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Description : nowhere else
Description : high elevation
Description : like morning dew
Description : Drop a link to your projects in this loops comments. I'd love to support you!

Description : Fullness
Description : simple melody
Description : winter beach
Description : disappointment
Description : humans prisoner of money
Description : How you like this now
Description : show me what you did
Description : All things have an end
Description : doubt takes over
Description : piano Melody 50
104 BPM
Description : Check the Pad that goes with it, C Minor
yall better do it to em
Description : C minor, check the bells loop that goes with it, feel free to share anything you make
Description : This is the core beat for my new track Zombie on my track page
Description : This is the core beat i created with efx for my song Zombie on my track page
Description : Hope usable
Description : Reversed piano used Gross beat and Nexus.
Description : Little random Drum Loop - Kick Snare Hats and a bit few percussive hits
Description : Made with Logic Pro X. Leave a link to your work in the comments if you used this loop! Hit me up for any tweaks or changes or the full 8 bars.
Description : Drop a link of your project in the comments on this loop so I can support you!!!

Description : Three male voices in an expressive space do a little scat riffing in an oldschool Soul style.

Hint: Try layering this loop with my Vintage Soul Piano Comps.
Description : 4 seamless bars of an oldschool Soul piano riff. Be sure to feel the Triplet-Eighths underlying swing.

Implied Harmonies: Cmaj7---Dm7/C----Cmaj9---Dm7/C
Loops 1 - 25 of 169
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