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Description : Storytelling Electric Harp Synth

Description : for collabrations, beats and custom samples you can hit my DM.

Description : Music box loop made with LABS link/credit would be cool if you use

Description : link to any work!

Description : Hope usable

Description : .....

Description : Vocal fill in, myself and a woman's voice saying (title) on 4 tracks simultaniously at 112 bpm with a little reverb

Description : email me if you wanna collab or if you have any advice. if you want stems or midis hmu, send me what you make :)

Description : Made With purity

Description : Underwater type loop
Maybe something like modern RnB loop ?
A Minor Loop

Description : chilllll

Description : Made this loop using dark weird sounds
If you use this loop, make sure to drop a link down below so I can hear what you've done

Description : Key: D harmonic minor

Description : Sad piano melody :)

Description : The house next door
fa sol la sib do ré mi
F G A A# C D E

Description : The precise moment when destinies intertwine
ré mi fa# sol la si do#
D E F# G A B C#

Description : made with omnisphere

Description : goes w Pillow Talk loop from my loops

Description : Link me to your work

Description : made with nexus- show me some fire

Description : Leave the track you made with this loop in the comments

Description : the storyteller
si do# ré# mi fa# sol# la#
B C# D# E F# G# A#

Description : The Infernal Machine
mib fa sol lab sib do ré

Description : the foam of days

Description : Idk what genre this is tbh but enjoy i guess.

Loops 1 - 25 of 355
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