into slap bass as a teenager but don't care so much for it these days* and hardly dare try doing it because it would wreck thumb and fingers (gotta practise that to toughen the slapping hand up).

The Coolest Frog At The Bonfire is a potential track title (though I also have the still unused The Frog Has Landed) and a good description of that 3:25 lead. Notice how it fades into the background as the spacey pads take over.

You no liking record scratches. You will if you become a cool "west-side" baggy pant dubstep DJ.
6:23 new tornado beast is quite powerful. Notice how I use metal drumkits with dance music elements throughout the track to make things more badass.

Yeah, it's surprisingly cool how much of a change adding distortion made to that recycled bassline. I bet most people wouldn't know it was recycled or even a bassline. They'll just hear it as guitar.

Yes, 8:40 the lead crazy synth is rising up to take us out to the transition. Gotta make it big and ballsy. I'm pleased with all that distorted, delayed synth work (7:47-8:50) that sounds kind of like metal shredding.

Yes, this one actually fits on the site! The site has influenced me to make stuff that's under 11 mins as I can fit 10:55 at 128K.

I still might make the final end delayed guitar outro drone on for longer (maybe 15 secs) with some more massive delay.

Regarding sounds you don't like (record scratch): maybe one way to see it is that because I use so many sounds, it's inevitable that some people won't like some though I guess some people will like all of them all. Others may hate all of them. But they can go eat a bowl of dicks.

I'm currently working on a cool electro funk track as well as a triplet/shuffle badass mean motor scooter slide blues grunge one.

* But you've gotta see Stanley Clarke play slap on an acoustic double bass. Badass aggressive shit that I saw live in New Orleans last year.
Phyruis 24th Oct 2014 13:44 - 9 years ago
some very nice ideas in this one... I have to say at over 10 mins it has the feel of self-indulgence kinda like a Pink Floyd or a yes track ya know?

the funk elements are there throughout which reminded me with that bass of level 42... I suppose if the track is invoking ideas of great bands then it has worked...

I would have layered up those kicks and snares on separate tracks and EQed the balls outof them to get them to snap and pop more ...

and maybe created a sub track for that bass so if your on a good system you can feel it as well as hear it...

nice track never the less..strong and funky

keep 'em coming brother
StaticNomad replied 24th Oct 2014 - 9 years ago
Thanks for checking out my funky strength.

Regarding it being self-indulgent - that's a topic I could write a great deal about. Technically, everything I do is self-indulgent as it's just me exploring sounds and riffs in long format structures with no commercial aim, no proper song, no choruses or verses or whatever and it's not pumping dance music so not something you can just dance to and get lost in.

Maybe you just mean it's very long. Maybe you don't really like long stuff. I do and have many tracks quite a bit longer - even up to 17 mins (10 mins is about my average). I have been trying hard to cut them down in the last year, with some definite success. I've uploaded a good few shorter ones this year (eg Rainbowcatcher) but also this 4 min chillout blues piece or this far out pure electro sort of dance track

Maybe my stuff's like a much more modern Pink Floyd or Yes or Ozric Tentacles. Hard to say as it takes in so many styles and I like to think every track is markedly different from every other.

I'd say the only Level 42 bass bit is the short slap part (damn, Mark King was/is really into that!) but maybe some other basslines too as I haven't listened to them in many years and was never really into them anyway.
You want more snap and pop from the kicks and snares? OK, I'll have a think about that. You may be right.

And I think you want more sub bass. Again, could be good though I sometimes find if I have too much, it muddies the low end. I like lots of low end but I sometimes fail to get it to sound good so I hold back on it. If you want some fat low end sub bass, try this grooving epic as I believe it qualifies:

Thanks for the suggestions.
RealProblemShuckers 20th Oct 2014 10:25 - 9 years ago
Hi, Static!

I have to say again I'm impressed with your work. The way the song flows throughout is a great feature, definitely keep that up.

The funk elements are the ones that quite stand out for me. Its a great mix of funk, electro and rock that keeps this track alive and not boring. It's also very clear that you put alot of effort into this, so kudos for that. You earn a fave from me :)

StaticNomad replied 20th Oct 2014 - 9 years ago
Cool, man. I try to make as many parts as possible stand out, if you know what I mean. That's why stuff tends to get so extended: if I come up with something good, I want it to come to the fore rather than just be buried.

I try not to crowd the mix (unless it's as an intense effect) so for everything to be heard, I find I have to just have more sections and then let different parts take over.

I can totally see why the funk (basslines) here would stand out for anyone. I guess club/dance/acid music types would find the 303 parts stand out for them.

I'm not really sure what stands out for me in the track. But I'm not really supposed to have favourite parts. What I mean is that I try to make everything equally awesome so if it's not then it needs to be removed. Or I tend to find a way to eventually make it awesome, sometimes after a lot of thought away from the studio. That's why I do indeed have to put a lot of effort into what I do.

It's not simple working with so many parts and trying to make music that doesn't really fit into any genre and which has the ability to surprise me.

I still do that all the time. I never really know what I'm going to get with all the experimentation that I do. And that's why my tracks sort of have no easily definable structure. They just keep going, with all sorts of peaks and troughs and chilled bits and heavy bits and slow bits and fast bits and funky bits and so on.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Oh, and if you want a bit more funk, I recently did a track that I actually stuck in the Funk category. Unsurprisingly, I'd say it's pretty damn funky. And rocking when I switch things up halfway through. And it's only about 8 mins! Enjoy...

3,000 Miles Of Funk
Neomorpheus 20th Oct 2014 02:57 - 9 years ago
Wow this is one very dope track. You are truly a master of psychedelic groove my friend. Very slick intro guitar that fooled me on its line until the percussion kicked in. I always dig that ! Totally bitchen bass throughout the entirety track. You pack so much into each of your tracks its unbelievable.
I really love that vox effect on the synth there at 3:25. First time I recall hearing something like that in one of your tracks. I also really dig those spacey sounding pads starting there around 4:15. Loads of cool synthesizer layers mixed with some hard hitting distortion guitar lead there and then the nice mellowed outro, with some tasty guitar riffage to end it.
You definitely nailed it when you labeled it as a constantly shifting landscape, but that's really your signature. Theres never any boring rides with you my friend thats for sure !
Im lovin it.
StaticNomad replied 20th Oct 2014 - 9 years ago
Yo, yo, yo. Glad you got down with the dopeness.

Yes, it’s a funny little guitar intro that I have no memory of playing and you don’t know what you’re going to get until the bass and drums properly enter. And then there are some fun, funk basslines.

“You pack so much into each of your tracks its unbelievable”

I know – sometimes I think if I cut them down a lot more, they would be more memorable as there’s just too much to remember (even for me, seriously). But then you’ve always got the fun of coming back to one of mine and being transported through so many different terrains and moods and sounds. I find I can sort of rediscover many of my longer tracks when I listen to them again after not having done so for many months.

“I really love that vox effect on the synth there at 3:25”

Yeah, my oldish Korg Z1 synth there. Should use that sort of sound a bit more, perhaps. Very exciting sort of instantly arresting sound that grabs you though it can easily become a bit cheesy if you don’t get it right.

“bitchen bass throughout”

Yes – I think it’s an unusual mix of funk bass guitar and synth bass. I think people tend to stick to one or the other in a single track but I’d say that this has distinctive basslines from both.

“also really dig those spacey sounding pads starting there around 4:15.”

Yes, it’s two pads and they’re playing a melody I find quite moving. And very far out. Pure ambient groove there. You could remove the bass and drums and it would still work fine. But I’m a bass and drums/groove obsessive so I like to keep them pumping.

“Theres never any boring rides with you my friend”

I find I have to keep myself interested throughout whilst making the track and don’t dare bring a part or section back unless I present it in a new way. That way, the track is constantly moving. The trick is making the transitions feel natural. Or at least desirable.

Thanks for your thoughts and congrats on your bitchin’ new slice of spooky dubsteppery.
promenade2239 19th Oct 2014 23:56 - 9 years ago
hi, I am enjoying much your new track - the way you almost stop sometimes and then start again effortlessly. Some strange sound you introduce from about 3:14 is really psychodelic something like Osiric Tentacles would do. I like the weirdness when the pad comes in from about 4:00 - an another dimension appears then. From 4:51 it is some very nice psychodelic feel - nice synthesizers. Epic track to the end with some heavier guitars. Perfect gentle outro and perfect track! That's all I can say after the first listening. I will return for more again.

I read your reply to MAVstudio and really doubt that my comments are useful so far - sometimes your replies are far much better reviews on your own stuff than the actual comment is in fact. Since I joined this site I do not think of 'improvement' really - but it's always good to know when somenthing can be fixed and I appreciate it anyway.
I think to really progress you could simply try to do something radically different. Work in reverse or play the random notes and feel ok with it. Use odd meters or unknown exotic scales. I say this only because I am working currently on some acoustic track with the vocals and it is just amazing to me that I am really able to reach some unknown territories and play even a kind of a 'jazz ballad' for example. But I know that if I want to make significant progress I need to take some time practicing the music. This sounds ridiculously obvious and banal.
Anyway I can get to some point with listening when even 'just sounds' are perfect as they are so as long as the improvement is considered it is needed. There's no really such a thing like 'improvement' in music.
I hope it makes sense.
Very great work this time! Congratulations, Alex
StaticNomad replied 20th Oct 2014 - 9 years ago
Hello again.

Yes, the lead around 3:14 is my old Korg Z1 synthesizer – the only hardware synth I have ever owned (or used properly). I haven’t used its internal sounds for many years (almost all my synth stuff is Reason devices) but that part (and quite a few others) was recorded maybe around 2002. I can’t remember.

It was good fun playing that part and controlling the cutoff frequency using the Z1’s X-Y pad with my left hand. Great lead sound I should use again.

I only played a couple of tracks to one of the Ozric Tentacles many years ago (the flute player) and the tracks weren’t very good so I’d love to play them some of my more recent, much better music. I’m convinced the Ozrics would like them.

Yes, around 4:00 we get 2 evolving pad sounds that make the track more mysterious and give the feel that it is building to something. Which, of course, it is.

Your comments are very useful. You are easily one of the best reviewers on the site and have contributed a lot in a short time being here (as well as lots of quickly made skilful music).

“sometimes your replies are far much better reviews on your own stuff than the actual comment”

I agree. I try to write things that might be interesting to people who are really into what I do and would like to know more. Also, I use replies to express my feelings as I think it’s important to try to make sense of what you do.

One person once commented on one of my tracks: ”I'm enjoying the music and reading the comments and your answers - it's like a little booklet of musical knowledge combined for both ears and eyes.”

Yes, music is a lot about feel and being in the moment and going with the groove but there’s so much more to it than that. Sometimes you have to really think in a very organisational, strategic, sort of business world planning kind of way if you want to get better and do things you haven’t done before. So, analysing what I have done and can still do can help a lot.

You improvement suggestions are good. I only know two scales (major and minor) though I never consciously use either (or any modes, I don’t know any). I just feel all the notes and use zero music theory.

“Use odd meters”

Yes. I’ve still never done a 3/4 track so really must do that sometime. But I use triplet and shuffle grooves quite often. I have some EZ MIDI drum files of drumming in 6/8, 7/8, even 11/8 (!) so should try to use those sometime.

I also need to learn more instruments. Cello would be cool though I would want an electric cello (so I can put it through effects and don’t have to record it on microphone) but they are very expensive.

I should also learn a really unusual instrument as that would appeal to my unconventional character. More work with vocals would also add a lot to my music (and mean I don’t have to play so many riffs). So much progress to make!

Thanks again for your useful thoughts.
crucethus 19th Oct 2014 06:35 - 9 years ago
Very optimistic intro. Slides into something akin to funk but also showing shades of prog as well. Enjoying the groovy bass. 1:37 starts a bass that P-Funk would be jealous of. 2:34 has a nice drum roll than an awesome slide bass. And then some slap bass (chorused) great bass work on this one. 3.25 has this weird vox synth that I like. 4:04 I feel a transition coming on. Subtle pads growing and broadening with some nice effects. Then you tripped my brain @ 4:51 with the aceed effects, was not expecting that. nice bass stutters as well and reverse effects. 5:42 transitions us into a new sound of reggae guitars and wild synth effects and reverse percussion snares. 6:31 nice bird synth effects and then the pads get cool as well. This part at 7:01 reminds me of Roxy Music's "SAme Old Scene"
Specifically the string synths.
Some hard guitars at 7:29 with Double bass drums and a hard bass. The guitar effects are amazing in this part.
8:47 has a nice synth let down and the a guitar solo that has rhythmic qualities that stays true to the song.
Love the ending as well.

My Friend.
Best work I have heard from you.....
This was well thought out.
every minute made you think and yet enjoyable groove throughout.
mix was fantastic.
Up beat , yet I knew it was you but you were unpredictable in this tune and that was very cool. You totally through off my sense of what should come next based on my music theory experience, and what I know of your earlier works.

You deserve something....
72 virgins.....

albeit they are not young virgins.

for some reason we are running out of those.

StaticNomad replied 23rd Oct 2014 - 9 years ago
Sorry for slow reply to your fine and touching review. I'm sure I've got at least 20 tracks I prefer to this but it has grown on me since uploading. You're welcome to it as your favourite of mine. Probably 303 stuff that really sets it apart for you.

Guitar intro is optimistic (good adjective).

"1:37 starts a bass that P-Funk would be jealous of"

Maybe. I think it's the bass slides that really makes that bassline cool. Played many years ago probably to a different drum groove. The track is a combination of old setup sounds (eg Korg Z1, shit Yamaha drum machine, Rebirth 303 loops) and my newer sounds and software.

"2:34 has a nice drum roll"

I like that. Must do it a bit more.

Slap bass is something I used to play quite a bit in teenage years but no longer as I ain't in practice so it batters fingers and thumb. I started out as a bass player so used to be much better at it. But it's cool here and a nice little, brief surprise.

3:25 killer Korg Z1 lead sound. Simple notes but good movement with left hand on its X-Y pad. Some scratchy glitch FX added afterwards eg 3:53, 5:33.

The main drum kits I use in the track are hard rock/metal kits, which I find surprising as it's not a heavy track till the last few mins.

"4:51 with the aceed effects, was not expecting that"

No one ever expects the aceed. Aceed's chief weapon is surprise. Surprise and modulation. And squelch. Aceed's chief weapons are surprise, modulation and squelch.

5:42 reggae guitar. Had to add drum hits to mask the cutup nature of that guitar part. Otherwise would have sounded choppy. Couldn't manage to replay the part as I did it years ago.

6:31 good point about bird synth. It sounds just like that. 6:41 I just add distortion+reverb to make same part bigger and better.

6:51 Korg Z1 string pad. Very rich and bassy.

7:29 no guitar! Just the earlier (eg the previous bar) cool slidey bass guitar part with added plugin distortion. Saved me bothering to play a new part.

Then no guitar until pumping riffs at 8:26. The lead work is all Z1 synth soloing + massive delay n distortion starting 7:47 . Hard synth rock! 8:21 very cool.

8:45 transition OK, not great. Guitar solo to lead us into chill ending. New chill guitar 9:43. Very happy with jazzy drums behind it.

Glad I could be unpredictable for you in this one. 'Tis my aim with every track.

I look forward to taking delivery of your 72 virgins (old will do). Will look out for a large truck delivery from Canada. Damn, better go out and buy 72 beds now. Or maybe only 36 (they can share).

P.S. My return present to you is a new exceptional synth supergroup album you will love and must get. Details here.
soundhound 17th Oct 2014 17:50 - 9 years ago
For me a song is like a chapter in a book, You...You are writing a whole book
in on song...Hahahaha... :-)
This is very nice though, some real nice bass lines in there I might want to
use one or two of them as guidelines for an upcoming project....
Very tasty stuff..Man

StaticNomad replied 21st Oct 2014 - 9 years ago
Hello again.

"..You are writing a whole book in on song"

Yes, I agree. Lots of reasons for why I make such detailed, lengthy tracks but one of the main ones is fearing that things will get boring at any point (though I try not to overload the mix). I tend to address this sort of point quite a lot in my track replies.

Crucethus recently mentioned that my track reviews are often like a novel so it's interesting you should say a similar thing. I have a lot to say musically and a lot to say about music so I think they're connected.

But not everyone who has a lot to say about music comes out with such long, epic tracks. And I guess there are people who write lengthy epics who don't have that much to say about music (or just choose not to).

Yes, I like the basslines in this. Check the riff on 7:28 as it's one of the major basslines used at various points in this stuck through a software amp so that it now sounds like a big, distorted guitar riff.

Sorry I can't let you use any of my basslines in your stuff. But maybe you can come up with something related of your own that will specifically fit whatever it is you're working on.

Thanks for your words.

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