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Description : Pulsing violin strings doubled and pitched down
Description : post link if used
Description : Another Cookup session, Thanks for using my loops! latest projects and quick cook ups!
Description : just a normal TrapDrumset
Description : Glitchy hip hop drums
Description : lil penis x lil farter type 2
Description : pretty good
Description : 140bpm

i'd be glad to hear whatever you make
Description : If you like give me some feedback
Description : link plz
Description : Glass trap bells in F Phrygian
Description : post soundcloud links if u used it
msg me for collabs or custom loops (Drums)
Keys : C3, C3, C4, C3, G3#, C3, C4
Description : comment your creation below (so to daan)
Description : Remove the low freq if ya don't like em (:
Description : Flute
Description : Pad with Subtle melody.
Description : Counter melody,can be used individually as well.
Description : Support for melody
Description : post linked if used
Description : Support for Chords
Description : Base of everything (:
Description : TM88 x Lil Uzi Vert x Nick Mira Drums
add kicks! and more percs!
Description : Lead makes it better
Description : wit the 808
Description : Pretty dope
Loops 1 - 25 of 14368
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