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8th Jul 2024 19:13 - 1 week ago
Description : That was another one that I never finished.

But it's fun to share my stuff with you!

FYI: 166 bpm (83 respectively)

Hope you like it!

3rd Jul 2024 23:31 - 2 weeks ago
Description : FYI: 175 (85.5) BPM

Oh boy, what can I say!

I tried to marry "drum and bass", "dubstep" and a "bass test" here.

Okay, there is a little overdrive (check!).

But I love it :D

I will provide you with samples of it.
I'm thinking about making a video about it, what do you think?
23rd Jun 2024 20:13 - 4 weeks ago
Description : Drum and bass with dubstep vibes.

FYI: 175 Bpm

Hope you like it
22nd Jun 2024 19:51 - 4 weeks ago
Description : Sometimes I do things and don't know why.
This track is one of those moments.

Could go in the direction of lo-fi hip hop, right?

Cheers Franky
15th Jun 2024 14:46 - 1 month ago
Description : I took a little inspiration from Alpha Blondy.

Do you think that works?

When I have a little more time soon, I'll try to cut loops :)
Hope you like it.
12th Jun 2024 21:34 - 1 month ago
Description : Yap, i am not perfect. Reupload because DC Offcet wrong, not normalized and too much Compressor (Compressor on Master makes no Sense! My Fault, why i do a Compres... Nevermind)

Yes, long intro and maybe too long transition.

Don't forget, I'm just doing this for fun

Cheers Franky
11th Jun 2024 21:24 - 1 month ago
Description : Oh dear, I have accumulated too many things. Everything has to go :)
Do you know Ren or The Big Push? I love this kind of street music. Since I'm not a street musician, I'm sitting behind a PC ... hope you like it.

Important: I get a lot of emails asking me if they can use this (exclusively) commercially. No! Because then I would have to take everything offline. That is not the purpose of Looperman. Ask me via DM if I can do something, but what is online and free stays online and free
8th Jun 2024 22:05 - 1 month ago
Description : First attempt to make reggae in the French style.

Hope you like it :)
7th Jun 2024 21:52 - 1 month ago
Description : I mixed this Track (Part 1) with Headphones. PLEASE give some Feedback, do this Postmix sounds well? Ah I'm crying. I miss my Studio Speaker.

FYI Headphone Mastering is ... I have no word for this Situation!
But hey, in 24 Hours the 2. Part is coming in, Spoiler "Frenchstyle" Reggae (Headphones mastered :()
24th Feb 2023 22:20 - 1 year ago
Description : (This Track was made in in the Year 2011? I think about to remake this) After all these years here is a classic from me (Thsi track is over 12 years old!) ... the beginning
7th Nov 2021 16:21 - 2 years ago
Description : Do you know what it's like to permanently punch someone in the face because of their stupidity?

This track was created exactly for that reason :)

Is a shortie and I can not exactly assign the genre ... hmm

Edit: Reupload normalized Version
12th Oct 2013 19:38 - 10 years ago
Description : My try to make a harder HipHop Track - The Result - a chilly HipHop Track o.O Often is less more

Cheers to Nepaul for the great Pella :D
29th Sep 2013 18:05 - 10 years ago
Tags :
Description : Hi There :D

i made a lil Club Track for some (Re)mixes.
140 Bpm ;)

I made some Loops from this. This helps you to extend this Track, maybe :)

The Acapella is from steklo, you find this here
11th Aug 2013 22:33 - 10 years ago
Tags :
Description : Hey there! :)
After a Long time -.- a new Track :D

Haha, naaa it's a try after the Long time :P
The Track is more an funny Track with some Dub or Reggae Elements. The great Pella by RichieSkies
28th Dec 2011 17:17 - 12 years ago
Tags :
Description : Hey :)
It's not finsihed!!! 92 BPM, i think thats good for some remixes :D

Hope you Like it :)
17th Jul 2011 15:08 - 13 years ago
Tags :
Description : Hi :)

Experimental Beats and Sounds - hope you like it :D
Best greetings to Nepaul and Halfknot!!

cheers Frank
Tracks (16)