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About Me

Welcome to Spivkurl's profile. Here, You will find info and audio related to Spivkurl's solo work, iris-t-shirt, and other We Are Records projects including Noise and Toys Volume 1 a circuit bent compilation. Spivkurl has released a new album as of 13 OCtober 2017 entitled "See I See What You Do."

I have been making music of some sort since the 19-eighties, if you count a casio PT-10 and Yamaha PSS-140. Got into electronic sequencing to some extent in the early 19-nineties, while learning other instruments such as guitar and bass.

Check out the Spivkurl Blog at http://www.wearerecords.com/spivkurl.html

Instruments I play

Akai MPC 4000, Homebrew analog modular, FRAC modular, Yamaha MT4X 4 track, Breaking Blue portable synth, Korg Monotribe (modded), Gibson G-101 Organ, Baldwin Fanfare Organ (modded), Lowery Organ, BENT TOYS, Samick acoustic piano, Microkorg, Roland JV-880, Korg DW-6000 (bent), Casio CZ 101, Casio CZ-1000, Two Zoom Rhythmtrak 123's, Yamaha RX21. Casio HZ-600, Yamaha YS-200, Yamaha PSS-470 x2 (bent), Casio SK-1 (bent), Casio SK-200, Realistic Concertmate 1000, Synsonics drums stereo pro, Simmons SD1000 drums, Yamaha DD-20 (modded), Bent Roll Up Drum, 2xKawa custom drum box, Parallel Killer guitar, Modified Mahar classical guitar, Epiphone Les paul studio, Eko 12 string electric, Eko folk guitar, Hohner ST-57, Harmony HT-852 electric, Epiphone P-bass, Music man Ray34 Bass, Fender Fretless Jazz Bass, JB Player acoustic bass, Moroccan(?) frame drum, various hand percussion, a bunch of cheaper casios and keyboards (bent or not)

Software I Use

Reaktor 6, FL Studio 20.1.2, CD Architect, Audacity, NOTEPAD(!)

Hardware I Use

Kenton Pro Solo MKII MIDI>CV converter, Doepfer MCV4 MIDI/CV converter, 4 step sequencer, Oxygen 8 v2, MOTU Traveler MK1, iConnectivity mio10 MIDI Interface, Keytar MIDI Controller, Novation Launchpad, Arturia Beatstep, Korg NanoKontrol, Korg Nanokeys, Taped to Death bent walkman, 100 Proof DIY stereo electret condenser microphone, Superscope EC-5 condenser microphone, Audio Technica stereo electret microphone, Shure Omnisphere dynamic microphone, Kustom dynamic microphone, Radio Shack Omnidirectional dynamic mic, Crate 1x12 amp, Kustom 2x12 amp, Peavey KB2 amp, Marshall practice amp, Line6 POD, homebrew fx, Behringer quad noise gate, Behringer 1604 mixer, SAE parametric EQ, Boss/DOD/Digitech/JOYO/Ibanez effects pedals

Listening To Right Now

TuneYards - WHOKILL
Skinny Puppy - Weapon
OhgR - Undeveloped
Bool - All Night
The Fixx - Phantoms
Paula Abdul - Spellbound
Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence
DJ Tsukiyomi - The Rise of the Alien Generation
Dennis Brown - Visions
Matt Johnson - Burning Blue Soul

10 Favourite Albums

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River
The Cure - Wild Mood Swings
Saul Williams - Niggy Tardust
David Bowie - Pinups
Genesis - ABACAB
Duran Duran - Rio
John Lennon - Shaved Fish
Talking Heads - More Songs About Buildings And Food, 77
Ween - The Mollusk, Chocolate and Cheese, Pure Guava, The Friends UP, Quebec
The Fixx - Shuttered Room
Skinny Puppy - The Process

My Influences / Fav Artists

Extreme experiences - Chance encounters - spontaneous synchronised randomness - other real artists - sadness - anger - wit - good and bad movies - politics

My Music Sounds Like

Connecting our heads together in some way which allows you to hear my internal rhythms, thought patterns, and how it sounds to exist.

In My Other Life I ...

am an officially certified and/or self proclaimed schizophrenic, epileptic, RECOVERING alcoholic, revolutionary, clove cigarette smoking, dumpster diving, repurposing, fascist hating, organic gardening, mushroom farming house husband.