Help With Acapellas

How do I upload an acapella

Only those members who have been granted access to upload acapellas can upload so if you cant and you would like to there are a few things you need to have done first.

  1. Upload an avatar. Click here to do that
  2. Fill out your profile. Click here to do that

Once that's all done get in touch via my profile page and send a little info on what you plan to upload.

Once you have upload privileges its just a case of clicking the Upload Acapella link in the sub navigation bar in the acapellas section.

Acapellas must be saved as 16bit 44khz mp3 files and must not contain any copyright material.

Currently acapellas must not exceed 10mb.

How do I edit or delete an acapella

To edit an acapella click the edit icon which is located in the footer of each acapella that belongs to you. To delete an acapella click the edit icon and then see the link to delete at the top of the edit form.

Can I use acapellas on looperman in my projects

The use of acapellas found on looperman differs from how it works with loops. When a user uploads an acapella they do not agree to give them away for free to use in commercial projects. Should you wish to use an acapella found here in your commercial projects or for something more then personal use then you need to contact the person who uploaded the acapella to discuss it. does not play any role in this though and is simply the middle man that introduced you. Most people who upload acapellas though are more then happy to work with you.

Are the acapellas royalty free

All media uploaded to the acapellas section remains copyright to the original creator of the files and so are NOT royalty free. The user who uploaded the acapella retain all rights over their acapellas. You may use acapellas in your non commercial projects but for anything else you must get in contact with the artist who uploaded them to organise things.

For the a full explanation on uploading / downloading and use of acapellas please refer to our terms & conditions