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Description : Trap type sample, High bells with deep ends.

Description : Vintage Drums for Takeaway, enjoy!

Description : D.I. recorded with Two-Notes Revolt analog bass amp sim (classic clean)
Yamaha BB414 bass with old round wound strings.
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Description : back with a clean and dark rhodes loop. it is like noir jazz combined with lofi. if you used my sample put your beat in the comments. stay cool.

Description : kick w/ clap on the 4

Description : Polo G Pop Smoke Trap Rap Guitar Loop

Chords with lead

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Description : Dreamy synth with reverb and shimmer
Key : A#Minor
Bpm : 79
Notes :A# C G# D# C# C A#

Description : Twin guitars create a hot, hazy feeling.

Harmonies: Em7_____C#m7____Em7____C#m7

Description : lo-fi piano loop

Description : Acoustic Pop Guitar Loop

Chords with backing lead

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Description : synth loop made with serum, e lydian scale

Description : Same bell melody but halftimed and different pitch. Scale is e lydian

Description : bell melody with some delay its in C lydian scale

Description : New guitar loop for you
Also leave a link in the comments about what you did.
I want to hear your masterpiece

Description : A piano plays an upbeat riff.

Harmonies: Emaj9____Gmaj9

Description : Comment with the beat/song you made with the loop

Description : Comment with the beat/song you made with the loop

Description : made with keyscape and added a flanger, reverb, vinyl crackle efx. think it's E major

Description : Honestly these drums also work for Lofi, Boom Bap, and other subgenres like that. They were originally going to be Jazz drums, but they ended up more trap than I had hoped.

Description : made in fl..

Description : dark keys pad

Description : Download this loop if you identify with things like drones, power electronics, noize, weird, gamer, offbeat, machine...

Description : RnB Drum Loop, made in FL Studio
I left this somewhat dry, with only some compression, and RC-20 for some nice color.

Description : Nice laid back chord progression i came up with

Description : Feel free to use it and let me know in the comments if you used it in your beat/song because i'm very interested what you made out of it

Loops 1 - 25 of 207