Help With Loops

How do I upload loops

Only those members who have been granted access to upload loops can upload so if you cant and you would like to there are a few things you need to have done first.

Important : You must read the above post in full to find out how to be allowed to upload loops. Please dont contact us asking why you cant upload as this shows you have not read the post.

Once you have loop upload privileges click the Upload Loop link in the sub navigation bar in the loops section.

I asked for upload access but had no reply

We get so many messages every day that it takes time to respond to them all. If you do contact us make sure you have done everything we ask before doing so. Make sure you only contact us when you are logged in so that we have your profile details and ensure your message has all the information we need in order to grant you access. Messages that are simplest to deal with get answered first. There is no need to contact us more than once. If you send multiple message you are just making the queue longer.

I uploaded a loop but cant see it

Most loops are checked before they go live on the site to ensure that they follow the upload guidelines. You can find your loops that are pending review on your profile page. While they are waiting to be checked please make sure you have not made any mistakes and if you have fix them. If an account is seen to not have any problems we may remove the need to check those files.

My upload is pending review. What is this ?

See the item above.

How long does it take to review loops ?

Im afraid it takes as long as it takes. We try and get through them as quickly as possible but it all depends on who is available and how many we have to deal with. Please dont contact us asking when they might be checked, how long it takes etc as you are just making things worse. Instead spend that time making sure there is no chance of your files being rejected. Take a look at this post that covers the common reasons that files get rejected

Read : simple-ways-to-check-if-your-loops-will-be-rejected

My loop got rejected, why is this ?

If you follow the upload guidelines and the notes on the upload form you should not have any issues. If you have a genuine issue and you feel there has been a mistake get in touch and explain why. Dont contact us to simply complain as that doesnt help anyone. When a file is rejected a message is posted to explain why. Again read the following post which covers the majority of those reasons in a bit more detail. Accounts that have too many files rejected end up having upload access removed as we simply dont have time to deal with them.

Read : simple-ways-to-check-if-your-loops-will-be-rejected

Note : If a file is rejected, in most cases there is no need to delete that file. You can simply edit any fields that need editing or upload the fixed version of your file over the original. By doing this any comments, downloads etc that might have already been made on the file will be kept intact.

How do I edit or delete a loop

To edit a loop click the edit icon which is located in the footer of each loop that belongs to you. To delete a loop click the edit icon and then see the link to delete at the top of the edit form.

How do I download a loop

To download loops you must first make an account and then log in. Once logged in go to th main page for that loop and hit the download button on the bottom right of the player.

Is there a limit to downloads

You can download as many loops as you like. We do however limit the amount you can download in an minute and any one day to prevent individual users hogging resources and causing other users problems. If you hit the limit youll see a message telling you to slow down and when to try again. Dont panic, the loops are not going anywhere, just take what you need when you need them rather then trying to grab everything at once. If we see anyone trying to abuse the downloads their IP will be blocked to prevent any further problems.

Can I use loops in my projects

Please see the terms page for information on how you can and cant use items found on

Are the loops on looperman royalty free

Please see the terms page for information on how you can and cant use items found on

I received a notice from youtube saying that Im in breach of copyright

Should you receive notice from youtube or similar sites regarding your use of loops from please see the terms page for information on your rights.

What are loops and how do I make them

Read our guide on How to make and upload loops for all the information you will need.

Loops dont playback seamlessly in my browser

Depending on the browser you use you might hear a small gap at the end of the loop previews. This is down to the way mp3 files work and differences in how browsers play back the files. The loops you download are saved as Wav files and should loop perfectly.

How do I credit someone for using their loop

If you use any media from the loops section in your projects its always polite to give credit where its due and to let the user who created it know where it was used. This is not a requirement just a reminder to mention where you got the loop from by means of a link back to and to mention the name of the user who created the loop.

You should also take time to post a link to your track or project in the comments section for that loop. If you are unsure who uploaded the loop take a look at this post which explains how to find it again.

Can I use the loops in my projects

During the upload process users agree to our terms & conditions and so offer the loops as royalty free and also agree that the loops are their own work. With that said though we do not offer any guarantee as to their validity as its impossible for us to fully vet all uploads. Loops are royalty free as in we nor the uploader requires any financial return for their use. We simply offer a space for people to share their loop creations and make no legal claims, offer no licence or provide any guarantees.

For the a full explanation on uploading / downloading and use of loops and samples please refer to our terms & conditions

Are the loops royalty free

For the a full explanation on uploading / downloading and use of loops and samples please refer to our terms & conditions