13th Apr 2017 12:04 - 7 years ago
Description : 170 BPM drum 'n' cell epic. That's drum 'n' bass with lots of my layered, lead cello playing. It's both banging and chilled out, with intricate basslines and soaring, melodic cello parts. Instruments: electric cello, piano, three synth basses, two synth pads. Drums are loads of drum loops supported by a few programmed acoustic drum kits. It's fast and powerful stuff but there are also two deep grooving half tempo sections. No guitar so anything that sounds like it might be is, unsurprisingly, cello. This was fairly hard to make and required a lot of hard work. It's still far from perfect, especially the rather abrupt, unimaginative ending (I couldn't think of anything better). Have a good listen and then consider leaving me some fascinating feedback. Not much drum 'n' cell about so I like to think this is worth checking out...

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If you have time take a listen and give StaticNomad some feedback.

Anubis 23rd Apr 2017 17:46 - 7 years ago
It was worth every minute that I listened to this work of art.
You surprised me with this musical genre "Dnb"
It's like seeing your individual elements in different musical genres, professionalism with drums, and great vibes with psychedelic synths, you can add curves to musical notes in a sensational way, you literally play with musical notes.
His songs have a very professional refinement, congratulations for the incredible work,
After all those years listening to your songs, you always surprise me!
What do you think of doing a collab in the genre Drum and bass?


StaticNomad replied 27th Apr 2017 - 7 years ago

Sorry for the late reply.

Good to hear you enjoyed this so much. Yes, it's rare that I make anything in the DnB genre but I also have another very nice drum 'n' cell track (DnB + cello) that I'm currently working on.

"you can add curves to musical notes in a sensational way, you literally play with musical notes."

Yes - good points. I wish I could edit and control each note much more accurately but maybe it's not possible with recorded audio (only MIDI). I use lots of automation of so many small changes and notes.

"After all those years listening to your songs, you always surprise me!"

Excellent. That is always what I hope for but it's hard to keep doing it.

Maybe we could collaborate (you know I think your music is really good and interesting) but perhaps there would be communication problems.

I'm part of a collaboration with two other guys on Looperman and we write quite a lot of stuff to each other track describing the track and what we want from it. That could be a problem for you and me. I will think more about your offer...

Thanks again.
promenade2239 19th Apr 2017 19:48 - 7 years ago

I really am enjoying the bowed nature of sounds you're playing and layering and presenting. At 1:30 bass if super fine and for me personally this particular sound-setting may profit a lot by just keeping at that minimal particular point. I say that because the piano texture (also from 1:30) seems to be placed far too low (and sounding dark) therefore it doesn't produce a convincing conterpoint in very musical sense (maybe an octave or two higher would be better, hard to say). I do not know... It is simply laking the illuminating quality of brilliance and doesn't contribute much to the musical content (especially to the melody or melodic development) simply being an another additional texture. Not to say that I could make a better sound or point any way for improvement - just an another temporary opinion. Hope it is useful anyway.
I like classy dnb image of this track.

StaticNomad replied 20th Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
Hello for the first time in a long time.

Good to hear you like my bowed sounds. Bowing is hard and I've only been doing it for about 13 months.

Apart from that, I think you're just saying you don't like the piano sound. I had some problems with it but I think it works fairly well in the track.

"doesn't contribute much to the musical content (especially to the melody or melodic development) simply being an another additional texture."

Yes, it is an additional texture and it sits underneath other instruments in a lot of the track. But, between 1:30 and 2:14 I think it adds a lot and is used subtly later on the half tempo sections. 4:53 you get to hear the initial piano theme return at half tempo. Isn't that a little bit interesting?

Thanks for the feedback.
theHumps 17th Apr 2017 12:57 - 7 years ago
Great title, can't believe I haven't heard that before. I can't say I know a whole hell of a lot about dnb. The drums seem a bit more subdued than my expectations but what the hell do I know. Maybe with the cello you are pioneering your way to fame with a new take on the genre?

Good to see you playing and recording the cello. You having a tough time, picking it up slowly or mastering it like a madman? Seems like it is an instrument that takes a certain touch and feel with both hands because bowing the instrument would seem to be a factor that is tough to learn. Left hand fingering is one thing,(insert dirty joke here)something we do on guitars and such so that might seem more familiar but bowing and plucking must have a learning curve.

I liked the cello at around the 7:45 mark, the short staccato notes added something more to the track. Intro sounded like it may go towards a middle eastern direction. I thought the ending was fine, fade out would have been better though, lol. ;)

StaticNomad replied 20th Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
Hi, Wayne.

Yes, it is an interesting title and I'm surprised I also haven't heard it before. It only took me 37 years to come up with it.

No, I can't imagine you do know much about drum 'n' bass. Or drum 'n' cell. Not your area of musical interest.

"pioneering your way to fame"

Haha - what fame? That's never gonna happen.

"You having a tough time, picking it up slowly or mastering it like a madman?"

You tell me! I'd say I'm doing OK but it is a hard instrument. I have no idea if I'll ever really be any good. Still, I'm good enough to regularly make quite a bit of music using it as the main instrument. I've uploaded about 15 cello-dominated tracks in the 13 months since I started playing.

"bowing and plucking must have a learning curve."

Pizzicato (plucking) was pretty straightforward right from the start but bowing is damn tricky. There's a lot you can do with it, which also means there's a lot that can go wrong.

"I liked the cello at around the 7:45 mark"

I have a few layers of funky cello craziness going on there. Good fun.

"Intro sounded like it may go towards a middle eastern direction"

Really? I never thought of that. Maybe it's the darker, stranger second chord.

Thanks for the feedback.
crucethus 16th Apr 2017 18:34 - 7 years ago
Greetings. Stuttering Numnuts
Great Title, Nice intro, I like the kick and high hat only intro. This might be the most compression I have heard you use on a finished tune so far. Musically it´s a nice expression of various phrases and cello rifts. 1.34 is cool with that bass line and a simple piano. the breakbeats are also nice. I think you could layer a nice guitar screaming over the top of the phrases from about 2:30 to 3:27. 4.04 a simple mood change. Piano is perfect in this. Simple but effective. have you evr thought about using a phaser effect on the cello? not that it is needed or wanted here but just a random thought! 5:53 is a nice chorus sound. Nice Build at 6:35. 7:00 you almost get a fiddle effect for the sound. 8:09 nice break again. Piano again leads the way. So the ending on the piano is the right idea. and you end with it an E minor chord on the piano, but play one more note a piano playing c major chord and it will be a perfect ending because it will remind the listener of the tasteful piano structure you developed earlier in the tune. I liked it it has the structure ideas of some of your earlier songs but we get a cello instead of a guitar. It was the subtle musical choices in the piece that swung me over to the favourable side. you get a pack of pasties for your efforts!!
StaticNomad replied 18th Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
Word up, Crumbnuts*.

It's true that my nuts are quite numb, mostly from the stutter effects I have been applying to them.

It's an interesting title and I find myself quite subtracted to you (because we are opposites).

I'm not that keen on the layered cello intro before the kick and hat enter. Hard to explain why though it was the very first thing I came up with for the track and everything grew out of it.

For the last few months I have been applying a limiter to nearly every track as a master effect. I'm quite concerned about my blocky waveforms but I prefer the louder, more powerful sounds. You must tell me if I've overdone the limiting.

"1.34 is cool with that bass line"

Yes, very busy and intricate bass. I've got a series of intros before the proper track really starts around 1:30 with the piano and bass. And then lots of dnb breaks are introduced.

"could layer a nice guitar screaming"

Indeed though I'm barely playing guitar anymore and have become pretty average at it. Cello has totally taken over. I really hope the guitar magic will return. It's a shame to waste the ability as I still think of it as my main instrument.

"Piano is perfect"

I think it's decent and a bit of a surprise in dnb, as is the cello. Though you fully expect there to be some cello in drum 'n' cell.

I haven't really tried phaser on cello. Not an effect I use often. Can sound a bit fake and over the top.

"5:53 is a nice chorus sound"

That's partly a choir pad.

"Nice Build at 6:35"

It's getting heavier now. And then a fiddle? Like a violin? Maybe. It's distorted cello.

"8:09 nice break again"

Nice to come down again. 8:07-8:09 is a cool delayed snippet of cello. Sounds like it has wah on it.

I will try your piano ending idea.

A pack of pasties? Are they sweets? Or are they like Cornish paasties?

Thanks for the details...

*On account of all the food you get through listening to my epic tracks. Don't forget to clean the crumbs off before bed.
imakebeatsLF 16th Apr 2017 13:46 - 7 years ago
okay, I only like about 3 DnB songs out of the millions out there

this has more of an atmospheric vibe going on, that kick is sexy dude

interesting sounds, I noticed a few people picked up on the cello it fit's nicely

overall good track, nice basslines too


StaticNomad replied 17th Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
Hello, Mr Frampard.

Good to hear that you're not too keen on DnB but like this, my slightly different take on the genre. I wonder which 3 DnB songs you like. Feel free to let me know which ones.

It does indeed have an atmospheric vibe though that's probably coming mostly from the cello as I'm not using synth pads much in this.

"that kick is sexy"

It might be but I don't know which one you're talking about. There are loads of kicks in this as I'm using so many drum loops.

"I noticed a few people picked up on the cello"

You kind of have to as there's so much cello playing in the track. I'm not quite sure how many sections there are in the track but I think the cello is the lead instrument in all but three sections. I needed to have a break from it from time to time. And sometimes let the other instruments (eg piano and bass) take centre stage. The first 90 secs or so is all cello and drums, with just a subtle bit of synth bass underneath to add some weight and atmosphere.

"nice basslines"

Yes - they're very busy and have lots of little intricate, rapid fills going on. Often at the end of the bar and sometimes during the bar.

If it's drum 'n' bass it kind of needs to have some good bass, I think.


(Mr Nomad)
ValveDriver 15th Apr 2017 14:25 - 7 years ago
Subtractomundo Mellowcellomad.

Ok, my first thought was that even though the BPM and the beats are common in DnB, it still has more of a chillout vibe to me. I think if you want to go with a more DnB sound, you should use some automated cutoff filters, for some swooping in, not only the percussion, but the cello itself.

I'm really digging this. It's clear that you worked hard on it. I'd say it payed off. Has Jo Q heard it yet? (You did say she was your teacher, correct?)I think this might just be my favorite track of yours.

5:05 The textures you give it in the staccatos, and what sounds like bouncing the bow in the attack of the draw are excellent. It really brings life to it.

Did you use the same speakers to mix this as you did to listen to Overmyth II? I ask because over there, you said you didn't hear much bass, but this summbitch is really bass heavy. So, either your speakers aren't very bass responsive and you're overcompensating, or its because you were so used to hearing so much sub bass from this that Overmyth sounded like it was lacking in comparison.

I'm enjoying the pianos in this. They're quite jazzy without being jazzy. If that makes sense. Jazz. What a stupid word. Not the music. Just the word.

Ok, hear me out on this. The ending. Since the bass forms a huge foundation for the cello to elegantly skate upon, maybe you can have the abrupt ending for the DnB part, but let the cello and piano descend like a feather falling to the surface of the pond where it rests in a sustained fade out. Nice and light.

Just a thought.

I don't know, man. I think you actually feel something pretty deep when you're drawing that bow, mister. This isn't just calculated slicing and placement. Even if the calculation is in the production, It's not in the playing. There's a fluid voice in that cello that I've never heard in any of your other tracks.

I will most likely be back for another review. There's a lot going on in this track that I know I missed. Even after 3 listens in a row, plus the one earlier. I just finished putting the valves away, and now I must do the same for myself.

Later Drumandbassanator
StaticNomad replied 16th Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
Word up, my BassValve.

Yes, this does have a big chill vibe. I just cant help it! It's there in so much of what I do. I really look for beauty in music and I've always been fascinated by combining that with an uptempo feel. Some badass beats, basically.

"if you want to go with a more DnB sound"

I do and I don't. Among my many musical limitations is not really knowing enough about the structure of music to really understand quite how any genre is made. So I've never really belonged in any genre, except for perhaps rock music. So, every time I make any other genre, I'm guessing at how to get that sound and I also really like to mix up the genres as I feel it's the best way of coming up with a new and unique sound.

So, perhaps automated cutoff filters would make this more d'n'b but I like it to be somewhat atypical, as is having so much cello anyway. I still haven't heard any other drum 'n' cell though I guess there must be some.

No, JQ hasn't heard it yet but probably will. She gives me feedback on most of my cello tracks but via email rather than on here. I guess she'll like it, as she seems to with most, perhaps all, of my others. She thinks I have come along very quickly with the cello. I guess I'm still very much a beginner in terms of how long I've been playing it (13 months) though I have made two whole albums of material with it in that time.

"I think this might just be my favorite track of yours."

Cool. But maybe that's because it's new and you've forgotten some of the older ones. I'm sure I do that with other people's tracks.

"bouncing the bow in the attack of the draw are excellent"

Yes - that's called spiccato. Nothing to do with Hispanics. It is indeed bouncing the bow on the strings and can be rather cool but also problematic. You can hear that technique in the chill intro and those same parts are also reintroduced much later (with added distortion). The spiccato section you mention is probably my favourite cello section in the whole track. Either that or the riff in the last minute.

"Did you use the same speakers to mix this as you did to listen to Overmyth II?"

Yes and no. I make all my music on decent headphones as I have problems with my speakers. And I listened to Overmyth II on those same headphones.

I didn't realise the piano in this was jazzy. It actually plays for about 70% of the track as it's subtly there when things get more intense in the second half. You don't get that much piano in d'n'b.

Your ending makes sense and I can imagine it quite clearly. I will have another go and see if I can manage it.

"There's a fluid voice in that cello that I've never heard in any of your other tracks."

Damn, I hope there's some fluid cellage in some of my others!

Ok, see you again for another review of my DnC.

Mr Mellowcellomad
Deathbot 14th Apr 2017 04:04 - 7 years ago
StaticNomad replied 14th Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
Hello, Deathbot.

I'm happy that I can make you moist all over. That's not exactly my aim when making music but I don't mind providing that additional service.

Yes, you certainly can have some more.

This last year has been all about the cello for me as I've made loads of music with it, across various genres. Here are some highlights for you to check out:


Nuance is Futile

Grooving psychedelic cellout:

The Warm Glow Of Yesterday

Cello hip hop, jazz, rock etc:

Everything Where It Should Be

Psychedelic, Eastern, dark dance/jazz/fusion:

Navigating The Neversphere

Psychedelic techno cello:

Dangerous Spaces

Let me know what you think of one or some of them...
swindla007 13th Apr 2017 19:19 - 7 years ago
dude...this track is SO good. The vibe, the groove, everything is damn sexy....perfect for the summer. great job man.
DJ Swindla aka Mike
StaticNomad replied 13th Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
Greetings, DJ Swindla aka Mike.

I think the track is good but far from perfect. Some aspects still annoy me a little.

Sexy? I don't know - I never think about that when making music but I guess you're talking about some of the cool grooves.

And different people find different things sexy. For instance, a female friend finds the following track sexy. It's my heaviest ever track so you may not like it at all:

Fist Bumps Of Fury

I guess this might be good for the summer. It's certainly not a cold, depressing, mournful vibe.

Thanks again.
Nodog 13th Apr 2017 13:45 - 7 years ago
Epic indeed really super sound going on there i also liked the half tempo sections the whole production is very slick inspiring my friend keep up the good work faved. best regards.
StaticNomad replied 13th Apr 2017 - 7 years ago
Word up, Nodog.

Yes, I like the half tempo sections as well. That's much more my usual kind of tempo rather than the fast stuff. The half tempo sections are certainly not d'n'b but I don't care as they seem to fit the track and are quite similar to the other sections, just without those rapid breakbeat drums.

Which goes to show that d'n'b is mostly about the type of drums used.
"the whole production is very slick"

Excellent. I try to make things smooth but also keep some grit and attitude so that things aren't too bland and still a bit edgy and exciting.

I will try to keep up the good work.

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I went from a chill-out track of the Faded remix to this lol.

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