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Description : Real bass guitar and electric guitar. Three Midi drum kits, with Taiko drum loops. Midi piano, double-bass, piccolo, violins and violas. All Midi instruments played by putting fingers to midi controller's keys, then polished with the ancient musical device called "The Mouse". Guitar and bass are minimal, and there is none in the first minute. It's all done with keys. Would love some feedback on this one. No idea on the genre. I saw no selection for "Exophagy Soundscape".

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  1. Planetjazzbass
    Planetjazzbass on Tue 29th Dec 2015 - 4 years ago

    Had to check this track out after the recommendation...Now that changeup at 1:52 is what I'm talking about, nice one!..great stuff man, at some point in time in any good passage of music (like this) there's a defining moment where for arguments sake gravity is defeated for a split second and things take off or conversely the recalcitrant ghost of melancholia makes an appearance, for bass players it's usually the former for keyboard and guitar players the latter (though Jaco could choose either seemingly at will) when it happens it's always the sign of good music....to this day Justin Bieber hasn't achieved it (I'm no authority on his discography, but I've heard enough!)......excellent track! cheers Dave

  2. Yan87
    Yan87 on Tue 18th Aug 2015 - 5 years ago

    Reminds me horror soundtrack ! nice !

  3. Philemonster1
    Philemonster1 on Thu 12th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago


    Reply by Evisma

    No problem.

    Take care of yourself and those who care for you.


  4. ReignStorms
    ReignStorms on Thu 12th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    Well this is a nice little gem. Good listen. Very chill. I'm glad I checked your song out.

    Reply by Evisma

    Glad you liked it.

  5. Philemonster1
    Philemonster1 on Wed 11th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    yo Evisma/ and all the broz and broesses

    So i finally did vocals to this beat, i had SOOO much fun both during the recording and mixing process.
    have a listen and see what evolution your creation has gotten to..or DE evolution lol either way



    Reply by Evisma

    I dig it very much. You did stuff with it that I would not have expected. Very neat. I'm glad, more than anything, that something I did was a bit of inspiration for someone else. After all, that's the best effect to have on the world. Be inspirational, and always for something positive. Brotherhood of man.

    Take care.


  6. C20Beats
    C20Beats on Tue 10th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    nice production, done like a pro!

    Reply by Evisma

    Pro done a production, nice like.

  7. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Mon 9th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    Bass guitar* is so juicy lol

    Reply by Evisma

    Especially if you tent it with some aluminum foil, and let it rest for at least five minutes, before cutting into it.

  8. BradoSanz
    BradoSanz on Mon 9th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    What software/VST do you use for those drums? I love em so much! And that guitar is so juicy man. Beautiful stuff here. Honestly, I have no critiques of this one. Great work.

    Reply by Evisma

    The drums are Taiko drum loops from Samplephonics or Looploft.

    Got a decent tone on the bass in this one, but I plucked the guitar a bit too hard in spots and would like to redo that at some time. Bass is always two separate go-throughs that I pan hard left and right. Modulation without using modulation. Good stuff.

    Thanks for the listen and the feedback.


  9. Mosaic
    Mosaic on Mon 9th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    Hey Evan

    Mate first track reviewed since time off due to poor health, mate what a way to get back into listening to great tunes here on the loop...
    Love the intro to this one, sets you up very nicely for the rest of the track, as piano is one of my fav elements to use in tracks, was a very pleasant surprise to see you using here, knew then was totally going to love track, which I do, easy listening type of rock which I enjoy...Could really see a Irish Celtic vocal over this, would be massive, piece has a Celtic sound to me...Excellent work on this one matey...FAV...Peace n Respect...Mos...

    Reply by Evisma

    Glad you're back, Mosaic.

    I hope you are doing ok. I'm not going to pry into the issues, I just know that health issues are scary as hell and they make you look at life very differently. I hope you are alright.

    Thanks for the track appreciation! I enjoyed this one. This one sounds a bit Celtic, you say? I did one that apparently sounded Asian a few weeks ago, now I'm heading back to where I came from.

    Take care, and welcome back.


  10. jklice
    jklice on Fri 6th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    The name to this track quickly got my attention. I love the piano like sounds to it. I'm not sure what type of VST that is, but it sounds like a piano/string mix. It goes great with this track! Very original and has much potential.

    Reply by Evisma

    You are correct. Strings, piano and piccolo.

    Thanks for the listen and the feedback!


  11. Philemonster1
    Philemonster1 on Fri 6th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    ye just got it!!!
    and no problemo,i REALLY was waiting for it the wholeday tho lol..."the power of music"
    that story sucks bro, but i dont think you should completly put your guard up ,yes some people are crazy online but some are really proffessional..its hard to distinguish tho.i hope you wont go thru that again

    forgive my spelling errors..i am super tired lol

    PS..Will put up the track under the same nme when i am done.
    do you do vocal mixing?

    Reply by Evisma

    "i REALLY was waiting for it the wholeday tho lol."

    Damn. I wrote you lastnight, promised to set it up for you,.... then crashed. I feel like a dick now. Sorry.

    "PS..Will put up the track under the same nme when i am done.
    do you do vocal mixing?"

    If you would, add "feat. Philemonster" or something like that to the title, and maybe a link to the original like a lot of folks here do.

    I've never done vocal mixing besides my own, and there isn't much to say about that. A few attempts, and a realization that someone else should be doing it besides me.

    I hope this goes well for you. Take care,.... and sorry again for inadvertently testing your patience. Impressive forbearance.


  12. promenade2239
    promenade2239 on Fri 6th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    hi. I am on my 2nd listening now. This music will work perfectly as soundtrack for me. That's how I see it and I say that because it's still not that kind of music which I wanted to play over and over again. That's a matter of some personal prefference and it's still very relative needless to say. Really nothing to complain about this production at all, you're doing quite well as piano player and arranger not mention your bass skills. Good to hear you work evolving and it's nice you simply keep producing.

    Reading some comments below sorry to hear you had bad experiences when emailing other peoples from the site. I didn't have any. I make A LOT of private e mailing here and managed to produce a great amount of quite interesting songs with collaboration of some members reaching them out personally over these last months since I joined the site. The work I am uploading here over the time is only a little portion of the great amount of that collab action. Some songs are still just 'trials' and will never be published. But that's really great way for me to learn and develop my sound. That's basically how I am using this site.
    Of course the most part of the music on the site is not my taste at all too but I am not afraid from listening to different genres, sometimes I can appreciate only some single ideas or simply the vision.

    As for the sugesstions I can only recommend you developing your playing even more. I am a keyboardist and basically playing the instruments is much more sane for me than just fooling around inside the daw but there's no way around it of course when comes to construct good arrangements. Going out and find musicians that may want play for you is so a hard work. You can't imagine how much energy I put to manage all this but at the end the results were great. Still your musical taste can be challenged during this process but that's what I really like. It requires flexibility and so much patience.

    I can't give you any detailed review this time. Just wanted to share some thoughts.
    I enjoyed listening again to this one. Best to you, Alex

    Reply by Evisma


    Seems you're more into collabs than I am. I really use this site for constructive criticism and creation sharing anymore. Started for the drum loops, then Good Mr. Nomad thankfully shamed me into trying harder with the drums, and now I rarely use any loops. Now, I feel like I have a few friends here who don't mind listening to my overly bassy music(which I'm trying to make less songs that's JUST bass guitar, been doing it for years, time to grow).

    I'll keep up with the V.I.s, and I do play 90 percent of what I keep in the tracks. The midi keyboard controller is really great. I didn't cheap out. Also, I'm upon a forced hiatus. My headphones just blew out on the left side, so I just dropped about $170 lastnight on some ATH-M50x. Had old ATH-M40, so it's an upgrade. Got great reviews. I LOVE to read where Beats By Dre are getting shit on by music lovers. It warms me inside. 80 percent if the price pays for the "b" on the outside. That is what you pay for. $89 headphones are out-performing them. Good stuff.

    Take care of yourself, and others.


  13. Philemonster1
    Philemonster1 on Fri 6th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    cool bro-i will keep this page open and keep refreshing every now and then till its downloadable,thanks!!

    so what did the user do??hack?

    Reply by Evisma

    Forgot to set it for you. Sorry. I'm an expert idiot at times. It's now set to download, and once you get it, I'll set it back to how it was. I don't allow downloads because one guy from here found his music being sold and some thief was making money off of his work.

    "so what did the user do??hack?"

    I won't name names, but I started collaborating with an awesome musician from here, who seems to be absent for a while. All was well, till he started wanting to bring other people he knew into the process. He wanted to give out my e-mail to people. Then some chick friend of his started trying to talk to me. I'm married, and though she said her intentions were harmless, married guys don't talk to random girls online. I told her that it's not appropriate, and she got offended and told the original member that I treated her like a common bitch. I meant no disrespect, but I have the right to end a friendship once I get that "shady" feeling, and so I did. I got some pretty hateful e-mails after that, saying I'm wrong. I thought about it. I'm not wrong.

    Hope this song gives you some inspiration, and again, sorry for forgetting to set it to download!

    Take care.


  14. Philemonster1
    Philemonster1 on Fri 6th Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    WOW!!the feeling this invoked!!!even from the name,brought out the inner African in me-MAN i have such big hopes for this track it would sound sooo ill with some AFRO Chants and some crazy melodies/rhymes can i PLZ do some vocals on this bro?really life changing soundi just heard with big dreams for more @

    Reply by Evisma

    Do anything you want with it. I'll set it to be downloadable for a bit, so download it and do what you wish. Upload what you come up with here and let us all hear it. I'm truly glad you liked it!

    Sorry, but I don't deal with personal E-mail anymore, or I'd send you stems. Bad experience with a user here. Hope it goes well!


  15. Oceanically
    Oceanically on Sun 1st Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    Lovely listen! especially the riffs of the guitar. This is definitely worthy of being in a cinematic blockbuster! :)

    Reply by Evisma

    Thank you much!

  16. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Sun 1st Mar 2015 - 5 years ago

    Aha - I am back after not using the site much for a week.

    Not much love for your nice track bro so allow me to offer a little more (you have no choice).

    Intro works well.

    0:29-0:31 delayed (?) piano slide is cool. Kind of thing I go in for but not you usually. Tis also a little like some classic Dre Dre/Snoop Dogg hip hop piano bits (seriously).

    0:33 and we're into the strings, which sound pretty decent. Many people's sampled strings sound much worse.

    0:59 cool bass tone and first note. Just nice, sparse playing, sometimes with some runs to join in with piano. Very tasteful stuff!

    1:25 cool second bass riff. Some might think it's guitar.

    This has a really cool, spacious vibe and groove to it. A lot like some of my stuff. Actually, I'd be happy for this to be your entry as a tribute track to me, even though it's about 10 mins too short (semi-joke there). I'd be happy to have made it.

    1:51 another cool bass riff. No bends but sounds awesome without. Bends: who needs them? Maybe I shall give them up.

    2:44 cool return and now some guitar. Blends well with other instruments and isn't that obviously a guitar. On the beautiful side of things rather than badass or funky.

    3:35 good little cymbal fill. And now things go up for a final flourish.

    Overall: damn fine track. Complete music lacking nothing so not sounding like you're struggling (as you sometimes do) with only bass and drums. No real criticism from me.

    Damn, I wouldn't like to live in the buckle of the bible belt. I have religious neighbours either side of me but have hardly met a religious person under 40 in years. More chance of meeting a Samoan with 30 cats.

    P.S. Got the 5 string electric cello though no bow as I'm told they differ greatly in price so best look around, get cheapish one. Plucking no problem 1st day tho guess bowing will take quite a while to get good at. Will need to for doing aggressive cellometallo. Am also having extra low string sent so should be great for basslines. So, guess my new bass is a cello. Get ready for loads of slidey basslines!


    Reply by Evisma

    Good day, distant fellow.

    "Not much love for your nice track bro so allow me to offer a little more"

    I've really not been listening to much Looperman music lately because of the near total lack of tracks in genres I can stand, so I've not really been commenting on any.

    Just for something new, I started searching Rock tracks, then click 'Last' on the pages, and listened to the first rock stuff put on here. The first ten or so pages of tracks. It was pretty few and far between then as well. Commenting is pointless, as nobody from then even has the same email, but I think I got one reply from a seven year old track.

    "0:29-0:31 delayed (?) piano slide"

    I duplicated the slide 3x and did the echo with velocity. No delay.

    This track started by me playing the piano through my controller for about half an hour, added the drums, and I came up with the first minute, then I added the double bass thinking of your cello, though I tried my cello, the sound was not as good as the double bass, so I went with it instead. Then piccolo, then higher strings.

    I thought everything came out well. The guitar tone at the end is something I've been picking on, but I think it was from picking a bit too hard.

    Being surrounded by hard-core and in-your-face Christians, I've learned to just not speak to people. Religion and Politics are the same thing here. The craziest thing happens when you tell a patriotic, Christian American about the truth behind the "Disappearance" of most Native Americans. It has ALWAYS lead them to say that everything America has done to other people was justified because of what it has gained in doing so. Even slavery. That mentality blows my mind, but that's the guy who takes my cash at the gas station, or sells me insurance, or I do landscaping for.

    Off topic, but I worked for Brad Pitts parents about eight years ago. Brad Pitt actually came from my home town, and his parents and siblings still live here. His dad started adding things to the landscaping job beyond what was on the contract, and after he ordered the wrong kind of sod and had it delivered to his house, and realized his fuck up in front of us and got embarrassed and indignant and basically fired us because he bought a Bluegrass-Fescue BLEND, and not a Bluegrass-Fescue MIX. A whole 53 foot flatbed trailer of it. So, because we didn't magically stop him from making this order for sod on his own, and for us seeing his fuck up, he fired us and stiffed my boss $10,000. My boss had to take out personal loans just for payroll.

    My boss no longer watches Brad Pitt movies.

  17. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Mon 23rd Feb 2015 - 5 years ago

    Ancient mouse squeaks to thee

    Shame on me for doing another review when I can't listen and give time references and stuff. Listened to this earlier today and was very impressed.

    You sound much more confident with all the non-bass stuff ie the strings etc

    Still guitar is a bit of a background instrument for you though I guess you're still getting used to it and will bust out something else more up front in the future. Try bending the strings a bit/a lot to add more expression and attitude to your parts.

    There's no obvious genre name for this but I'd say it might best fit in 'ethnic' or 'cinematic' on this site. Not a lot of rock in here. Most of that probably comes from the drums, which sound particularly good this time.

    I think you've used taiko loops a few times now and they give this more of a tribal feel that contributes to the 'ethnic' tag I suggested. A bit of an ancient feel, actually.

    This kind of a vibe is cool departure for you and the sort of thing you should explore more.

    Vulvadryer, Crucethus and Promenade will all be impressed by it.

    I use an ancient Egyptian mouse that was in poor condition when I bought it cheaply at a local auction. But, after some careful restoration, it works very well. Still has some Egyptian sand it it. And, yes, it is pyramid-shaped.

    Two fun facts:

    a)I was born in Cairo and so was my grandfather though neither of us is actually Egyptian.

    b) When I went back there in 2009, I bought three mini pyramids wrapped in plastic as a cheap and tacky souvenir when at the actual pyramids (y'know, the really famous ones). I have used them as a door stop for my bedroom door ever since.

    Will re-review with additional details later.

    Temporarily adios.

    Reply by Evisma

    Greets and Heys.

    "Try bending the strings a bit/a lot to add more expression and attitude to your parts."

    I intend to do this. I'm always afraid of breaking strings since bass strings are $40 a set, and bending is what caused many early string-breaks. I guess Elixer's strings are pretty cheap for the six-string, and I need some for the Squier anyway, so my wife can try and pick her's up again.

    "This kind of a vibe is cool departure for you and the sort of thing you should explore more."

    I'm wanting to. This track's whole sound came from the name. The name came to me while driving, and the idea stuck with me for the few days till I made the track. Always seems to work like that.

    Fun Fact:

    I now live less than one mile from the hospital I was born in. I've always loved the area I've lived in, though the people can suck. I live in a college town. We have about a dozen Universities, half are Christian Faith colleges. Buckle of the bible belt. If you put up a sign on a busy corner that read "Free Carbon Dating", it would be torn down overnight and the area would be cleansed by rubbing everything down with literature from Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck.

  18. mrwolf14
    mrwolf14 on Sun 22nd Feb 2015 - 5 years ago

    Hi MrEvan,
    Good intro: very well played (& programmed).
    We have to wait for the bass, but when it comes it is "mighty" and "powerful" … exactly what the song needs at this point. Very good.
    The (high bass) guitar riff around 2:00 is a killer one: this alone is worth more than 4 minutes listening. Liked,
    Good work with the guitar in the last section: the guitar is more a "guest" in this song, but it does the job.
    Thoughtful and well arranged track.
    Ciao, Domenico

    Reply by Evisma

    Hello, good sir. I hope you are well.

    I really enjoyed doing this one. I felt like it kept coming out like I was hearing in my head. I spent a lot more time with the VI's in this. Several lines of automation, which I almost never use. 1 in 10 tracks may have automation.

    "The (high bass) guitar riff around 2:00 is a killer one"

    Thanks. It was an odd one to play. A and D strings, up around 10 and 12, but I tune Drop C#, so it would be a half step higher.

    Thank you for the kind words, consistent presence and appreciation of that sweet, sweet thang we call Bass Guitar.

    Take care.


  19. midisparks
    midisparks on Sun 22nd Feb 2015 - 5 years ago

    i like how I am hearing the guitar riff mixed between the two speakers. everything is nicely balanced. nice, polished mix. I don't see cannibalism. i do see outdoors, the wild, adventure. beautiful work. cinematic I would say.

    Reply by Evisma


    I always record everything twice and pan them. Gives a nice modulation without and added FX.

    "I don't see cannibalism. i do see outdoors, the wild, adventure."

    This is the hunting, not the eating. I may do that next track.

    Thanks for the listen and the feedback.


  20. danke
    danke on Sun 22nd Feb 2015 - 5 years ago

    Hell knows it reminds me for Monthy Pyton (donno the right spelling)...very epic, very new, I mean fresh from you...never heard kinda heroistic instruments from you (donno every music of yours)...
    No idea for genre...StaticNomad WILL HAVE...:-)
    Serious one is fusion...for me

    Respect and handshake, Danke

    Reply by Evisma


    You mean Monty Python. Holy Grail, I'm guessing. Damn fine movie. Only one horse. Whole movie, only one horse. Three seconds scene where a knight rides into the shot and slashes the throat of an old historian who is giving the audience details of the story's history. That's it. The rest of the movie it's coconuts,... which are tropical.

    My track "The Farcical Aquatic Ceremony" is from that movie. Dennis, the "old woman" who squabbles with the king about electing the king and how one becomes king.

    "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no means for a basis of government. Supreme executive power is derived from a mandate from the masses, not some farcical aquatic ceremony"

    Good stuff. "And Now For Something Completely Different" is probably my favorite.

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