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Description : made on fl, did that chant thing AGAIN. Comment what you made (link in the description) -H
Description : FL Studio
Description : this doesn't need a Description
Post Souncloud links if u used
Description : Another bass pattern from my projects
Description : 808 with hi hATS and kicks
Description : E Minor
Description : Wavey
Description : Like if the lead in Beat It was super slow but like fast
Description : It's like that old Michael Jackson
Description : i made a beat and it didnt turn out the way i wanted, so here is the melody

sorry but i dont know the scale
Description : Made with Omnisphere
Description : Mellotron
Description : Percussion that makes dance african people in clubs.
Description : Drop a comment if you used this. Enjoy
Description : I was making a sound pack of guitar work on my washburn for dream sound pack testing them with other bpms this came out it dont sound great on its own but dose with house beats was gonna scrap it but though maby someone in house genre could use this keep in mind I'm a rocker and was ment to be a 90 bpm rock bridge on guitar when you add delay flanger or play with it it realy brings out the house beat
Description : From from a preset in GMS
made in fl studio 12.
Hope you like it.
Let me know what you think!

Please send me a link if you used my loop :)
Description : sad kinda vibe
Description : Just made this and I didn't feel like turning it into a beat so here it is for all you guys. If you make something out of it link it in the comments so we can hear what you did
Description : Leave link to the comments if you use this, would love to hear it.
Description : C Double Harmonic Major- Produced by Mar Vibez of Retro Crush
Sorrowful, Dark, and Mysterious whistle flute. This loop is in the style of Trippie Redd. Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. If you want the midi to the loop please visit our Looperman page for more information!!! This loop is used in my Trippie Redd type beat "Lost in Love".
Description : Hope usable
Description : Hope usable
Description : Used Omnisphere
Fl 12

Send me a link if you're using it. I would love to hear it.
Description : Just made this simple melody with 4 Omnisphere Patches. Hit me up to see what you made!
Description : Hope usable
Loops 1 - 25 of 1005
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