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Description : Custom preset made in Serum with 2 oscillators.
Description : Short jazz lick I wrote on my Fender Strat. Ran through AmpliTube into Ableton Live 9. If you like my loops, feel free to make a request and I'll see what I can do to help out. Thanks.
Description : White noise drop and rise/sweep. Clip it, trim it, distort it, I use this sample all the time with different plugins to make great effects.
Description : This is KSHMR's sweep down.Thanks for Download.
Description : This is just a little harmonica loop with a nice filter sweep. Just don't have time to develop.
Description : .......
Description : I made a youtube movie of travel Impressions of a Nile Cruise in Egypt, and I added music with this melody. Full song with middle eastern percussion: Originally, I took flute, Oboe one octave lower and Strings tremolo for a drone background. In my first version "Arabic Theme for Flute" I did not use any effects. Here is the second theme. I used 2 different sounds: Sweep Pad for the drone and instead of Oboe I have chosen Solo Vox which emphasise the meloic line. I did a few changes to get the melody staccato, to get a better distinction against the drone. If you like you can connect the first loop "Arabic Theme for Flute Cosmic" with this new one Part 2. I could not upload the 2 loops because it would be with 6,3 MB too big. On the other hand by combining the two loops, the first part has a more space sound and Part 2 emphasise the melody and some rhythmic changes in the drone with two different sounds in one loop.
Description : A random loop I made a few days ago, for a project I titled "Anthem". All of "Anthem" was created in FL Studio 12 using random default plugins('Plucked', 'PoiZone', 'Harmor', etc.), except the drums which were made using M-Audio's "Trigger Finger Pro".
Description : Well made trap/electro/progressive/dubstep/chill-out impact or sweep. Royalty free! COMMENT TRACK LINK if you used this! PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK IN COMMENTS ABOUT MY LOOPS!!!!! Have fun!
Description : A square pad/riser with some reverb and a low-pass filter sweep to finish.
Description : Pretty low end bass line with some crispy modulation going on. Would sound cool with a gentle filter sweep I think.
Description : Absynth 5 VSTi
Description : It has been about six months since I made some loops.
Description : It has been about six months since I made some loops.
Description : some old beat with eq stuff to get the crackle out and make a sweep noise
Description : Here's a warm pad to assist the sweep pad!
Description : Here's the one of the pad loops for Chordination. Key: G minor
Description : A simple rhythmic loop with a LP filter sweep
Description : 2 Different chords with phaser and filter sweep. Good for Ambient. Slightly spooky.
Description : 2 Chords with phaser and filter sweep. Good for Ambient. Slightly spooky.
Description : WHITE NOIZE
Description : Lovely bit of white noise
Description : Sweep, made in FL11
Description : A riser made up of kicks, a sweep and a drum fill at the end.
Description : trappy drums with a sweep
Loops 1 - 25 of 88
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