" />
Tags : | Pop | 7.39 MB

Description : Here's a song I created for you guys! Felt a spark of creativity last night and stayed up a bit to make this into a basic song. I provided the loops for the song if you'd like to restructure it! Real acoustic, percussion, claps and voices. No vocals but already structured for singing. Feel free to download and add vocals for non-commercial use :) Enjoy!

LOOPS FOUND HERE ------------- ACOUSTIC: https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92444/run-right-past-you-acoustic-130-key-a-by-bradosanz-free-130bpm-rock-acoustic-guitar-loop ACOUSTIC BRIDGE: https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92454/run-right-past-you-acoustic-bridge-130-key-a-by-bradosanz-free-130bpm-rock-acoustic-guitar-loop BASS MAIN: https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92445/run-right-past-you-bass-main-130-key-a-by-bradosanz-free-130bpm-rock-bass-guitar-loop ELECTRIC MAIN: https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92446/run-right-past-you-electric-main-130-key-a-by-bradosanz-free-130bpm-rock-electric-guitar-loop BASS BRIDGE: https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92457/run-right-past-you-bass-bridge-130-key-a-by-bradosanz-free-130bpm-rock-bass-guitar-loop ELECTRIC MAIN LAYER TWO: https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92447/run-right-past-you-electric-main-layer-two-130-key-a-by-bradosanz-free-130bpm-rock-electric-guitar-loop HIGH FILLER: https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92448/run-right-past-you-high-fill-130-key-a-by-bradosanz-free-130bpm-rock-harpsichord-loop DRUMS: https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92449/run-right-past-you-drums-130-key-a-by-bradosanz-free-130bpm-rock-drum-loop CLAPS (authentic :P): https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92450/run-right-past-you-claps-130-by-bradosanz-free-130bpm-rock-percussion-loop TAMBOURINE (authentic :P): https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92452/run-right-past-you-tambourine-130-by-bradosanz-free-130bpm-rock-percussion-loop VOX Filler (sung by yours truly): https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/92462/run-right-past-you-vox-fill-130-key-a-by-bradosanz-free-130bpm-rock-vocal-loop

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  1. MPOProduction
    MPOProduction on Sat 23rd Mar 2024 - 4 weeks ago

    like the style !

  2. LORON7
    LORON7 on Mon 8th Aug 2022 - 1 year ago


  3. thechockehold
    thechockehold on Sun 29th May 2022 - 1 year ago

    It's good.

  4. itsonlyhosie
    itsonlyhosie on Wed 11th Aug 2021 - 2 years ago

    I know this is an old track but felt the need to say I'm really digging it and it looks like it was worth staying up later than night 5 years ago!

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Turns out Juice WRLD used the guitar from this song for one of his unreleased singles! What an honor!


  5. RayilaK
    RayilaK on Sun 2nd May 2021 - 2 years ago

    I just love your work!


  6. 2littleducks
    2littleducks on Thu 11th Feb 2021 - 3 years ago

    Friggin loving this also

  7. lundbf
    lundbf on Thu 28th May 2020 - 3 years ago

    Here it is! I added cello and made a video for my facebook friends. Fantastic Track!

  8. dvnmusic
    dvnmusic on Wed 27th May 2020 - 3 years ago

    Nice track bro

  9. Daniall
    Daniall on Fri 1st May 2020 - 3 years ago

    Perfect music

  10. topclass
    topclass on Wed 4th Dec 2019 - 4 years ago

    this is seriously awesome

  11. Nous2
    Nous2 on Sun 24th Mar 2019 - 5 years ago

    Really good work here !
    Do you have a final song with this ?

  12. Vidmeister
    Vidmeister on Mon 18th Feb 2019 - 5 years ago

    Dozens of people said they hoped someone would do vox on it and I found no one actually did.. A Crime! Great stuff. Reminds me a little of The Cure's All Mixed Up album..

  13. KissPunk
    KissPunk on Tue 12th Feb 2019 - 5 years ago

    sooo nice

  14. piyush0901
    piyush0901 on Sun 13th Jan 2019 - 5 years ago


    POPLOVE on Mon 22nd Oct 2018 - 5 years ago

    cool song

  16. vigwig
    vigwig on Wed 5th Sep 2018 - 5 years ago

    This is well structured for some vocals like this
    this is one of those songs that will haunt you making you come come back again and agaqin.

  17. topclass
    topclass on Mon 3rd Sep 2018 - 5 years ago

    oh this is great

  18. Nous2
    Nous2 on Mon 2nd Jul 2018 - 5 years ago

    Cool Song

  19. AlfredTheButman
    AlfredTheButman on Tue 5th Jun 2018 - 5 years ago

    Amazing track! I wish I knew how to produce(good).

  20. Lolandik
    Lolandik on Thu 24th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Check my beats!!!

  21. MerlandoBrandeaux
    MerlandoBrandeaux on Sat 5th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Nice work, I like the bass, very dreamy.

  22. wemert
    wemert on Fri 13th Apr 2018 - 6 years ago

    Can I write some words to it and post it here if I give you credit?

  23. cyborgnyc
    cyborgnyc on Mon 26th Mar 2018 - 6 years ago

    Really nice. I might try a vocal take, but very impressed w/ the mix and performances.

  24. Ranzerox
    Ranzerox on Sat 30th Dec 2017 - 6 years ago

    Hey really nice, I think it needs a strong chorus and a bridge part to complete this.

  25. hupfield
    hupfield on Thu 21st Dec 2017 - 6 years ago


  26. Electrocute
    Electrocute on Thu 26th Oct 2017 - 6 years ago

    Great song. I have made my own "version" of it.
    Listen to track 5, "One More Day".

  27. tcecroser
    tcecroser on Sat 25th Mar 2017 - 7 years ago

    as always ... its very beautiful ....

  28. garbinele
    garbinele on Sat 4th Feb 2017 - 7 years ago

    Hey! Awesome track! Can i make a voice track and publish on my youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIc2QzVWiKXhbHQ8GNgFiNQ ) without youtube monetization and insert the credits of the instrumental? Thanks!

  29. onlyhits
    onlyhits on Tue 31st Jan 2017 - 7 years ago

    On my goodness! I have never seen a song with this many plays, comments, likes, and downloads! You deserve it though, such a great song and easy for a singer to use. Well done.

    Reply by BradoSanz


  30. Darknives
    Darknives on Fri 4th Nov 2016 - 7 years ago

    Nice mix man, I would maybe lower the highs a bit, or the high plate or reverb.

  31. BrandonMichelle
    BrandonMichelle on Fri 14th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    I'm in love with this melodic tune. Vocals is a must. Its really good.

  32. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Thu 13th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    Excellent basis to create a vocal track afterwards !


  33. RameyRae
    RameyRae on Wed 5th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    Just downloaded this a few minutes ago and freestyled some emotions..

    I'll upload it and credit the run through of course..

    I'll clean it up for an actual track

    Like, dang, getting Ramey Rae comfortable to sing after not walking or talking? Hah Props..
    I really felt this

    Keep rocking,
    -Ramey J

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Hey Ramey! Glad you liked it! I look forward to hearing your take on this piece :)


  34. adrianvalera
    adrianvalera on Wed 5th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    wow this is a good track.
    i did a testimony of a dental treatment. i want to ask you if i can use as a background music for a video?

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Go right ahead :)


  35. Bindanox
    Bindanox on Tue 4th Oct 2016 - 7 years ago

    This is a great track and surely someone will make something cool with it.
    I can imagine a guitar solo by our friend Danke in this instrumental.
    I wish i could sing.
    Good work

  36. Gunslinger
    Gunslinger on Tue 30th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    hey brado

    trying to get hold of u. i did leave a comment 5days ago but u haven't responded.
    Wen u get this pls send me a message. i have left my email address.
    anyway u keep cool bro

    regards luke

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Hey Gunslinger! My apologies for not checking comments sooner! Try sending an email again - I haven't seen anything in my inbox yet. My gmail might be glitching out. I'll look into it. Cheers!


  37. Gunslinger
    Gunslinger on Wed 24th Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    wow what an amazing track? is this all u and completely original? if so well fuckin done. Would like to know if its possible to use for one of my artists. i promise will make it a number 1 hit. U can hit me up on so we may chat about a collab. And if u have more lets hook up. Im even willing to buy some of your stuff. later bro

  38. zeekmario
    zeekmario on Tue 23rd Aug 2016 - 7 years ago

    this track is lit dude

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks :)

  39. coryjstewart
    coryjstewart on Sat 16th Jul 2016 - 7 years ago

    Song made: https://soundcloud.com/coryjstewart/cory-stewart-run-baby

  40. EngLee
    EngLee on Tue 31st May 2016 - 7 years ago

    Good Job!!! For sure I'll sing over this :D

  41. Xirhanna
    Xirhanna on Wed 11th May 2016 - 7 years ago

    That's so pretty. :3

  42. Clanri
    Clanri on Tue 15th Mar 2016 - 8 years ago

    Id love to add vocals and remix will let you know what i come up with amazing track

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Go for it! :)


  43. lewismartinez96
    lewismartinez96 on Mon 14th Mar 2016 - 8 years ago

    this is beautiful

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Appreciate it, Lewis :)


  44. crucethus
    crucethus on Sun 13th Mar 2016 - 8 years ago

    Alright So I did a remix.
    Please check it out and comment.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Geez, I just listened to this song again after being away for a while and it makes me want to record again :( Alas, patience is a virtue. Loved the song by the way!


  45. TeeGee1965
    TeeGee1965 on Fri 11th Mar 2016 - 8 years ago

    I hope someone picks it up, you did a very fine job creating this template. Plus, I like the fact that you put effort in it to have everything on time so it can be modified for a song. Well done !!

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks, TeeGee :)


  46. crucethus
    crucethus on Wed 9th Mar 2016 - 8 years ago

    Hey C'mon guys, someones got to sing on this beauty of a song... This is a gem waiting to be polished!!!!! oh and happy 40th ;-)

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks :D Appreciate the support, cru!


  47. TinyFinger
    TinyFinger on Tue 8th Mar 2016 - 8 years ago

    Hi. Congrats for your track. Nice work. ;))

  48. DanGoldstein
    DanGoldstein on Mon 7th Mar 2016 - 8 years ago

    Beautiful rich sounds. Hope someone mixes a beautiful song with it. It is fantastic how you lay out all of your loops for folks here. All the best! Dan

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Yep, I made sure to play everything in time so that when it came time to chopping, there wouldn't be issues with looping :)


  49. Fl4zh
    Fl4zh on Sun 6th Mar 2016 - 8 years ago

    Nice percs, nice guitar, everything is just perfect about this song...

    Well done Brado,


  50. HardstyleRythm
    HardstyleRythm on Sat 5th Mar 2016 - 8 years ago

    That's a very nice mixed song , really dig that one :-)


  51. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Fri 4th Mar 2016 - 8 years ago

    I`m glad I was reminded to stop by your place for a listen Brado...there is always something that is so genuine about your music..and the is special ..I would absolutely rather listen to this kind of music (even if it still needs a vocal or something for the melody bit) that the canned stuff my radio plays..I can hear why you have an amazing number of listens, downloads, favs etc...it really does leave those of us with any kind of musical inclination with the feeling "Man ...i could do something to this"....great bit of work my friend...and I`m faving it even if you feel its not finished..I see you allow downloads so I`ll def be doing that too...might be fun to try play some old Tumbleweed guitar with just for fun.....keep on...you do it well...Ed

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks Tumbleweed. Your words are always sincere and I appreciate that. Glad you stopped in for a listen. :)


  52. GhostNerdAlex13
    GhostNerdAlex13 on Thu 3rd Mar 2016 - 8 years ago

    I like this track. Reminiscent of the Smiths, somewhat. At least I can hear a Morrissey type voice crooning over the acoustic guitars.

    The production is also very clean. Good job!

  53. mudhoen
    mudhoen on Wed 24th Feb 2016 - 8 years ago

    What a great mixing talent you have. It all sounds so vivid and the flow is so good. I think some good vocals would really seal the deal here.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks, mud! Glad you stopped in for a listen :P


  54. 25DjTj
    25DjTj on Sun 21st Feb 2016 - 8 years ago

    hey brado, i can feel the vibes pouring in during the first minute itself!!!!
    a good track fitting both the classes and the masses :P
    i am thinking about creating a downtempo and minimal version of this track (if time permits :D)
    thanks for this wonderful piece

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Glad you could find use for it, bud!


  55. TuneDef
    TuneDef on Sun 21st Feb 2016 - 8 years ago

    The room is open but, the path has been set, really nice feel and flow....which should receive a lot of covers...good job!

  56. PatriciaEdwards
    PatriciaEdwards on Sat 20th Feb 2016 - 8 years ago

    I like the laid back yet exciting feel of this. Lots of room for a vocalist to be creative. Good job!

  57. BCVProductions
    BCVProductions on Wed 17th Feb 2016 - 8 years ago

    I can't wait to hear what kind of vocal collabs you get on this! Nice job.

  58. Pixxlexia
    Pixxlexia on Tue 9th Feb 2016 - 8 years ago

    Very Fine track, elements in the start were shifting and that was entertaining although the track became a little repetitive. The only criticism I have is .. Id say this Genre was more pop than rock as it lacks the raw and untamed tenacity of rock, but that's just me.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks for the comments DJ :) I agree that it is repetitive, but I wasn't too concerned with that as I just wanted it to be a base for someone to sing something too. If it's too repetitive, I provided all the loops necessary to restructure it as one pleases! Thanks for the listen.


  59. progenerationmusic
    progenerationmusic on Tue 2nd Feb 2016 - 8 years ago

    wow, so nice sound... well done !!!

  60. GregVincey
    GregVincey on Mon 1st Feb 2016 - 8 years ago

    Your music always sounds like its live, like a band is on stage. Did you record this one in Pro Tools?

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Yes, I did :P I wish I had a band like this for live performances haha

  61. promenade2239
    promenade2239 on Mon 1st Feb 2016 - 8 years ago


    This one sounds to me very much like a backing track as if it might be recorded by Danke as well. Regarding to this I do not see much the difference so far (unless you add your original vocal part sometime). I enjoyed it so far. Nice mixage of tambourine and claps makes those separated percussions almost unrecognizable to me in the context of your track (which is a good thing I guess) blending nicely with the hihats on the drum loop as well with the high acoustic frequencies. Overall it is some very clever combination of loops. Nice.


    Reply by BradoSanz

    It wasn't actually a combination of loops; I recorded the song normally and then proceeded to create loops of the different segments so that anyone could recreate it in their DAW or change it as they see fit :)


  62. OdotZED
    OdotZED on Sat 30th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    nice stereo sound on them guitars! great commercial type track ,real clean!!!!

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks :D

  63. Mykael
    Mykael on Sat 30th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    .....and this is exactly the reason why I need a refresher course in Reading! LOL. I thought those loops you listed were loops you used, but now I understand....you created loops FROM this TUNE....APOLOGIES.


  64. Mykael
    Mykael on Fri 29th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    What awesome energy! This track is DOPE! It really is hard to believe this tune came out of loops...it sounds like a real rock band played. Well done, you!

    Love & Light,


    Reply by BradoSanz

    Well, the song was recorded normally (I played all the instruments), I just chopped them into loops to make them adjustable for anyone who wants to redo the song in their own platforms :)

    Thanks for the listen!


  65. Surgimiento
    Surgimiento on Thu 28th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Nice track, i cant wait to hear with vocals, keep working!

  66. Christopherjoel135
    Christopherjoel135 on Mon 25th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    okay, that makes sense...I'm always moved by your guitar playing. I'll take crack at it. Thank you for sharing your gift and ideas with us. I'm feeling lyrics with tension/conflict. Wish me luck..haha

    Reply by BradoSanz

    If all works out, I'll be happy to mix your vocals into the song and finalize it :)


  67. SoraSolitudine
    SoraSolitudine on Mon 25th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Sounds awesome!
    I can't wait for listen the version with vocals!
    I hope you can upload soon.
    Thanks for sharing.


    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks for the listen :)


  68. Christopherjoel135
    Christopherjoel135 on Sun 24th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    BS, can you clarify why you don't have vocals on your Track?

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Words have yet to be written. :) I mainly created this for the Looperman family that can't record a full track or have limited resources but want something to try to play around with, hence no words :P I hope to get my brother to sing on it, but he's been rather busy with his new job.


  69. 8Kass8
    8Kass8 on Sat 23rd Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    good job man :)

  70. DFletcher
    DFletcher on Fri 22nd Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Excellent, beautiful...

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Hey Fletcher! Nice to see you return :)


  71. blu22
    blu22 on Thu 21st Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Very nice quality, I would sing over this but unfortunately I suck at singing and lol @ Mr. BS.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Im THE B.S. :P

  72. Emolyte
    Emolyte on Wed 20th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Man im really diggin the upbeatness of this track. If I can find time Ill definitely take a shot at this

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks EYEDYE


  73. theHumps
    theHumps on Wed 20th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Pretty solid sounding track. The bones are there, some might say. Reminds me of The Church's "Under The Milky Way Tonight" the way the acoustic is played and the overall flow of the song. Like everyone else, some proper vocals will be the icing on this one!

    Happy anniversary dude! One year here and you're still sane? lol Great loops,too!


    Reply by BradoSanz

    Haha thank heavens I am sane :D Had to make a few trips to the hospital for my nervous breakdowns. They told me it was a case of LMS, or LooperMan Syndrome. :P


  74. aelmen
    aelmen on Tue 19th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago


    Nice if anyone would put vocals to it.
    I'll hope for the best.


    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks, I appreciate it!

  75. Rhodesy
    Rhodesy on Tue 19th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Really nice Brado,light and shade works a treat.Hope you can include some vocals.

  76. crucethus
    crucethus on Tue 19th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Poptastic song. Key of Aminor and your basic Am to DM then to G F and back to G or a I IV6 VII VI VII structure. very nice indeed. Arranged fantastically as well as I love those guitars. I was soloing along to it on the Piano tonight.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    :D Thanks for the comment cru :) If you were playing piano, sorry for it being a bit out of tune :D the entire song is a hair off-key but oh whale :P


  77. robbb954
    robbb954 on Tue 19th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Well done! Keep up the good work!

  78. Evisma
    Evisma on Mon 18th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Mr. BS. How goes it?

    Intro made me think of Gin Blossoms, then Counting Crows. Could easily hear Adam Duritz on this. Sounds like something Ratridge from here would do, just not as much cheese here.

    Hand-claps are effective. Pretty solid song. Acoustics recorded well. No middle 8 that I heard, just some well done verse/chorus business. Ready for vocals, indeed. With it sounding like this, expect some soon.

    Good stuff!


    Reply by BradoSanz

    Howdy, Mr. E.

    It goeth well, I must admit.

    I appreciate your kind words. And not as much cheese? I love cheese :c Even though its bad for you in large amounts. Can clog up the internals, if ya know what I mean. And thanks, I didnt achieve the sound I was going for with the claps (I dont have the room or acoustics to achieve it) but I do appreciate you noticing it. Thanks for the listen!


  79. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Sun 17th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    I Did before I logged in if your track wasn't any good I would have not commented on it!!!

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Ahhh, , my apologies. I did not set my settings correctly. I tend to assume sometimes :) gets me into trouble a lot :P thanks for the listen!

  80. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Sun 17th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Yet another brilliant track from you well done.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks :) It hasn't registered your play, so just be sure to listen to the song before commenting :P


  81. ronabo
    ronabo on Sun 17th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Nice work. Love the guitar playing.

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Thanks ronabo :) Glad you liked the guitar!


  82. Danke
    Danke on Sun 17th Jan 2016 - 8 years ago

    Fine song with great guitars and with your magical mix (master?)
    I better hear your (or your brother?) vocs on it but it's a cool gesture from you to throw into the collab work to the community...

    Handshake, Danke

    Reply by BradoSanz

    Yo danke :) Thanks for the listen! It's a rough master, yes, mainly because I am looking to add some vox from the bro :P We'll see what happens (fingers crossed)!

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