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Description : Intro is lap-steel guitar with a smooth stone pick, then the electric comes in. Used 5 different guitars in this one. Two basses, an electric, acoustic and lap-steel. Three programmed MIDI drum kits, a few drum loops, and a Zippo I've had for about 20 years. Had this one going for a while now. Life stuck it in and broke it off over the last two months. Plugged ears from a head cold, and a rather crazy flooding event kept this from receiving steady work-flow. My main bass guitar's electronics took a big shit on me as well, so the second half's bass guitar is my old P-bass that I really had to dress up. Anyway, enough excuses. Give this motherfucker a listen and share the love or hate. I like both equally.

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  1. JuxtaMusic
    JuxtaMusic on Tue 21st Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Here is my addition of words to this fantastic piece of music: https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/177362

  2. JuxtaMusic
    JuxtaMusic on Tue 21st Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Just to let you know I'v enow written the lyrics for this and hope to get something recorded today. Do you have a Soundcloud account I can link to in the credits or shall I just link to your profile on Looperman?

    Reply by Evisma

    My Soundcloud is "Evisma-Instrumentals". Same photo as here. Link if you would like. No problem.

  3. JuxtaMusic
    JuxtaMusic on Fri 17th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Thank you for enabling the download. I'll see what I can come up with and of course will link to your profile from both Soundcloud and here :-)

  4. JuxtaMusic
    JuxtaMusic on Tue 14th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    OK I'm ready for the download. Been doing some interesting collaborations on SoundCloud so hope I can do your awesome track justice!

    Have a listent to some of my other vocal performances if you want to get a feel for my voice: https://soundcloud.com/juxtamusic/sets/collaborations

    Look forward to working on this soon!

    Reply by Evisma

    Download enabled. Have fun, just give me credit for the music. Hope it goes well for you!

  5. EazyBeatz
    EazyBeatz on Mon 13th Jun 2016 - 6 years ago

    Outstanding work here Evisma . I don't usually listen to rock tracks out here but I'm sure glad I on this one. Def. fav. from me. Have nothing to question on this track. seems like everything was placed and put just right. keep up the fantastic work. Much love -EazyBeatz :)

    Reply by Evisma

    You have officially made my day.

    Many thanks.

  6. JuxtaMusic
    JuxtaMusic on Thu 19th May 2016 - 6 years ago

    Really enjoyed it. I think it lends itself to some vocals. If you're interested then I would love to record some lyrics over it! Not saying Im the best singer out there but it could be fun?

    Reply by Evisma

    Permission granted. I'll open this for download after you reply.

  7. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Sun 17th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    Nut up!, boo-hooing bro.

    I am British*, I may even be scum but I have never stolen any of Cruella De Vil's tea. No need - I have a plentiful supply on my country estate, all hand harvested by the butler. I will speak to my friends in Parliament about getting Cruella extradited to the UK so that he can be put on trial for his online lies and defamation. At the very least, his punishment is likely to be the permanent forfeit of his Korg MS2000 and I cannot rule out a custodial sentence. If so, I may visit him inside, occasionally bringing him an extra tea bag, just to rub it in.

    The thing you feel is missing in your (musical) life may be your soul. Perhaps you had one and lost it, which is why I emerged empty-handed the other night. However, I have extracted many others over the years so could send you one, if you like. Bear in mind that I got the labels all mixed up recently so can't tell which is which. For instance, I took Jon Bon Jovi's a long time ago so you could end up with his. You might have to take that risk.

    Advice: take more interest in your friend's wood carving. That's good stuff. If you're nice, maybe he will carve you a nice, new custom bass g. Ozark wood is nearby.

    Yes, I know you worry about safe VSTs though Paul isn't, unfortunately, a VST but a standalone bit of software. Works fine for me. Could really suit you and I recommend trying it out on lap steel parts. Say you take a 1/4 bar fill and slow it down 4 times. Now it will last the whole bar so can sit behind the original part. You'll find yourself stitching together lots of bits in interesting ways. It'll add an extra layer of ambience and depth to your stuff that will be something new for you. And it'll add to your ongoing transNomadomorphism.

    "I almost never play without the DAW running anymore"

    Mostly the same for me. When I used to play solo resonator guitar blues live at open mic nights, I would sit in the kitchen (so, away from computer) just sliding about and footstomping as I practised jam pieces. I used to quite enjoy that simple playing in a different location from usual.

    Static Soul Swiper, counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums

    *Well, English actually but not a nationalist.

    Reply by Evisma

    Captivating comment coming,... cower courageously.

    I'll pass on the Jove soul. It surely reeks of Aquanet and sweaty leather. I do, in fact, have a soul. I just keep it near the genitals, you know, so the wife wont find it.

    I'll let Paul stretch my shit at a latter date. Been practicing alternate picking in the evenings. Never learned before. Frustrating, but that means I'm learning something new. Good stuff.

    "I used to play solo resonator guitar blues live at open mic nights"

    This kind of surprised me. I've never played anything publicly. When I used to jam with friends, I felt very self-conscious and really don't miss it. Smoking a fatty before and during surely didn't help matters.

    "quite enjoy that simple playing in a different location from usual."

    That I will try.

    I hope all is well.

    Evan, acting just like a nurse with all the other guys.

  8. crucethus
    crucethus on Sat 16th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    F**k Nuts!
    "Mostly, I'm realizing that I don't have the budget to make things how I'd like, i.e. better drums, a tube amp and an electric guitar meant more for metal than my PRS, and paying for repairs on my main instrument, my dead bass guitar. I'm trying to move towards heavier metal-infused music and realized I'm very unpracticed. Just gotta grow some nuts and push through my self doubt."

    There was a time years ago I could only afford radioshack shit equipment and a cheap tape deck my sister and I shared 30 bucks on buying. But I would never give that up because it taught me to make the best music possible with the shitiest sounds available. So I made some $ in the early millennium and bought some nice synths. well guess what!!! I got married and now have to think of more than one person. So I learned Linux, a free solution to OPS systems and loaded with free software like LMMS. I still use acid pro 4.0 for loops, Ardour for recording and audacity for mastering. Is it Pro-tools...no, Do I make it sound the best I can possibly make it sound...hell yeah! Do people like it...yeah some do..
    you said it yourself. Honesty... that is all we as musicians can do with what we have. be honest and authentic. When you do that amazing things can happen.
    Right now I am listening to Talk Talk. al 5 albums.
    Album 1. New romantic, new wave crap with a few interesting songs.
    Album, 2 ahh new wave and pop masterpiece 3 songs amazing 2 b sides well done. Album 3 , what's that you say, no more synths just organic instruments.. ahh well, well done lads you made 3 pop tunes out of piano and percussion and great vox and timeless songwriting plus...is that dissonance. cool ok whatever keep on. OK 4th album...what do you call this...atonal jazz. um what does your record company say about this..well at least there is one song we can say artistically brilliant. ahh so you have successfully sued and left your record company. so what is the 5th album about... umm gawd is that possible. atonal jazz again.. what is that.... you invented post rock.. well bah bye.
    Mark Hollis had a vision, and be damned if that vision did not mean no record company and ending Talk Talk forever. But it was amazing as a ride, and pure balls. so don't lose the faith. do what you do and discover ehat you want when you can. that's my crazy advice from one Bro to Another.
    Cru Cru

    Reply by Evisma

    Never heard of Talk Talk, but will have to look it up now.

    I've left the DAW alone, and will for at least another week. Getting back to basics, and working hard on alternate picking.

    Thank you again for your help.


  9. crucethus
    crucethus on Sat 16th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    Ok You... Tough love time.
    First. You are a freaking talented bassist and songwriter .
    second. the fact that people like Static and myself pay attention to your work is because it's good, it's Damn fucking good.
    DO NOT LET a detailed critique of your work bring you down or make you feel like this is all for nought. When people who are similar in their artistic endeavors get together and feel comfortable with each other and let their guard down to showcase their vulnerabilities this will inevitably happen. When someone offers a detailed critique on this level , it's because it's already really good, but... hey this will make it over the top....
    So get off your sorry-wagon (i'm not sure what that is truly) and realize there is an incredible group of artists here that listen and enjoy your work, and an even fewer subset that offers advice to enhance what you do. (take it or not) It is a really special thing. Do something different should be a challenge to the nail scratching, bitingly sarcastic (which is a sign of intelligence) middle american I have come to know and love over these few years and say... "DON't TREAD ON ME....to the British scum who keep stealing our tea and making us pay high prices for cable and making us watch downton abbey.. for shame those scoundrels are worse than the terrorists.
    are you laughing yet..good. Every creative piece of work we make is not the serious end all be all but something of value that we cherish. When we share that value it becomes vulnerable. When it's vulnerable take it with a grain of salt. cos if you believe in it. Well.. then that's another story and another world that you can find others who believe in your vision.
    Crucrest out!!

    Reply by Evisma

    Damn, tough love from Crucethus. I hope he lubes up first!

    First and foremost, your words really made me feel better. Not that my tender feeling needed to be coddled, or I need praise for every track I make, but for speaking to me like a brother. Alex and yourself are very kind in that way. Be it "sounds good" or "you could do better", there is a sense of attachment that is very rare in my life.

    My boo-hooing wasn't really over this last track, but it did send it over the edge. Ive felt this way for a while. Mostly, I'm realizing that I don't have the budget to make things how I'd like, i.e. better drums, a tube amp and an electric guitar meant more for metal than my PRS, and paying for repairs on my main instrument, my dead bass guitar. I'm trying to move towards heavier metal-infused music and realized I'm very unpracticed. Just gotta grow some nuts and push through my self doubt.

    "British scum"

    This made me laugh so hard I blew snot on my phone. I realize now that I shouldn't have said what I said. Honesty is precious to me. Whining and being a bitch just does myself a disservice by disuading others from being open and honest. My response should have been in the form of a new track that proves myself wrong.

    No more. I won't be quitting. Not sure if I could stand it. Just gotta try harder and stop coasting. Once I started making decent tracks, I quit applying myself, partly due to the praise from this site. I quit growing and that is a shame. Fuck that. I gotta wake back up.

    Thank you for the "NUT UP!" talk. My empty scrotum apparently needed it.


  10. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Sat 16th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    Yo, disappointed bro.

    Sorry to hear you feel you've lost something. You've made big improvements in your music and I'm not hearing anything missing compared with stuff you did 3 years ago. Definitely don't quit! Especially if there's nothing else you truly enjoy doing.

    I don't worry about whether I'm any good but constantly worry how I can continue coming up with stuff that's new and interesting to me. How will I manage to come up with multiple good riffs in, say, 30 years' time?

    "If I've said all I have to say with my music"

    What do you really want to say? I kind of having nothing to say - I'm just exploring good sounds + grooves. No message or particular emotion, just good sounds for the sake of it. Others are free to get whichever emotions they like out of it.

    I'm very familiar with people talking over music you play to them. They also ask me questions that will have a longish answer while it's playing. As if I'm going to talk over it the only time I play it to them. And when I'm sitting there, clearly listening in silence. Then you realise you're perhaps somehow torturing people by getting them to listen so then you just give them a link and let them do it in their own time (or not at all). Or see what people you've never met who live thousands of miles away think. Nice track bro, in some cases.

    "I'm not feeling sorry for myself"

    Don't worry - I do quite a bit of that.

    Creative technique for you: extreme timestretching of guitar parts. You liked it when I did it in tracks such as Chasm and Roar Stone so just download the free software and give it a go:


    Record some decent guitar parts, then bring the stretched (4x or 8x) parts back into the song and I guarantee they will fit (+ some editing) as they're the right notes. Helps make big ambiences with no synths.

    Another technique: sample some Bjork records.

    "Evan, looking to turn his piss to wine"

    was a great sign off. So cool when you can find an MJK lyric that fits what you're talking about. Don't give up on his lyrics just yet.

    My effort, from the same song:

    Nomad, too connected to you to slip away, to fade away.

    Reply by Evisma

    Greetings, empty-handed soul thief.

    "What do you really want to say? "

    Nothing on a whole, but each track I try to convey certain feelings in kind of a chronological fashion. The Valve mentioned my tracks ending with an air of triumph, like the end of a story or film. Eventually a writer's style gets pretty "samey". I really just need to be putting more into the process.

    Really, I need to spend a few weeks without the DAW. Get back to the actual playing and the joy of it. I almost never play without the DAW running anymore. Trying to create, instead of practice. That may be the thing I've lost. The sheer joy. That shit's on its way back.

    "I'm very familiar with people talking over music you play to them."

    I'm a bit of a hypocrite here. My one good friend, Dave, is into woodcarving and he's shown me photos of his work and explained the process at length, and I just couldn't get engaged. He would talk about the different shapes and uses of carving implements, and my mind wanders to detuned guitar string-tension and how I need heavier gauged strings, but then I'd have to compensate with truss-rod adjustments and........ Oh shit, he just asked me a question! Ummm,... "quadrangle".

    I understand the mind filters out the shit it doesn't deem important, and a person's interests are directly connected to that. Again, I need to chill. Thank you.

    I will absolutely grab that time-stretcher. Most appreciated. I never know where to go for VSTs that is safe, so I use a lot of stock crap.

    I will not be sampling Bjork. May give some a listen just to reinforce that there are people out there that can dig any style.

    Evan, weeping shades of cozen indigo. (Damn, gotta love Maynard)

  11. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Fri 15th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    A freshly harvested hello.

    So, last night I crept into your house as you slept and performed your lumbar puncture procedure to see how much soul harvesting I could do. I did not find that it was "thinner than muthafuckin filo dough" and there was no smell. I actually extracted nothing meaning you have no soul.

    Not to worry - there are many walking among us (politicians, lawyers, celebrities, bankers, boybands etc) in the same position and they get by OK. Just live your life as normal but don't bother trying to make soul music (as if you even want to).

    You've got rid of your end VSTs and it's now cleaner. The obvious thing to do in that section is to bring the slide back, which might bookend the track nicely.

    Yes, I think your music is getting a bit more Nomadic due to your becoming Sliderbro to my Sliderman, more use of delay and more drum layering and combination of loops and programmed parts. If you start doing banj metal, psychedelic blue grungehop and take up the cello, I'll know you're definitely undergoing the full transNomadification.

    "I've stopped playing my music for family, wife or friend"

    Do they have no interest and only listen out of politeness? Don't stop playing it for them if they actually like it.

    Minor criticism: while I have congratulated you on recent big improvements, I wonder if you've settled into a bit of a formulaic style. Some might say it's a distinctive, signature style but I wonder if your last 10 or so tracks sitting together on an album might sound a bit samey. I can't criticise each track on its own but as a whole they may be too similar.

    I'll sometime write out a load of stuff about cycle recording ("layers") that might be of no help. Or it could add more variety to what you do. Would be good if you got into it for Slupergroupery purposes, just so that I have more versions of your parts to work with.

    Take care.

    Static Backstab, scalpel deep within Evan's borderline.

    Reply by Evisma

    Hello, again.

    "Do they have no interest and only listen out of politeness?"

    Yes. When I'd play a track for someone, usually they would talk through the whole thing, noticing nothing but the silence of it's ending. I've never said anything to them, that would seem demanding. If I don't like someone's shit, I don't want it forced on me. Why force them to pay attention if they don't want to? I don't want anyone to feel obligated to give praise for something they couldn't care less about, just to keep from offending me (I would never be offended), so I decided to stop putting people in that situation.

    Been pretty fuckin disappointed with myself lately. A lot of time goes into my music and it's starting to feel wasted. No other way to put it. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, just a feeling that what I'm doing with my time is stupid and not productive.

    "I wonder if your last 10 or so tracks sitting together on an album might sound a bit samey."

    Probably so. I don't really know what to say about that. I'll do what I can to start changing things up and not stay in the rut I've gotten into. I need to pay more attention to that. I feel like I've lost something I used to have. Focus, patience, creativity, drive. Don't know, but I either need to get it back, or stop pretending like I still have it and quit. If I've said all I have to say with my music, I shouldn't beat a dead horse.

    I'm going to have to do some musical soul searching. There is nothing else I truly enjoy doing, but maybe I'm done. If everything starts feeling forced, then the joy is gone.

    Thank you for mentioning it. Hadn't really noticed things were starting to sound the same. The next one will be different.

    Evan, looking to turn his piss to wine.

  12. richatc
    richatc on Thu 14th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    thank you Evan,I am really new to this site and I'm just learning my way around.I guest it's a good idea to only let people post 1 thing every 24 hours It do give you a chance to really listen to some other artists. If you like to I have more songs on my soundcloud I don't want to bore you I'm just putting it out there is you are intrested.I like your writing style and the aragments are really good. Hooks are everything in a song and if you hear it once and can hum it back it going to be a hit. Just my opinon.
    Thank you again for your response.
    www.soundcloud.com/richard-hatcher-2 just go to my original music. I think there are 35 on this site I have over 75 original songs.

  13. crucethus
    crucethus on Thu 14th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    Hey John 5 Hand Cock. (I read the previous reviews)

    I love the change at 1:35. everything before that sounds like many of your earlier works. but from a musical point of view I love that direction you took post 1:35. Mahloo makes some great points on the percussion. Change that in the mix and everything else becomes golden because the bass is special and the guitars are very engaged.
    So now I must ask, what are you harvesting from backstabbers. literal Knives? Insults? More Kardashians? just a curio I guess.
    What else...... if Static is going to jail for double posts, then I might be in the cell next to him.
    " Plugged ears from a head cold,"

    Nothing better than a small glass.. some ice, a slice of lemon, and a pony shot of nyquil that will cure that.
    anyhoo carry on Evita with your bass like songs they amuse me.....would be something an asshole would say. so I will just say hey man...nice shot.

    Reply by Evisma

    I'll be messing with the drums this evening. Hopefully I improve them.

    Backstabber's Harvest means reaping what you sow. Reciprocity. Backstabber receiving a jab of his own. Don't know what brought the name about, but I like it.

    I'll do what I can with what I have, drum wise, and update soon. Thanks for the listen.


  14. Mahloo13
    Mahloo13 on Thu 14th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    Hey EVisma,

    So you've asked for my opinion and here it is.

    The main problem you have are the drums and the balance. Everything is pushed way to upfront and you get overlapping frequencies. I don't have th eindividual files of your song to make an accurate analysis as most of the times the source is what's the problem. I'm not saying that's the case but you might be doing to much because of the sources sound.

    Anyways if you listen from start till 0:48 you'll notice the drums are pretty much stereo (I believe it's a loop) and after that they go pretty much mono and you lose a lot of impact and depth by doing that. The kick gets buried and doesn't have enough impact to carry the weight of the song and interlock with the bass guitar.

    The snare is distorted and thin sounding, it doesn't have any stereo feel at all, the snare always benefits from a room reverb, even if you trigger a sample with a room sound and blend it in it will help make the kit sound more 3D and real.

    The cymbals...they are really loud and that's causing distortion. I believe you didn't do any automation within the song and the cymbals could use a bit of volume riding. Overall anyways the problems start from there, the drums sound is mono, muffled and without any 3D feel or perception and from there you end up boosting everything to make it compete and eventually lose instruments in the mix or cover up certain things.

    The bass from my point of view sounds great. I like the way the notes pop out. Pretty cool from my point of view.

    Anyways you could always send the individual files my way and I could give you a better analysis or even try to mix it. The choice is yours. It would definitely make a better tutorial subiect than a perfectly tracked song. :)

    I hope I wasn't harsh cause that was NOT my intention.


    Reply by Evisma

    Thank you for the review. Honesty has never offended me. It is appreciated.

    This basically reenforces what I've been told to do for over three years. Get EZ Drummer. I use the stock instrument in StudioOne called Presence. Problem is it treats a whole kit like it's a single element. No individual panning, all or nothing. Impact is a better instrument that is stock, but it's 99 percent hip hop and useless to me. I've been leery about spending over a hundred bucks on something intangible. Guess it's time.

    Thank you for your time and honesty. I greatly appreciate it.

  15. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Wed 13th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    I must ask, how did you get that deep, grungy tone with the bass guitar? Im still having trouble getting a satisfactory tone with a real bass guitar and tips would be appreciated. Thanks again, did not intend to double post!


    Reply by Evisma

    If you tell me which part, I'd be more than happy to give you the whole chain.

    And don't worry about double posting. Were it a crime, StaticNomad would be serving life!


  16. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Wed 13th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    That guitar at the start is absolutely awesome. Something about steel guitar and delay that sounds really pleasing to my ears. You have a good knack for timing, which I know can be a bit of a challenge on a lap-steel (at least from my limited experience). At 1:35, that whole section was by far my favorite. Your use of the compressed drums and the guitar work really added a strong driving element. Even being picky, I can't really find any issues that I can critique haha. It's a well composed track, solid guitar work, catchy drum beat, excellent mixing and a solid idea. Great work, Evan.


    Reply by Evisma

    All great things to hear! Much appreciated.

    Yeah, lap-steel is something else. I have it tuned to an Em add9 chord. Basically a power chord of 2 and 4 on the A and D strings. It's E-B-F#-G-B-E. Love that chord, but I've done this and Hypnoculars with the lap-steel in that tuning, so it's time to change.

    Take care.


  17. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Wed 13th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    I'm sharing the love for this one ofcourse...hate would be impossible cause this is just another splendid creation from your musical canons!:) I'm not going into details cause StaticN. did the job just fine...I will just press that little button over there!:)


    Reply by Evisma

    The love is appreciated. Kinda ready to move on. Thanks for the continued listening. Always appreciated.


  18. evilarmy83
    evilarmy83 on Wed 13th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    Evan my boy, you got fingers that to a woman would put a penis to shame, however, to me your fingers are like wonderful individual self-thinking little pleasures that dance on the boards like mufuggin naturally professional.........things... Fuckin kick ass track man! Its been a while since i been signed in so im glad i caught your track bro. me likey


    Reply by Evisma

    "you got fingers that to a woman would put a penis to shame,"

    Funny you should say that, considering I have five dicks attached to my pelvis in a hand-like array. Four are long and thin, with one thicker stubby short one, and we both know where that one goes!!

    Glad you liked the track. Been a while since I'd seen you here. I hope all is well. Have you bought an interface yet? Focusrite Scarlett would be good for you since high output pickups need an input with a pad, and the Presonus 22VSL I have does not have that. I'll be switching soon.

    Take care.


  19. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Wed 13th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    Hello Mate,
    All I can say is wow.
    What a wonderful intro mate.
    Brilliant guitar work.
    Well done

    Reply by Evisma

    Thanks for the listen and the kind words. It is appreciated.


  20. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Wed 13th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    A backstab for the Bass Bro as the Nomad harvests his soul, sucking it out of the lumbar region like siphoning petrol* from the tank.

    This is cool shit and it's damn fine to see there's some nice sliding about going down.

    Cool slidey tone, with nice delay and reverb. Very Nomadic. You have been paying close attention, yo.

    Decent groove behind it that's quite shakery with good use of delay on snare.

    0:25 second guitar blends nicely. This is real melodic stuff and right up this Nomad's street. Good Nomad tempo too.

    Then bass g chugging away, adding some balls.

    1:28 slightly awkward change, maybe cos that nice pull off seems to be slightly faster than the previous stuff. Not really a problem, just an observation.

    1:35 cool second g chugs than it all goes big and open with a nice lead g slicing through the mix. Busy bell cymbal work.

    2:16 another nice change that is fairly epic and warm and moving. Could almost be a pop/rock song there, which is not at all a criticism.

    2:32 new lead on top with a nice high note. Good delay again. You're really coming up with a lot of parts in this. As always, fairly rapid changes between sections.

    Last minute is OK, nothing special. Guitar is good but I'm not sure about those added strings. Notes are fine, I just don't think the string sound or bamboo flute sound good enough - a bit too General MIDI. I appreciate the idea of the final movement but simply think you need to get some better synth/sample software, as I've said many times before. When you get it, you'll take your nice tracks bro to an even higher level. So much progress made in the last couple of years.

    Your music is getting a bit more Nomadic all the time. Eventually you'll be able to do a Nomad tribute track, perhaps called something like Nomadicated.

    If you can add more brass to your music, I can legitimately call you Brass Bro.

    Big congrats.

    Nomad, followed by millions of dumbfounded dip shits.

    * 'gas' in American talk

    Reply by Evisma

    Another absolutely accurate analysis, as always, Alex. Appreciated and abided!

    "as the Nomad harvests his soul"

    Oooh,.... you don't want that. I've taken out several loans on it and borrowed against it till that shit is thinner than muthafuckin filo dough. Has a pretty objectionable smell about it, as well. Like wet boot and old jizz.

    "This is cool shit and it's damn fine to see there's some nice sliding about going down."

    Appreciated. I asked you a while back your thoughts on doing a cover or more lap-steel or what, and you suggested lap-steel, so this is the line I came up with, added the drums, electric and bass,..... then it all went to shit. Bass went down, got sick and the flood. Everything after the first section is pretty new.

    "Then bass g chugging away, adding some balls."

    The lone Ibanez line. It's suicide happened directly afterward. Not the greatest playing there, but I liked it when I did it.

    "1:28 slightly awkward change"

    The change does lose a bit of energy, but I like the line that I'm playing. Probably could have found something to make the transition more smooth.

    "it all goes big and open with a nice lead g slicing through the mix."

    That is a Gate, Tube Screamer (PRS don't have very hot pickups), Nick Crow 8505 amp head sim, and Poulin Le Cab cabinet sim. Ended up getting about six different heavy guitar amp sims.

    "2:32 new lead on top with a nice high note. Good delay again. You're really coming up with a lot of parts in this. As always, fairly rapid changes between sections."

    The changes between sections thing,... yeah, you know I'm not a jammer, recording long takes and editing them, like someone we know. I'll noodle over something, find what I want to have there and play it several times till I can play it "perfectly", then record. I'm not a big fan of songs that stay on the same riff forever. I say do it a couple times, add complimenting jewelry, then move on.

    " I just don't think the string sound or bamboo flute sound good enough - a bit too General MIDI."

    Very much agreed. It was a last minute thing I did before uploading. I was never really happy with it. But not to worry. That shit is now history. It will not be missed.

    "Your music is getting a bit more Nomadic all the time."

    Is it? I don't feel I'm picking up any elements of your style, except maybe when I use heavier delays. I do, however, use every bit of advice you've given me when doing a new track. I think more about the drums and try to use less reverse cymbal, work more on structure and keeping "cheap" sounds out of tracks (which I failed at here, though it's now removed). I've stopped playing my music for family, wife or friend(s). I feel like I'm putting them off.

    Evan, taking all or nothing, for life's just too short to lock it up.

  21. toastedavalanche
    toastedavalanche on Wed 13th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    Well... you've made something quite striking in the face of adversity. The first section feels like a lost track by The Cure and the second half swiftly kicks the previous half in the teeth and rocks out joyously. I had a blast listening to it.


    Reply by Evisma

    This one took so long I almost got sick of hearing it. I started skipping to the middle section after a while so I wouldn't wear it out. Glad you liked it and that it was an enjoyable listen. Surely more to come.


  22. richatc
    richatc on Wed 13th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    the second half sounds a little like Rush

    "big smile" it really starts to rock.

    Reply by Evisma

    I can see that. Especially after the main lead line. Can't be upset at that comparison.

    Thanks again.


  23. richatc
    richatc on Wed 13th Apr 2016 - 6 years ago

    very cool track,there is a lot going on and you did it very well.I really like this track thank you.

    Reply by Evisma

    Glad you liked it! Nice to have more bass players here on the site and active. Listened to your stuff. You have a rather unique voice, and on this site, that's usually not good, but yours is. Hit some higher notes that surprised me. Good stuff.


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