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Description : little synth i scraped in a song. made in fl studio 20 with gross beat. scale is G A C D D# F

Description : electric guitar loop

Description : Afro/ Dancehall Type Drums
Simple yet effective

Description : dancehall drum loop

Description : dancehall drum loop

Description : dancehall drum

Description : dancehall piano

Description : dancehall piano

Description : dancehall piano like te bote diferent scale

Description : I was going for a creepy synth vibe, like what you hear on Stranger Things.
The key of this loop is actually C# Minor.

Description : Created this on Logic Pro X. I was thinking about a special lady creating this. Old School RnB, Club Single Melody. I can hear Lloyd or Chris Brown on this. Hope it is useful to someone. Let me hear what you done with this.

Description : Comment a link to your work if you use this!

Description : A string ensemble, in an expressive space, plays a sopranissmo passage.

Description : 4 seamless bars of a gentle arpeggiated piano groove.

HINT: Try layering this with my Phil Spector Groove No. 9

Description : A medium-tempo, steady, quasi-martial 8th-note groove, typical of 1960's producer Phil Spector, with a cavernous "Wall of Sound". 4 seamless bars.

Description : Horror Keys in G minor. Atmospheric

Description : Hope usable

Description : First upload! Hope you enjoy! Link what you made with it in the comments!

Description : detoxxxx

Description : Hope usable

Description : Minimoog V + Purity

Description : guitar dance loop tempo 97

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable,meditate yourself.

Description : Hope usable

Loops 1 - 25 of 267
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