17th Nov 2017 17:47 -  6 years ago
Description : Far out, cello-based, deep grooving, progressive, powerful and sometimes aggressive sci fi epic with lots of electronic elements and some dubstep craziness towards the end. Electric cello, slow attack guitar, resonator guitar, a little bit of bass guitar, 5 synths, lots of effects and drum loops and a few programmed drum kits. It all began with the first couple of cello riffs (one pizzicato bassline, one bowed main riff) and the hip hop beats and then grew and grew as I added more synths and drums and worked in some old, leftover guitar parts. It's very detailed and complex and the mix and sculpting of the sounds are as important as the composition. Have a good listen then come back and let me know what you thought of this twisting, turning journey into outer space. Feel free to criticise and/or tell me your favourite parts...

Comments (11)

If you have time take a listen and give StaticNomad some feedback.

Stereonomicon 28th Dec 2019 23:56 -  4 years ago
Very articulate and interesting piece. Esoteric sounds chase and intertwine to transport listeners along cosmic highways to a destination of mystery and discovery. This is music to be listened to repeatedly to fully appreciate all its facets and kaleidoscopic images.
Anubis 3rd May 2018 16:19 -  6 years ago
definitely a piece of art.
this is a type of music that will be remembered for a long time.
well my friend, as we all know, you have the habit of making interesting variations on your melodies, some slides on the notes and significant variations that embellish the atmosphere.
some aggressive moments, some calmer moments.
this is a very good feature, I would say it is an unmatched skill.
another interesting fact is that you can make a song with almost 10 minutes without seeming repetitive, usually my songs are in the 2 to 3 minutes and I think if it was longer, it would be repetitive.
the riffs seem to have a reverberation absolutely natural and echoed, I understand that this must have a very large work behind all these notes.
How long will it take you to make a composition like that?
these psychedelic styles that you have been doing lately, are unique pieces, and could easily be inserted into movie soundtracks Etc.

with respect -
Nodog 6th Dec 2017 20:33 -  6 years ago
Super track which demands attention right from the start, it was a real pleasure to listen to it. Best regards Robbie.
williusu 6th Dec 2017 20:21 -  6 years ago
dammmm i love these drums, good job man
ValveDriver 5th Dec 2017 06:38 -  6 years ago
Greetings from Valvehalla.

Another NTB.

You definitely have a lot going on in this one. For the most part, it sounds like a typical Nomad track. But, that part around 6:45 gets really interesting. 7:30 it takes a nice trippy heavier, synthier, twist. It would have been cool to hear you cut out some of the pads, and introduce some low end distorted rythym guitar riff. The bass line from here out is really cool. Almost has a Roger Waters bounce to it. Maybe it was like this earlier in the track. I'm on the first run through. I'll go back and listen again.
Yeah, I guess it's in there earlier, too. I think. Maybe that's just synth I'm hearing.
I really like the guitar in this one. Not just the trusty ol' resonator, but all the squealy parts before it.

Overall, it's definitely a NTB. A little too crowded in a few spots for me. But, then again, that might just be my mood tonight. I'm a little more in the minimalist groove mood tonight. I'll listen to this one again when I'm a little more amped up.
HA! Yeah...I just reached the 7:30 mark again. I do like that little section a lot. I'd like to hear you do a full track based on that part.
No excuses. Get on it. I want it done before Christmas!

Oh! By the way...remember a week or two back, when you sort of requested a dark trippy Valvedriver tune? I delivered.

"In The Dreams Of The Damned"

Catch you on the flip side.
Perko93 26th Nov 2017 09:50 -  6 years ago
Wow, impressive mix considering all the stuff going on at the same time, must have had a lot of eq-ing to do. But mixing aside I think arrangement is also great, maybe even better because this song is really a ride and everything is so seamless when it comes to transitions. I also liked the natural tone of drums, did you record them in a studio or are drums sampled?
StaticNomad replied 4th Dec 2017 - 6 years ago

My apologies for the late reply.

Yes, there certainly is a lot of stuff going on here though I'm sure I have more simultaneous stuff in some of my other tracks. I'm not sure I really do that much EQing. There are different ways to shape the sounds, such as filtering on synths as well as adjusting the velocities of the individual drum hits.

"everything is so seamless when it comes to transitions"

Thanks. I don't always get it right and I think there are a couple of transitions that could be a bit better in this one.

There are lots of drums in here. I'm using probably at least 10-15 separate drum loops plus a few hypersampled acoustic drum kits made by Toontrack. They are a mixture of Superior and EZ Drummer kits, which are very good and not too expensive.

"did you record them in a studio"

I didn't record the Toontrack kits in a studio but someone else did. Have a look at some of the short videos on the Toontrack site and you'll see how they make their drum sample packs. They're real kits, recorded in real studios and then the end user gets to choose how to mix and trigger/program those sounds.

Thanks for the feedback.
Neomorpheus 23rd Nov 2017 15:52 -  6 years ago
Brofessor Static, yeah man I been anxiously waiting for a new track from you esé!
Its definitely a cool trypt with a host of far out sounds that I havent heard from you before. I especially dig the section around 6:30 where the synth begins the distorted swells that almost resemble playing through a wah or expression pedal. I like the cresendo that begins around 7:25 where you reprise the same sound and really go nuts with it. That's some really dope shit ! BUT, it could be even better if you would incorporate some panning to move the sound around for some crazy stereo effect. Its perfect for that sort of thing. Anyhow just an idea. Since its the holiday season now, I'm waiting to see if Santa will bring a Christmas cello track from you. I'm putting it on my list !!

Later bro.
StaticNomad replied 25th Nov 2017 - 6 years ago
Tryppy greetings.

Have you really been anxiously waiting for a new track from me? Walking around during the day thinking: "Damn, I really need me some new Nomad"?

Anyway, good to hear there are "a host of far out sounds that I havent heard from you before" because I try to introduce new sounds into every track I make and I think I'm mostly successful.

"the section around 6:30 where the synth begins the distorted swells"

That's my lead dubstep synth. I downloaded a load of free dubstep patches for Reason (my main synth) and that sound seemed pretty cool. Quite a few dubstep sounds annoy me though perhaps it's more to do with the way they're used and abused.

I'm just automating a few settings on that synth so that's probably why it sounds like it's a wah or expression pedal in use. Pretty standard dubstep stuff.

"7:25 where you reprise the same sound and really go nuts with it."

Yeah, that's pretty aggressive. I will give your extreme panning idea a go as I need to go back sometime and improve this track. The main task is to come up with an intro.

No, there won't be a Christmas cello track from me but I can offer the following one from much earlier this year that I think you missed. It's got some really cool cello in it plus trip hop and dubstep and so on. Trypt actually came out of it so they're both at the same tempo.

This Time All The Time

sheensheep 21st Nov 2017 03:31 -  6 years ago
Honestly @Silverman described it best. It's almost jazz, but isn't... almost rock, but isn't... Madness is great word to describe it.

I usually gravitate to songs that you can't really pin down, and this is one of them. It's incredibly well mixed with tons of interesting sounds. Absolutely love the break at 7:24 with the glitchy sounds and crazy drums.

Like you I also feel like there could be more to the intro. Something to preview the madness that follows. I would start with high energy drum fills coupled with a lead doing a crazy solo, then it tapers off into near silence then the Cello bassline and drums start. Very Jazz inspired. Kind of like the end of Cowboy Bebop's intro song, but instead of resolving, it creates tension for the rest of the song.

Anyways, amazing work!

-[ Sheen ]-
StaticNomad replied 23rd Nov 2017 - 6 years ago
Great to hear you really liked this one.

I'm still not hearing the jazz in this. It's not swinging and there are no jazz-related instruments. Perhaps it's just that initial cello bassline that is reminiscent of jazzy double bass. There definitely is rock coming from the drums. And perhaps some of the distorted cello parts.

"I usually gravitate to songs that you can't really pin down, and this is one of them."

I'm kind of the same. Thanks.

"tons of interesting sounds"

That's what I go for in most of my tracks. I just have to be acareful not to add too many. Adding lots means the mix is harder but that's part of the fun - trying to get all this disparate stuff to sit nicely together.

"Absolutely love the break at 7:24"

Yeah, that's my dubstep madness. The track has a limiter applied to the output mixer al the time except for a few sections. When taken off, things get more aggressive. So it's off for this section.

"Like you I also feel like there could be more to the intro"

Yes and I must go back and try to come up with one. I was lazy and never really seriously attempted anything. I had some ideas along the lines of yours. I do need something that is a preview of the crazy stuff that follows. Maybe a massive, heavily effected drum fill or something that fades out, with its delay lines trailing. And then the cello bass and hip hop drums start. I just need to experiment with that idea and see what emerges.

Thanks again for the high praise.
silverman 21st Nov 2017 02:00 -  6 years ago
Loving this.
It just keeps getting better as it unfolds and keeps almost collapsing.
It starts out so loose and baggy and defiantly holds itself together against all the known laws of physics.
Physics because it has become a solid reality.
It's almost jazz but isn't.
It's almost rock but it isn't.
It may be the best thing you ever did but that of course is down to taste.
It seems to constantly be on the edge of collapse but it's solidity keeps it together somehow.
That's the madness that's in there.
StaticNomad replied 22nd Nov 2017 - 6 years ago
Hello, Mr Sman.

Great to hear you loved it so much. I can't say this is the best track I've ever made but I have made something like 20 albums in the last 17 years so it's tough to pick a favourite, though I do kind of have one (and it's still on this site).

Yes, I feel the track keeps on getting better and second half is perhaps better than the first. Interesting point about it continually almost collapsing. I guess that's when it comes down from going heavy and crazy and kind of resets itself into something a bit different.

I never thought of it being like jazz while making it. Perhaps that initial cello bassline. There's definitely rock in here from the drums and maybe also some distorted cello parts.

I like the madness here. I tried to keep pushing and making certain bits more extreme and interesting. It's not perfect so I will return in order to come up with a proper intro and perhaps tidy up some other areas.

Thanks for the thoughts.
BLEEP 20th Nov 2017 18:08 -  6 years ago
You fetched tones which are rather atypical and which ring tremendously well! I adore this kind of exploration in which incoherence and coherence get tangled marvelously.
By moment, the melody reminded me a group in the same vein as your musical production, it was called "Morphine". The bass player had the peculiarity to play only with two ropes and relaxed, I let you imagine the obtained tones!!!

there's madness in this track and i like it! Congratulation for this high composition in color!

StaticNomad replied 21st Nov 2017 - 6 years ago
Greetings, Mr Bleep.

Thanks for listening and commenting.

"incoherence and coherence get tangled marvelously"

Haha - that's a nice phrase and idea. Yes, I like to do that whenever possible. I'm always looking for unusual tones and sounds.And I do like to introduce some madness into what I do. You have to find a way to keep things interesting.

I think the cello bassline right at the start probably reminded you of Morphine and Mark Sandman's 2-string bass. Morphine are one of my favourite ever bands so I know their tones very well.

The first 40 seconds of the track below by me sound a lot like Morphine (but not the rest of the track) as there's real saxophone. And cello. I hope you like it.

Everything Where It Should Be

Thanks again for the thoughts.
Indieground 18th Nov 2017 15:11 -  6 years ago
Very cool track mate
I enjoyed it
The mix was surely difficult with all those sounds but i listened with my headphone and everything seems to be in the good place sa congrats !
StaticNomad replied 18th Nov 2017 - 6 years ago

Great to hear you enjoyed it. I've only been working on this one track for the last few weeks and, now I've finished it, I'm not quite sure what else I have to work on. I guess I'll find something - probably some older problem tracks.

Yes, the mix is complicated but I keep mixing all the time as I continuously sculpt the sounds and automate the effects. I work entirely on headphones.

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't manage to come up with a proper intro but maybe just that cello bassline and drums is good enough.

Thanks again.

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created backwards guitar leads.little yellow house by the tracks is allways thumpin :)
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Description : I was just puttering around again. I really have no idea what I have here. Is it garbage? Know what genre this is? Fusion? Psychedelic? Lil bit of everything?
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