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Acapellas 1 - 25 of 1883

Description : By: Paris Shenae Musiq

P.s. if is possible please let me know if you used acapella,thanks a lot!

Description : Closest Key C# min, Can be linked with E Maj Key as well. BPM-170 or 85.
Talks about the unpredictable nature of the world, How one thinks that he got the world figured out and then "LIFE" happens. And that is the true reality.

Description : ENJOY! Listen to the original it is most definitely fire and you will get some great ideas!
Can't wait to hear your remixes!

send them to :)


Description : Something semi-new to bring some life back to my account. It's a little dark but has enough parts to use for electronic or EDM.

It's set up with:
Ghosted Intro Chorus/Verse/Chorus (regular)/Verse/Chorus (empty)

Chords I think I used are G Bb F C for chorus and G Bb C for the verses.

Description : Enjoy this acapella be sure to credit both Ryan and myself in the title!

Support the original:

if you'd like to send me your song visit:

Description : If used credit me in title (Feat. PROP). [All original vocals and mixed by me]

Description : If used credit me in title (Feat. PROP).

Description : If used please credit me as (Feat. PROP) in the title. This is a Polo G inspired hook. All vocals and mixing done by myself.

Description : Eeny Miny Moe. Released, but i want to see what everybody else can do with it.
If Used Put Remix In The Title "Your Song Name (Remix)"

Description : Accapella for my song named Bandz coming out on october 14th. Use "Your Song Name (Remix) If uploaded.

Non Commercial Use, contact me for a deal.

Description : Acapella of my song Hot that's coming out october 14th. Use "Your Song Name (Remix)" as the name if uploaded

For Non Commercial Use. Contact me for a deal.


You may use this acapella anywhere just ask me before you sell at!

THANKS PUT "FT. Michael Mayo" In the title

Description : If you would like to release this for non commercial purposes you may put "Ft Michael Mayo" and use free *I still reserve the right at any moment to tell you to take remove my vocals"

For commercial use or chords contact me at itmichaelmayo [dot] com

Reference track:

Description : Under the breath-Type of Soft Vibe.
I did NOT use ALOT of Compression as I wanted to capture the emotion behind the verse. You can use it as per need.

I'm talking about the people, how they change with time and how all of a sudden, it's difficult to recognise them because all they're doing is play games.

Description : This is just a verse and the hook is at the beginning. The bpm is between 114 to 116 make sum fire!! Please credit Ft WintrsXo and post song links in comments. SoundCloud Only

Description : Hey all just me putting out another lo-fi vocal. It's free for anyone to use including commercial. All I'm asking is some sort of credit in the title and a link to your track! If you get stuck for ideas, I made a lofi track with it. I can't post a link but it's on my tracks If you want to check it out!

Would love some support on it!

Description : Just wrote an recorded this one, enjoy but remember non commercial unless you get the license


Description : So I've been listening to a lot of sad type lofi. Got inspired and came up with this little piece. Free to use for non commercial as long as I'm in the title, but if you planning on making money with it send me a message. Would love to hear some lofi out of this. Cheers!

Description : I Literally just wrote an recorded this just to post up here lol, i'll be doing all type of music, request something an i got ya, i do trap, r&b i try to do whatever, whatever i blow up with first i'll be okay wit that?

Description : I Wrote an recorded this awhile ago but never finshed the song, im testing my mixing skills on it as well, what you all think about it, Lyrics available too, contact me for commercial use

Description : Commercial Use Must Be Cleared First.

Description : If Used Please Put "REMIX" in the title.For commercial purposes, features, exclusive vocal work and more visit our profile or contact RhoyalOfiicial atgmaildotcom

Description : If Used Please Put "REMIX" in the title.For commercial purposes, features, exclusive vocal work and more visit our profile or contact RhoyalOfficial atgmaildotcom

Description : here's a fire hook i did awhile ago, my name on here is no longer solocinobeatz because if you make a beat to my vocals i don't want any confusion to the people thinking i made the beat so i went with my original rapper/singer name which is OG7even, enjoy your personal use of my vocals

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 1883
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