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Description : show me what u make fool

also hmu for beats
Description : sounds like ray volpe imo

forgot to cut the tail lol and had to reupload
Description : Link To Any Work!
Description : This sample is from my newest beat, sharing with you guys, haven't finished my beat, so if you like it, show me what u cook up (BoyDreamer)
Description : The drums to the first part of stargazing by Travis Scott
Description : Chords: A#m7, C#maj7, D#m7 A#m7
BPM: 75/150
Description : oooooo
Description : Post Projects Below If you want to contact info on profile.
Description : Tell me what you think. Haven't uploaded for a while.
Description : Sounds Familiar To Pick it up lol, link to any work.
Description : reverse keyboard loop made in fl 20 using omnisphere
travis scott lil uzi vert young thug type loop
Description : Got bored and used the diciple 2017 samples to see if i could actually make anything out of it
Description : Lemme see what you got.
Description : Made in fl studio link what you made
Description : Scary vibe kinda leave a link to what you make.
Description : link projects below if you want check my page for contact info.
Description : Used dune 2 when making this loop put your links below so I can listen to your beat.
Description : Drums for my loop Speak
Description : Made In logic Pro x using dune 2 moved it to fl studio where I pitched it up and added gross beat.
Description : The second half of the loop is raised an octave. Post your links if you lose the loop!
Description : If you use this is a song, comment with a link because I'd love to hear it!
Description : If you use this is a song, comment with a link because I'd love to hear it!
Description : All notes C#
Description : idkkkk
Description : Here's a fill i put together from one of my latest tracks! Feel free to link me your song if you end up using it!
Loops 1 - 25 of 2853
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