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Description : red chaplet trap

Description : Tremolo Keys in B minor.

Description : Hope usable

Description : Used FL Studio's Sakura plugin for this
C minor (?) Kinda forgot what key I made this in

Send link if used

Description : Made with Omnisphere
Hope it will be useful.

send here what you did :)

Description : sounds like something off their new album and wanted to share it.

Description : A bright, percussive piano riff in a Latin-Funk style. Andantino tempo. 8 seamless bars.

Implied harmonies: Cm7---F/G

Description : buried memories

Description : for my acapella Why me and bass too same name

Description : a starter bass for my acapella Why Me

Description : Typical 80 Synth Bass from Dance old school,with phaser and little bit of pan delay...hope come in handy

Description : Just an improv melody.
I would love to hear your track if you're using my sample :)

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable

Description : thank you to our farmers

Description : Just some bells, leave a comment if used. I’d love to hear

Description : send link if you use them

Description : Would love to hear what you can make with the loop !

Description : Wanted to make some weird sounding instrumentation for a crazy trap/alternative fuse, so I came up with this little bop... Mostly just make up of percussion and 808 melodies.

Description : Program: Ableton Live 10 Suite

Description : A very silly hum indeed. I used it my self some years ago: I recorded an idea on my cellphone but when working on it, I thought it sounded too stupid to use it for a serious project. So I used it to create something silly. Now I re-recorded the humming. Probably useless unless you want to create something silly too. Have a laugh, enjoy!

Description : Fat bass

Description : Again recorded my voice and autotuned it:)
- C minor
- 118 bpm

Description : panting

Description : No Sub or bass

Loops 1 - 25 of 181
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