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Description : Works well with punchy kicks and lofi snares

Description : Link what you make! hyped on this one
Key = Ebm

Description : sax loop

Description : first loop of mine, don't really know music theory but this is what i got. If you can somehow make something of this id love to hear it

Description : Mail to contact me is in my profile - click on the profile photo

Description : It Sounds To Me Like A Deep-Sad Chillout Electric Guitar Loop Idk How It Sound For You :P

Hope You Like It :)

Description : check my bio for more info, email me for midi if u want, dm for custom, hope yall like this and its usable, good for sad lofi songs

Description : Just Chill Out! Not a complete gig. So add your own stuff.

Description : Just Chill Out! Not a complete gig. So add your own stuff.

Description : Just Chill Out! Not a complete gig. So add your own stuff.

Description : pad loop

Description : Reconstruction of "Gucci Googles" by Smokepurpp. This song doesn't abuse copyrights because I played it myself. Let me see in comments if you make some fire Smokepurpp style beats wit this loop.

Keys used:E,F

Description : with a fat 808

Description : sax loop

Description : An eight-string electric guitar playing nice arpeggiations.

Harmonies: E----B/E----A/E----B/E

Description : 6/8 double time because fuck whats normal

make this work and ill be happy

Description : please comment your work
i you wanna to collab please dm me at my instagram
i will always respon fast!
gross beat on it though
only contact:

bpm: 180
key: E5

Description : More guitar weirdness...

Description : A nylon stringed acoustic guitar plays a gentle riff in an expressive space: a convolution room I designed myself in Voxengo IMPULSE MODELER.

Harmonies: E---F#m7----G#m7----Amaj7

Description : prayer of sin

Description : @prod.lucig


Description : Comment below with your finished product.
Everything you need to know is found on my page.

Description : Playboi Carti x Lil Uzi Vert type of vibe

Description : Key E - 80bpm
My first try to create a sound
Made with 'The Legend' vst

Description : made with a vocal sample
goes super hard with some trap drums
link if you make anything

Loops 1 - 25 of 4917
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