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Description : made in early 2016, recovered vocal. enjoy.

Description : Hello everyone here's broken down I gave it a modern touch up can't wait to hear your remixes as always name "Michael Mayo - Broken Down (Your Name Remix)" thank everyone for your support

Description : Hello this is from my new album Convo

if you use please name "Michael Mayo - Hard (YourName Remix)"

for licensing these vocals commercially visit


IF you use it without a license aka free use terms (so there won't be any legal issues)

Name it "Michael Mayo - Taking My Life Back (YourName Remix)

Great future bass vocal!

The original is also future bass!

Description : If uploaded, put "Berkken - Antidote (YOURNAME remix)" as the name

If the above requirements are not met, copyright action will be taken

Description : If Used, put "Dream (YOUR NAME remix)"

If uploaded without stated requirements, copyright action will be applied.

Description : Hello today I was looking at my old music I've made and there were some vocals I've never released so I'll be uploading more I fixed them up abit hopefully they are still useful in 2020 :)
Please put Ft. Michael Mayo in the title if use. need permission for commercial use

Description : original by jaxxon d silva, poor thing. Cover by me. enjoy.

Description : Acapella Verse

Description : poor thing lil peep cover. enjoy.

Key is F# or Fm i cant remember.

Description : This is apart of my new album convo and more to come!

LRYICS & LICENSING INFO can be found at

*PLEASE* (To avoid legal issues) IF YOU USE WITHOUT LICENSING IT Name it "Michael Mayo - I Run ft. Isha (YourNameHere Remix)" Prod. or remixed by is okay as long as you mention BOTH artists and are clear it's a remix!
ISHA AND/OR MICHAEL MAYO reserve the right to request you to take down.

Description : Ever at work so drained and hating everything at work. Then this song is for you.

This is apart of my new album convo and I have a lot more of the album to be posting throughout the week so be on the lookout!

LRYICS & LICENSING INFO can be found at

*PLEASE* IF YOU USE WITHOUT LICENSING IT Name it "Michael Mayo - Just Wanna Leave (YourNameHere Remix)" Prod. or remixed by is okay as well!


Description : Hey check out the chorus to my new song titled nighttime! The full song is on soundcloud in my bio! If you would like the full version download follow me on IG and shoot me a dm! IG: imarka_

If you use this hook please add (FT. I'mARKA) somewhere in your title!

Description : My email is on my profile.
Please send me your links, I would love to listen to what you have made.

Soundcloud: Cole The VII

Description : i dont give a fuck about anything.

Description : energy

Description : wheres the change in my life and when is it coming.

Description : focus

Description : contemplating

Description : i wanna travel to cali

Description : Success is easier together.

Description : share your work.

Description : share your work.
thanks to everyone using my acapellas.
I 've been listening and theres some really good ones.

Description : Share your work.

Description : Share your work.

Acapellas 1 - 25 of 2049
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