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Description : Funk from the funk man, of course!

Description : Drop the VOX in.

Description : Bass House peeps, no genre placement yet for bass house on this site.

Description : In between there - Trap Version (in "B" Minor) 1 loop.

Description : Keys for the other matching loop

Description : Dirty Electro! Take this somewhere higher.

Description : Open Reason 12, losd Vittal make a drake bass & then go ham with all the Vittal effects just don't add corus reverb & delay the add stock Reason effects like Scream & Guitar Amp EQ to tase in Vittal & in Reason if Vittal EQ was not enough & done.

This is some mess up rage loop IDK what to call this!!!!

Description : #StandWithUkraine 16 bars loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free. Check my profile page for midis and 24-bit loops.

Description : IDM to EDM

Description : Doing some Hybrid things.

Description : Get your IDM dance party on! Keep it lit with this.

Description : Rocking your tracks. Compressed!

Description : Made By Rockin' Todd Russell. Studio Loops & Sequences. Unused by Artist. Use as you wish and i hope you enjoy. Feel Free To Leave any links in the comments. I will gladly check them out..

Description : inspired by beautiful Favelas - Latin Guitar - by JuLeeBeats here at looperman

Description : Piano chords streched with tape

Description : Little swing and movement

Description : Ian Kirkpatrick's free ReFill for Reason- nice to use, great to compose with.

Description : Two detuned saw-waves + sine wave along with an 808
sounds like the synth in Deadcrow - Lies

Description : The RnB pop synth.

Description : A melody pop vox.

Description : Hope you guys like this one, thanks for the kind comments it's always appreciated. Liking what you're sharing and making as well.
Inspiring me to put some more stuff in the works with building out a site and tools for producers w my makeshift company Produce Hits so maybe I can devote more time to that. This site is seriously awesome thanks guys.
Cminor , Ebmajor, Gminor, Abmajor

Description : Like legend of zelda my wallet's getting swell yea.. not really just gotta have a higher ceiling, make it out the trap cuz I'm not even on the map.
Dminor, Eminor

Description : Hope you are well, thanks for the support. New stuff in the works like building my site out again after it crashed and the computer I may have a backup on won't start for some reason lol. I wrote some nice articles on there so I may try and rescue that bad boy.

Description : Same old story, different narrative, different narrator.

Description : One Euro-House for all to dance in.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1166